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>Find yourself a nice girl to settle down with, Anon!
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Why does this thread make me laugh
Gee, thanks Gramma.
somewhere out there is a girl like me
playing fucking peggle (lol) on steam
watching archer on netflix
drinking and masturbating
shitposting all over 4chan

we will never meet :(

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>unironically misogynistic and racist
How to I fix this? I do not want to be either of these things but I just can't help it!
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I'm beginning to be unironically racist.
Like, i hate black people that act like dindus, but nice, kind black people are alright
You're woke
That's called reality.
Once you lose the sheltered liberal dogooder programming you see that racism is partially based on reality.

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tfw I can't just become a girl.
Fuck this gay earth.
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You can at least try. Traps/transpeople can sometimes look even more girly than actual women.
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>tfw I can't just become a girl.
>Fuck this gay earth.
you can tho
just take girl pills
>Traps/transpeople can sometimes look even more girly than actual women.

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Why do white men love white women bodies so much? They look like boy shaped twigs, no asses, maybe some tits if they're lucky, and fucking scrawny boy stick legs. White women look like goddamn boys and shit. They could never compete with a black woman's body, look at this:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U0hRl4XMNU [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7Oi1kd5wcQ [Embed]

Goddamn, how the fuck can any guy still want white women after seeing that?
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taylor swift is fucking disgusting
The same reason why Asian men love Asian women, Black men like Black women and so on, Schlomo.

Stop it.
would still burst on her face tho

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ITT: we openly bait each other for (You)s

i voted for Hillary and have a vagina
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Pic related

>also, race mixing is alright and anybody against it is a racist
i've fucked 2 girls in the past week originally and have a full time job
back to >>>/pol/

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What are your thoughts on Apple products and the people who use them?
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Why do you care? Who does it matter to?
You're still shit and a self-proclaimed intellectual
You're smelly and you browse an anime board while you're crusty

You're bitter, annoying, and your echo chamber is filled with actual transvestites with mental diseases.
I assume that the people who use them are not very competent or knowledgeable when it comes to computers or electronics. I don't have much of an opinion about the products themselves other than finding their limitations annoying.
- top-tier hardware
- top-tier design (inb4 battery case, pencil, magic mouse)
- charisma
- muh 'just works' meme is not just a meme.

- Apple has way too much control over their proprietary products and does some really stupid/malicious shit with that power every now and again.
- Apple likes to takes "bold" risks. These risks do not always pay off. (e.g. battery case, pencil, magic mouse, headphone jack). I don't want an electronics company taking risks. I want a reliable product, this isn't art class.
- Steve Jobs is dead and, apparently, so is the pursuit of perfection.

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Please, does therapy work at all. I'm scared im going to do something soon. I don't know if I can last anymore. How do i get a therapist
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go see doctor

be honest

be open and unashamed
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therapy is unfortunately a meme.
the best thing you can do to avoid 'doing something soon' is get a van and live in it. this will relieve your stress and you can live comfortably as a NEET
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best advice for anons looking to get thrown into the looney bin

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what in the world happened folks
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>4chan now
[firm shaking intensifies]
We grew up and realized white supremacy is the best.
LMAO i knew that some faggot was gonna reply "we grew up".
but yeah unironically subscribing to collectivist identity politics and spamming them on 4chan is totally "growing up" bro

go outside more and get a well paying job? lol fuck that!

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How do you cure depression?

pls help I'm getting desperate
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Cognitive behavioral therapy, supposedly
Look at it as a means for self-reflection and personal growth. Although if it's severe enough that you can't do this, therapy and medication might be needed initially.
Depression is a meme that only normies fall for.

You're a normie, anon.

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Is it a good excuse to say you are a virgin because of your small and thin dick?
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Anon I know jerking off daily makes you think huge penises are the norm and that women crave them, truth is 5 inches is the average
What if someone has 3.5 inch?
Small? No.
Thin? Yes.
Women hate skinny dicks

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I'm trying to put together a libertarian playlist of music relating to libertarianism, individualism, independence, etc. Any suggestions?
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twisted sister - we're not gonna take it
> ft. Alabama Niggers

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Pffft this guy.
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Guys, seriously, we need to start getting our shit together and start running around this world. I mean I can't see shit in it but-

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>women the make up the majority of book buyers
>women compromise the majority of book readers
>women the make up the majority of book authors
>women the make up the majority of university students
>women the make up the majority of university graduates

>all while more men than women are born

Are we dumb?
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Most books are complete garbage made for women.
If you personally don't read books, you'll stay dumb even if 99% of earth population are male einsteins. Don't make you and me into "we".
White people are damn gross

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why do fat people wear oversized shirts?
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It's an attempt to hide the fat.

I wore oversized shirts all throughout middle school because I was poor.
>lol look at this fat guy with a shirt that's too fat
>look at his fat gut sticking out
fuck off norman
If I don't wear a loose shirt, my huge nipples will poke through my shirt and it will look even more disgusting than I already do

Did ya get da job son?
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Walked into that manager's office, firmly introduced myself with a firm handshake and suck the manager's cock. I got the job alright.
I have to apply online. I tried shaking the manager's hand firmly but he didn't have any hands

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