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How do you get back that sense of joy and wonder at the world that you used to have as a child?
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Just feel the depression without trying to get rid of it.
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If you're suffering from medically diagnosed mental illness or chronic depression, nothing will help for you, however, there are some "cheap" ways to feel joy and full-blown happiness through drugs(for examples, like opioids), but remember, chances are you'll turn more miserable than ever before if you abuse them.
Smoke weed and smoke a cig, boom

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Me and my parents have worn out each other's company here in Texas. I plan to leave the state and establish residence in a different state. I have a van I can live in for a while but no job or plan. My only friend is my high energy dog but I'm not sure I'll have enough time for her where I move with work. Should I take her with me? Where should I move?
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Go stay in a Buddhist monastery.
In my opinion I think it's best if you put it down. Euthanasia is a harmless procedure and it'll be out of its misery for good afterwards. You're obviously a caring owner but there comes a time where the head needs to rule, over the heart. Don't let your dog suffer any more than it has already. Just take it out back and slam a piece of concrete onto its head. It's the best thing you can do, for it and for yourself. Good luck.
Harder than it seems. Have to become Buddhist first. It turns out theyre a bunch of biased assholes. No surprise

>Be 22
>Be friendless for 5 years
>Be so painfully shy that can get through days saying <5 words
>Be kissless virgin
>Be confused about entire identity
>Don't know own sexuality at all, because of my lack of human interaction
>Possibly most isolated+shy person on all of /r9k/
>Every day is agonizing
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>>Be confused about entire identity
>>Don't know own sexuality at all, because of my lack of human interaction

You are currently very vulnerable to Jewish influence, be vigilant.
you have online friends?
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Try being friendless since middle school. It hurts whenever you're constantly reminded how isolated you are when you have to be surrounded by normies at work. I haven't even built a relationship with my own family. I barely know what sort of people my own twin is.

The only solace I have is this place, my only avenue for social interaction.

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Normiefest 2017.png
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>pay good money for a shitty music festival
>spend the weekend in a muddy field getting raped by muslims
Pic related. What are some other normie activities you don't understand?
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Saying "I love you" after only a month and a half of dating
Fucking tired of reading sweden posts, can the muslims behead these faggots already.
Why do normies do that stupid-as-fuck thing where they jump and point at the ceiling while listening to music.

I'd much rather pace back and forth while imagining the music going with a scene from my ever-growing original fiction universe. Which I have crafted during my peaceful isolation from society

ITT: describe yourself as a sauce or spice
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I'm cumin
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I'm cayenne pepper.
Star anise because I taste like shit.

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>Starting a new Ironman account on OSRS

Anyone want to join me from scratch?
Someone I can chat to, quest with and do fun stuff
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like a true autistic robot
I would but ironmen generally act like autistic faggots towards anyone who isn't an ironman
This is my first ironman

I'm autistic, but i don't care about ironman vs normal

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>on an ERP kick again
>went full gay and started trading dick picks with randos

I'm not gay though. I just have a hard time getting women to send pics.
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I see you shiver with antici

for (you)'s
>I'm not gay though
Yeah, you're just a sweet transvestite
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nah nigga, u gay tho

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Buy asian food market stuff because I believe in their superior culture. Cook it in a frensh fashion because they have most skilled chefs. Season it with italian spices because I like pizza. Eat it like an american because I have no soul
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>drink soylent
>eat out
>eat out
>microwave frozen meals
What are those oat bars you eat as breakfast called? I eat those
>Tuesday: fasting
>Wednesday: fasting
>Thursday: fasting
>Friday: break fast, eat at a restaurant
>Saturday: take out food or restaurant
>Sunday: order an extra large pizza, eat half
>Monday: eat the rest of the pizza

that's my weekly meal plan.

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Can girls be chads?
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Yes. They're called "fembots."

>Can girls be chads?
That's called being Stacy.

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What's your excuse, robokun?
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I don't have an endless stream of income based on me being a genetic abberation. If you think he would get hot women without the movies, money and fame you're delusional.
I'm not a sidekick of Dr.Evil
You haven't seen the size of his penis, so you don't know!

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phone shirt pocket.png
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Why do people assume they are being recorded when they see someone with a smartphone in their pocket positioned like this?
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Because it is recording!
Because nobody puts their phone in their shirt pocket?
because there is a 99% chance that you are recording. you might as well tape it to your forehead you obvious creep faggot.

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Is not having a facebook considered weird?

I'm afraid of meeting old friends.
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in most cases yeah.
you need it if you want to ever be invited to anything.
How can I get a profile picture that won't immediately signal to people that I'm autistic?
4 years on fb still looking for a gr8 profile picture

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So /r9k/, What's the books title?
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How to keep a woman happy 101
'My Failures'
All The Things You Missed Out On

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I'm feeling empty, recommend me some good anime.
I want some story that's gonna get me involved. Like Toradora. I didn't like Toradora ending that much but the entire thing was very great.

I haven't watched a good anime in months.
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Literally every other rom-comedy about school.
Name some
No yuri or yaoi please
Try Sakurasou. If you want a movie, check out Kotonoha no Niwa

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who /gay on the internet but straight irl/ here?
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which anime is that from OP? please tell me!
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anime boy.jpg
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right here bro.
I defend traps and shill tranny culture all over the site but irl i'm straight
It ain't anime, it's hentai.

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