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Is this girl trying to get a free meal or is she actually interested?
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Tell her she can get the kid's menu, anything else she's paying.
she's trying to hustle you anon, i have some normie friends that told me they use tinder for free food
That both men and women? I can't imagine going out with someone I didn't like just for some food, doesn't seem worth it.

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How in the hell do women balance masturbation and the drive/effort to go out and get laid?
How the fuck do they do BOTH to the greatest extent? What?

>jerk off once
>get the urge to do it for days after
>when I jerk off, end up giving absolutely no shits about real sex or women or companionship for at least 12 hours after
>if I don't jerk off for a week, end up gaining the drive to go out and find sex, end up putting in the effort
>in the end, it's one or the other
>either it's a jerk-off lifestyle, or a going out and trying to find sex lifestyle
>somehow, women seem to do both successfully

I don't understand
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Maybe they're just horny more often.
I hate sex
I only have sex so that I feel worthless and terrible
I only get sexual satisfaction from masturbation
Women don't want sex, you idiot. They want security and social status, and use sex to get it. Men do the opposite.
And here we are, autists completely incapable of relating to the wretched state of the modern female, and the few who are decent, are out of reach for all eternity.

>loved war and guns as a kid
>tried to fit in with other kids
>rejected by all groups
>"anon why do you always sit alone? Dont you have any friends?"
>ff highschool, kids call me school shooter
Share your childhood memories, good or bad
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I always got teased like that by other kids, anon. In their minds, If you're not an extroverted normie with a huge group of friends, then that automatically makes you a weirdo and a creep who deserves to get fucked with. Fuck school. Also,
>used to have an amazing athletic body
>ran track and cross country in high school and college, ran 10+ miles a day
>depression hit and stopped working out, ate like shit and laid in bed all day
>now have the same body type as Bojack, get winded just walking up stairs
I had the same nickname in highschool bud. All my teammates called me Shooter.

Its cuz I hit one of my mates in the back of the head with a sidearm pass one time at practice. I also had few real friends cuz i was so competitive. High school is rough stuff
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>America has so many school shootings that kids use "school shooter" as a nickname

Holy fucking shit. I love you yanks, but that's really fucked up, don't ya think?

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Help robots my mom adopted a kid who is fucking cancer. He acts like a nignog all the fucking time and it makes me want to sock him in the stomach. He also might be mentally challenged.
For example:
>Only watches anime vids, reaction vids, and compilations.
>Freezes like a deer in traffic if you say anything sternly to him
>always comes in when im about to beat my meat
>is clumsy as fuck
> dances like a retard whenever he can
>sings like a retard whenever he can.
>chooses to listen to music outloud when he has headphones
So what do /r9k/?
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Turn 18, and get the fuck off my board until then
realize he's a kid and his immaturity suits his age, and that yours is just telling of the fact that you're a fucking failure
Kill the nigger

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How many years of your life did you waste on 4chan?
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been here on and off since 2010.

time is not wasted, if you enjoy wasting it

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eIeventy seven

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Post the saddest, most feel invoking stuff you've got.
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this is ravioli
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Instead of the usual, "life is meanlingless" thing i have going for me, im going to change that entirely.

Im no longer the kid with the group of outcasts.
Im going to brighten peoples day, as much as i can.
I will be as kind and respectful to people as i can, without any sort of expectations for what follows.

You might be wondering,

>"anon, why are you changing your outlook?"

Because of pic related.

If someone loves me, than im going to love life again.
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>Because of pic related.

>changing your outlook on life because one roastie feeding you a bunch of BS

How pathetic are you m8? Do you have no core principals?
Nice, anon, im proud of you. I reallyhope whatever you are gonna try, you are gonna achieve it and bless this cursed world,even if its only a little, we need more people like you.
1. Kid, get the fuck outta r9k, dont count these genuinely degenerate fucking skids as kin, theres a huge difference between an awkward friendless kid in school, and a 35 yo living at home having never worked a job

2. When dealing with cunts like this, the biggest thing is to go out on your fucking feet having told her to fuck herself, and not let yourself be a little bitch for her

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Link five high quality /r9k/ threads currently in the catalog or the archive.

You can't.
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At least it's not as bad as /b/.
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you're part of the problem. no good
This board is a sewer. It would be difficult for one person to manage to make it worse.

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>sono kimochi kanojo ga inai toki

you feel it too don't you?
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tfwnogf has actually started ruling my life.
i knew that feel so well... i became that feel
hontou no koto wo iu to that's a pretty good kimochi oniifam
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thanks fampaitachi

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>tfw someone cuts you off because you're starting to ramble again
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>tfw people ignore you when youre speaking in a group setting
fucking cocksuckers
>tfw when you actually let them
Anon, your so silent omg! Say something.

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0649 - hgQpDhM.gif
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I'm seriously gonna hurt someone one of these days. My coworkers are scum and I can't stop fantasizing about knifing them. I work in a shitty factory so it would be easy.
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Just calm down anon. Don't do anything stupid.

Just meme it out
Reported have fun guy
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What's making you fell like that, OP?

*aborts your baby*
Umm... No sweetie. My body my rules!
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*aborts your life*

My property my rules.
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Well said, property, well said.
Oh thank god I was afraid I would have to set up an elaborate accident to kill the thing but have enough of an alibi to not get into legal trouble.

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Womankind is the root of all evil.
We must purge women from earth in order to save mankind.

The war of the pink flesh is coming
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The Great Purging
I just had a flirtatious encounter & banter with a cute cashier chick at a Panda Express place about 17 minutes ago. Is it that hard y'all to talk, seduce and court a chick? Goddamn son, I reckon y'all gots to start lifting; it'll fixing to boast your test and confidence boy. Stop being a akward faggot and start training y'all social skills ya shut-in niggers.
talking to your sister Cletus doesn't count as flirting

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>stalked a girl online
>it backfired

What went wrong?
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are you the fag that posted her discord the other day? bailey or smth like that
no, I found a cutie I met IRL on the Rover app and started setting up fake dog walks with like butterflies and stuff so she would meet me somewhere and we would make love. but it did not work.
how did it backfire?

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>be me
>make tinder profile
>use my best pictures
>write a good description
>swipe right on everyone
>even black girls and one trap

I got 1 match each week for the first 3 weeks, and I've had none in the last 4 weeks. All 3 of my matches were dog ugly, but still I took time to write messages based off their profiles, and yet, I've gotten no replies.

What the fuck am I doing wrong?
How do I get a gf?
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make sure you show of brand names on clothes shoes etc if you have anything designer or hypebeast

Being /fa/ is the key to other people liking you.
Uggg listen to her only 6 seconds


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