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>tfw you will never be a simple rice farmer in feudal japan with a wife and your own property

why is modern life so bleak and empty?
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>tfw ywn be a beautiful shepherd boy lying in the grass under a tree on a hill napping in some light sun
Worst feel ever desu
>yeah id feel fufiled working everyday so some fucking chink could take 60% of everything that I made so he could fund his army of chinks killing other chinks because he wants to have a cool hat and steal other poor chinks of their rice

Fuck off bootlicker taxes are theft and fudualism sucks ass. You are litterally living in the most exciting, technologically advanced and relatively safest era of mankind, stop being a lil bitch and enjoy it
yet youre on r9k
i go outside and the ugliness of city buildings and the way people dress is enough to say we live in terrible times
kill yourself

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Why haven't you found the power of metal which will heal your soul as it did mine? I used to be weak like you until I took the spirit of power metal to heart.
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Power metal is by far the worst kind of metal. Plus metal doesn't heal shit, it only makes you more delusional.
>I still love it, but I can't let you get away with such lies

Metal as fuk \m/ (-.-) \m/
Lies and nothing short of lies. Everything is possible when you let the mystic power of the dragonflame burn in your heart.

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Seriously, why Tiki torches?

It just looks so silly. Not menacing or strong at all. Just laughable. I've been looking at these photos and videos, trying to put my finger on why I don't feel so intimidated by these people. And I'm pretty damn sure it's because of the fucking Tiki torches.

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A tiki torch is a fragile tank of fuel right next to a flame.

Hit something with it, and you spray it with burning oil. It's a really good weapon.
Is there anything more white than a bunch of acne-ridden, polo-shirt-wearing, khaki-shorts-sporting, tiki-torch-brandishing white guys in their 20s and 30s yelling about how blacks are oppressing a confederate soldier's statue?
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Do you think they deliberately chose Tiki torches for that reason?

Makes sense. But some of these guys don't strike me as bright enough to consider it.

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Is hanging that painful? Guns are illegal where i live so i thought this was the next best thing. I have a solid support to hang it and a good rope so atleast i won't fail.
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it's painless if you do it right
so just plan it and do it carefully and cautiously.
Have you considered carbon monoxide? It's called the silent killer for a reason.
they're not painful but if you mess it up you can become a potato

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>memes used to be originated from 4chan and social media steal from it after it has went stale on 4chan
>fresh memes come from social media nowadays instead

What happened anons?
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Virgin walk came from /r9k/
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Asian people are completely souless automatons who mimick human behavior.
>thanking a hs for anything

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>community college starts on Monday
>Probably gonna fail because im stupid and barely passed high school
>Parents are gonna kick me out if I fail
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You're in the situation I was in last year. See >>39164026
>Keep a planner
>Do work 24 hours in advance
>Associate's degree
what classes are you taking
what professors teach the class

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>older sister asks if I can play game of thrones
>go to get my laptop to find latest leaked episode
>she grabs my arm and pulls me to the couch, holding me there
>"that's not what I meant... I think we should play like Jaime and Daenerys ..."
>say "D-Do you mean Cersei?"
>"ugh anon you're such a fucking nerd"
>struggle and break free
what do? How do you solve problems with your family?
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If GoT has done one thing it's popularising incest and ushering in a new beautiful era of degeneracy.
r9k is no place for incest fiction
what about non-fiction?

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Do you have a weight problem /r9k/?
Do you consider your self big?
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I have a weight problem, but I'm no big: just underweight
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There's no need to lie anon...
Buggs.. it's time to lay off the carrots

What race is /r9k/?
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>middle eastern and indian are the same category

arabs think of indians as literal vermin
I'm Jewish, so I guess I'm "other".
Arabs think of everyone as vermin

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ITT post conspiracy theories you robots actually believe.
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Inb4 "Jewz are trying the genocide the white race Soros should be in jail!!1!!1!"
Go back to /pol/.
>Go back to /pol/.

Not an argument
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What are you gonna say next? That Jews don't actually exist either?

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>148 (legit test) IQ
>Go do something, forget it
>Forget stuff midway
>Can't get my words out of my mouth
>Can't do math, because mind auto-clears/refreshes every 0.2 seconds, so the equation gets wiped midway.
>Never felt the whole specter of love.
>Constantly scream to people WHERE DID YOU PUT X THING??! Only to find it later somewhere and remember actually I put it there.
>Have almost near zero ability to imagine pictures and things in my mind except very bland colourless forms when In deep sleep
>Can't learn anything if taught in words, because I auto-block people even when tryharding to concentrate on what they are saying, so I have to do everything first hand to learn.

Big fucking deal i beat normies at chess.
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Oh yeah forgot to say I have horrible Insomnia(go 4-5 days without sleep) from 12 years and now it is 5:22 am here. And I am all out of sleep meds.
>A semi-standardized test that tries to quantify something fucking abstract is a meme
Gee, who would've thought?
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I don't need help. I just want to hear about your problems.

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>straight white male
>can't get hard or cum without fapping to superior big black cock
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>straight white male
>can't get hard or cum without fapping to superior big black cock

Dumb sissy white boi.
god doesn't hate all whites, but he partitioned a group he could torment in particular ways.

you get to be the poster child for the white cuckold that every minority uses to feel better about themselves

no wonder girls like guys with self esteem, probably just good...whatever


I don't think so boo boo

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Who else can't build relationships or have sex because of a superiority complex?

>135 IQ
>8-inch dick

I'm still a virgin because I have refused to have sex with women not 9/10 or hotter, I don't believe they deserve me.

There's a very specific facial structure I desire in women and most (pretty much all) women who have it are in relationships with men of my caliber.
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Why are you even browsing this board? Because you refuse to have sex? You're litterally the opposite of a robot. Leave chad
Fuck off chaz
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CHAD GET OUT [REEEE intensifies]

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hi /r9k/, femanon here ^^ AMA~
pic unrelated, just my no. 1 waifu ;)
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Hey gurl. Also a femanon here ;) :D
Isn't being a girl nice?! :^)
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Oh ya it is totally the best :^D
Is there a point to this thread or is just heavy layers of irony

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How can you guys stand looking at porn with black dicks? isn't it offensive that another race is stealing your women?

also, how can you enjoy pornography with vaginal sex? how can you subsidize a genre where a woman is paid to receive pleasure? isn't it offensive to your sensibilities?
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I can't watch porn with black guys because it always looks like the chick is taking a shit to me.
great, I don't care don't ever post again
nice bait m8
i don't watch porn with black dicks b/c i self insert as the guy fucking her and my dick is white.

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