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Are jobs hard? i applied to costco as a stocker and maybe ill get it but im a little nervous because are most jobs like slave drivers?
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Minimum wage jobs, unless you work in a restaurant, are easy. Especially working in a grocery store or retail.
Easy but very repetitive and boring. Stock is better than cashier though, less social contact and less mind numbingly boring.

T. Got fired from a cashier job 6 months ago
depends if you're unloading crates of stock that get delivered. it's not good on your back.

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What do you have to look forward to robots? I didn't have anything until this morning, when I bought Tool tickets. Going to go see them in June with my dad. They are my favorite band and are the only one I would pay a decent amount of money to see; this'll be my 3rd time seeing them in concert
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Dying, as usual
Oh shit, tool is touring? Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking forward to quitting my job in a few days. I need to be a huge asshole to some people before I do it tho
>April 8th: watching a UFC fight with a friend at his friend's house, free food and drinks
>April 9th: might get high, going to meet a kid from a group I was involved with in university for lunch
>April 19-23: home alone, mommy is gone!
>May 8th: flying to Ecuador and staying until the 23rd
>June 26th: Flying to Mexico
>July 18: flying from Mexico to New York City
>July 21: flying from New York City to Tanzania

Not sure after that. I think I'm going to travel with a friend who's wrapping up his Peace Corps service in Tanzania to the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Egypt, over the course of about a month. After that I'll go to India for the eighth time, to spend some time in the countryside and further improve my Hindi.

I'm 23 and also really excited to take classes in university again when I'm back in January. I have three semesters to go before I get my degree and can't wait to finish, even if I'll be 25, kek.

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Who did you sit with at lunch in high school, /r9k/?

I sat in the bathroom
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In the library

I gave up eating for comfiness during lunch
I didn't really eat lunch in high school. Either went home or didn't eat at all.
Who the fuck cares what happened in highschool? Grow up faggot

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Where do I find a qt femboy? One who likes wears lots of girly clothing like panties and thigh highs? I would want to do fun things with them, like watch shows and movies together, play games, give them headpats and call them cute, followed by plenty of lewd things. I could even see some cuddling happening as well.
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''Femboys'' aren't pets. A week tops and he'll start having difficulties keeping up the facade. His masculine personality and habits will shine through.
if you stay in the so-called "universe" long enough, it gets cold and dark
deathtrap for suckers, imo
they don't exist and if they did they'd leave you for a transbian

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>that feel when no Rosita gf
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I want to smell her dirty, unwashed ass
Me too fampai

>you will never eat her beautiful latina ass
>tfw she will almost certainly die in season 8 because she's pregnant irl

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>just jerked off to dudes butts

Holy shit im gay
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post the image you fapped to pls
not really

round butts are a part of female sexuality. you are just confused. do you feel confused?
You have to admit, it's kinda gay. However, it's 100% ok to just accept that and move on with your life.

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I think my stepson is addicted to methadrone. Anyone here use it? How can I know for sure? He has most of the symptoms of use, but I want confirmation before I talk to him about it. He's just a kid and needs help.
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i may be a socially and sexually deprived neet.
but i aint no snitch
I'm not memeing, want to help him.
It's killing him. Please, anyone.

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Has there ever been a more vain and shallow human being?
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The Kardashians
Yep. The author of my post.
Isn't that just most women?

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Just a reminder that there are sluts posting on /soc/ right now and there's a good chance you can fuck them. Just look for your state's thread and post some contact info. I did it and got the best sex I've ever had from it.

What do you have to lose?
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my virginity
If they want to fuck you then that means that you're not an ugly piece of shit and you need to leave.
the fuck are those socks called?

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You guys ready for another crazy weekend of sex and drinking?
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To be honest honestly I'm quite honest of the honesty of honest.

Which means no
I'm going to a singles nightclub thing today, I am a foreveralone and I am bricking it, hopefully I don't sperg too much.
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Really? Orginalhalal?

>tfw forced to wear autist newbalances because physical therapist orders due to fucked up back
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Which ones? Most nbs aren't autist tier bc
>>muh high fashun
>>muh ozweegos
Ozweegos are manufactured by Adidas
Get yourself a pair of NMD's then
IMO they're as comfy as New Balances, and sneakerheads will suck your dick when they see you because they're actually cool and somewhat limited.

ITT we come up with places to even hypothetically meet girls. Try to keep discussion focused on a place or platform useful for meeting women, not necessarily the problems preventing us from finding women. I'll start by getting rid of some of the most basic ones.

>Go to a bar
Any woman who spends her free time drinking with a bar with her friends is automatically not someone most of us would want to be with. Not to mention you'd have a very difficult time even starting a conversation with a girl who's sitting with her friends already engaged in conversation. You'd have to sit yourself down with them like a total weirdo.

As with bars, do you really want a gf who made a tinder and is scrolling through looking for men to talk to? Again, the purpose of this thread is for places to meet women, yes, we all know tinder girls would almost certainly ignore you and I anyways, but even if they wouldn't for some reason, I still would not want to meet a girl on Tinder.

What else?
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Church and church related functions
>inb4 fedora tippers reply en masse

Does this actually work? Do you have any experience with it?

I'm an atheist, but I did go to a morman church once to try to make friends, but there was only one attractive female there and after the service they started playing basketball. Of course I don't play basketball so I sat on the sidelines and got kind of ignored for a while then never went back.

How does one start going to church? Can I just show up one day? My family never ever made us go to church growing up so I'm not exactly sure how it works.

Also, going to church when I'm not at all religious for the sole purpose of making friends and finding a woman sounds disgustingly pathetic on my part.

You just sort of start going. Anytime there's a service, usually sundays. I don't know about mormon stuff, but even around here you can't throw a rock without hitting some denomination of Christianity's church.

A lot of them have days where a free meal is served, they're always looking for volunteers for that stuff, so donating your time isn't totally unheard of, plus if you do it regularly you'll come to have a good reputation, the sort grandmothers tell their granddaughters about and so on. It's not perfect and it's far from exact, but even going just for the socialization of it can be a good thing, not just to meet women, but to reintroduce yourself to society if you've been cut off for awhile. Plus, even if it's just spaghetti, you can take home all the leftovers you want usually, so I always end up with a few days worth of meals. Also some of those grannies really know how to bake, and they can help teach you to cook, which is always another good thing to know.

Well? What ARE you doing to save the white race?
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yelling at black people on the internet
"White race" is just as stupid as "black race"

Are you Italian, irish, german, slavic, what?

You need to share something with your society besides the color of your skin
I don't care about the white race.

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>be a newfag on 4Chan
>regularly visit /v/ and /tv/ just for laughs and shitposting
>somehow find out about /r9k/
>take a look what it's all about
>it's nothing but provoking pictures, made up stories and bragging to make people feel worse about themselves

This is definitely the worst board on this site. You come here and attempt to find people who can relate to you but all you do is shit into each others mouths and act like best buddies. This is just sad. If you truly wanna get out of your shitty situation the first step is to leave this page and probably the whole site too and never come back.
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The only reason why this board exists is because of self pitying assholes and people that want to make themselves feel better by lookinfg at how other people's lived are shit. This board is made out of self-hate.
Lives* looking*
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I am here to relate to others and dont shitpost.
I dont want to feel better while looking at anons that have it worse, because I dont deserve to be happy.

I really like most my friendos in here but this is a shitty board, you are right about that.

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Faith in humanity:
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kill yourself reddit faggot
comment wasn't original
Old news retard. No wonder moot hates
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99% of humans are fucking worms, they hate us and chad would only laugh at beta at the edge of that cliff.

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