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>hey anon can we switch seats? i wanna talk to the person next to you.
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>"alright m'lady, but first you must beat me at magic the gathering."
>"'tis a magical card game, m'lady."
>"if you manage to beat me, i will be forever indebted to you."
*pulls of cards*
>shall we begin?
>"anon.....I don't."
>"shh, let us begin m'lady."
*shuffles cards on desk while staring at said chick*
>"now i will deal the cards"
>"anon...I just want to switch seats.... I just can't deal with this and you know Chad is just a better male than you are!"
>"he's more athletic, he's funnier, he's taller, he just speaks to me even when he doesn't."
>"o-ok...m'lady, I wish I didn't have to do this....."
>"but you forced my hand in this one!"
*pulls out katana from military backpack*
"i'm sorry I have to do this.."
*slices Stacey as well as Chad Thundercock in half*
"'tis done.."
*tips fedora*
"farewell m'lady"
*dashes out the classroom never to be seen again*
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Fucked up the fucking post and captcha

I had one fucking job
don't worry man it wasn't that funny

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when i measure my height on a carpet i am slightly over 172cm because my feet sink more into the carpet than my tape measure

when i measure on a hard surface i am 173cm

does this mean i'm 172cm or am i 173cm
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It means you're short. I would say something else, but the fact that you're making this thread means you're wallowing in self-pity over your height and the only thing you'll listen to is people regurgitating your opinion and feeding your insecurity.
5' 8" isn't short...

i literally just wanted to know if i should use the real measure or the carpet measure
Real measure.

What do hard nipples mean? I get them but have no reason why
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you are cold
its because of cold you retard
cold or horny

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I don't usually browse this board but I was just wondering what your opinion was of women who are tall? I'm 6'0 and I get very nervous that I'm being seen as a freak by the outside world. I don't go out very much because of this.

I just figured this would be a good place to get a male perspective on things.

Have a nice day.
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Youll never be as wanted as the shorter girls but youll still be wanted as long as your face is good and you arent fat. Otherwise youre just an ogre/giant
Only girls care about height.
I personally like tall girls as much as short girls. I think you'll be fine, Anon!

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How do you guys live with the guilt?
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I haven't done anything bad to anyone except steal from people who are mean to me
I only feel guilty for a few mins after fapping. I got nothing else to feel guilty about so...

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>My 15 year old brother who is the most whitestest athletic teenager you can possibly with a girlfriend and large group of friends calls me normie
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What's that supposed to mean?
Yeah my literal Chad roommate calls people normie over discord. Idk what's going on these days
everyone thinks he/she is a special snowflake who isn't understood by society because they're too "deep" and that everyone else has it easier than them ... thus most other people are "normies"

Just like you think your life is hard or that you have actual problem while there are 5 year old kids working 12 hours a day in fireworks factories in china.... just sayin

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Melbots. What sort of mental illness do you have?

How many pets do you have and what are they?

How many women have you had sex with?

What is your dream car?
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Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Three. One dog and two cats. They're all animals that I've rescued.


Kaiser Darrin
File: carreragttarga.jpg (196KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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28/m here

I don't know if I have any mental illnesses. I'm pretty sure I suffer from depression and anxiety from some self-diagnosis (self-inflicted loneliness, feelings of no worth, lack of confidence, etc)

I don't have any pets, I'm too irresponsible

I've had sex with...18 I think

My dream car is the purest and best supercar ever built, the Porsche Carrera GT. V10 engine, 6-speed clutch and stick manual, two seats, carbon fiber construction, and no driver aids.
Ive had sex with 3 girls, one of them my current girlfriend XD
OMG wait I have to reply to my Tinder requests see you bros laterXDDDDDDD

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Who here /footfag/?

2d or 3d?
Stockings, socks or totally barefoot?
Clean or dirty/smelly?

Share feet and feels
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>absolutely love legs/thighs/stockings
>cant stand feed
such is the way of life
File: 1501409692306.jpg (778KB, 1100x1400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's okay, those things are pretty great too
File: 04.jpg (423KB, 1061x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>2D but sometimes I don't mind 3D if they're in stockings but its a rare one for me
>In order for me it's pantyhose/tights-stockings-thigh highs- knee highs-socks-sports socks-nothing

Pic related got me into feet

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>enter discord server
>see bailey
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Please enlighten me on this Bailey. I can't keep up with this shit.
Some attention whore in robot circles that socially inept robots fall in love with if s/he gives them the slightest amount of attention.

whe have a discord server playing games and stuff? can i enter even without mic just typing?

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i woke up today not wanting to do anything
i dont know why
some sources say i'm depressed but i dont feel sad
just i feel so fucking empty
any hobbies i had i dont want to do anymore
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>feeling sad
That's not what depression is, numbnuts.
then i dont understand what it is then

>move for grad school
>decide to make a fake grindr and tinder account to see the degenerates around me
>cuteish tranny with an insanely fat ass hits me up

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you're not gonna do anything
while you're making out or getting your dick sucked something will happen
the smell will hit you and your brain will tell your dick it's a man
>insanely fat ass
>is only pretty nice
Ye chill faggot
I would show more but the face is in them
This one is passable though
Do the passable ones still smell like men?

File: 1499103534895.jpg (54KB, 300x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ah, that's the stuff.
You know the rules... Keep it quiet till I'm done, and then, I might get a refill.
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...................is it ok yet?


this is some good stuff
-sits in silence with you as the would be wagecucks stare us down in the assembly line they formed-

Did anyone ever end up finding love in those old yandere threads?
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I never found love, but I love yanderes.
Do you love the obsession, the violence, or the domination?
do you actually think there were real women in there?

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I'm going to make this thread every day until I am lucky enough to get a gf interested in gentle femdom, second time's the charm
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I'll gentle femdom you, but I'm a girl (male) and you will have to take it up the pooper.
Well I am into pegging to be honest anon
So we got a deal? I get to pound your boipussy and POZ your butt?

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>tfw no virgin, bookish nerdy qt to watch documentaries, trade book recommendations and have discussions about relatively dry subjects with.

Is there a worse feeling in life, robots?
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I'm sure that woman lost her virginity before she was 16
>having interests, hobbies, knowledge or opinions they didn't get from their boyfriends
I got my hobbies from my dad. Take that, frogposter.

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