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>when you give her pussy that first touch and she lets out a small and sexual gasp
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>implying you ever been close to a pussy that wasn't your mothers
Please share more OP, I don't know these feels.
I have a hard time believing you based on this pic you posted

>company over
>scared to leave room
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>family home from work
>don't want to leave room until they all go to sleep
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>they're in the kitchen
>go to the bathroom and drink out of the sink
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yeah, that's right anon, use the sink
drink out of your hands like the animal you are

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>Best friend is girl
>Hang out everyday after class
>Every time she has to leave or go to next class she says "love you!"
>Frequently calls me at like 10 pm to bitch about problems
>Today she showed me her "cute new bra" by just pulling up her shirt

She treats me like a fuckin girl. Am I the omega orbiter?
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I would pay money to be you OP
she does it on purpose
She just thinks that your a fag

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How is the most beautiful girl in the world not even a born female ?
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Who is that?
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Grow up anon, it's a guy

ITT: your ultimate pet peeves. The things that make your soul cringe in autistic rage.

Mine are names that are spelt one way but pronunced differently, such as 'Sean' or 'Geoff'.

Their is no way in hell that 'Sean' is pronounced like 'Shawn'. Their is no H or W in 'Sean' to make it sound like that. I will always pronunce Sean as Seen/Scene, or in the worst case 'See-An'. But never in a million years will I agree that monstrosity of a name is pronounced as Shawn.

Geoff is less of a severe one, but it still tickles me the wrong way. The O in the middle is what stops it from being a regular 'Jeff' and forces it to be pronunced 'Gee-Off' or 'Juh-Off' (like Geoffrey).

Every time I see someone write their name down like that I have a mini autistic meltdown in my head.
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as a young gay guy: middle aged black/hispanic women

it's like the ultimate incompatibility. I don't think I've ever gotten along with one. I may never get along with one
To further analyze this and bump the thread, I think it might be because I'm completely worthless to them: Different gender, different race, and not attracted to them whatsoever so they can't manipulate me

I've noticed it since coming out... maybe I'm over-analyzing but it seems to be a thing. They also usually always annoy me too so there's that
Bumporineo organize

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I did /r9k/, I finally lost my virginity to a girl last night. The thing is, why do I feel like shit? I thought losing my virginity would change everything, but I just feel worse than before. I feel tainted, dirty, unclean like I did something wrong. She kinda forced herself on me too, so I does this count as rape? Is that why I feel like that?
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because you thought sex would cure it all, when in reality there's actually a lot more to life then just doing the deed

Because you caught a std. not joking.
I know that feel, bro.
Guess what we really need is love and affection.

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>go to brothel
>first girl i fucked is cuddling all over me before we have sex
>she keeps calling me her baby and hugging me
>asks how old I am
>she asks if I have a girlfriend
>uhhhhh no I have never had one before?
>she seems very surprised (why the hell would i be at a whore house if i had a girlfriend?)
>fuck her which felt pretty good, she gives me a massage after
>fuck second girl
>she keeps touching my abs and seems shy about it
>afterwords we shower together and she tells me im cute
>T-thanks y-you too
>Tries to kiss me
>realize my dick was literally just in her mouth and try to dodge the kiss but she still gets me on the cheek
What the fuck r9k do they actually think im cute or did they just want more of my money?
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You're cute. You're very young to be at a brothel, they cater to older men.
post abs plz
Am i supposed to have a girlfriend though or something? I feel like im ruining an opportunity here even though i cant get a girlfriend to save my life. If i am actually cute how do i not have a girlfriend?

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Is there a more inferior, normie-tier pet than an impulsive, attention-seeking, literally shit-eating dogs?
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yeah there is
I love cats especially black female cats
Cats are trash. They're worse than dogs.

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>tfw 5'5
>tfw no qt tall gf
just kill me, the guy of the pic is 5'3
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5'3" but his bank account 6'4"
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My gf is taller than me
Look at those digits :-)

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Why isnt she talking to me lads

She used to message me every day
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Because you are week, cick.
What do I do anon?

>What do I do anon?

Find another grill?

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>weed and booze don't do it for me any longer

How dangerous is PCP?
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onIy one way to find out
Just try some crazy fun stuff like LSD
You could literally lose your mind. PCP was big with the congoid peoples in the bigger Texas cities back in the 90s. One Texas rapper from the 90s who rapped a lot about the drug ended up eating a person.

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Have you ???
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Best thread on /arrninekay/ right now to be honest
A little surprised to see a pseudotumblr meme here
>big jug hot cheese

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Will women like this take a robot?
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No she wants a lean 6'4 tattoed anarchist punk-rock boyfriend who'll give her free ketamine and go to metal shows with her and who is willing to choke her and call her a slut while fucking her in the asshole and not feel guilty about it.

Robots date 5'2 300lbs girls with acne or nothing.
Nope, but post more teebeeaych
for a one night stand, probably. chicks like this are extremely slutty

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Who else here ascended?
Who else realised that women and dating are simply not worth it?

The negatives of dating outweigh the positives of dating.
I'll give you a run down
>Women want to talk all the time
>You have to listen to them
>You have to be fun to be around 24/7, otherwise they'll leave you
>There is always a chance that they'll cheat
>They want you to pay for their food
>If they're out of work they'll expect you to cover their expenses
>She will probably expect you to talk to her friends aswell
>You might still be depressed
>She might cheat on you

>If she is working she might reduce your rent/bills by 50% if you split it equally
>Reduced chance of depression
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phoenix shite.jpg
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nice trips but you're never going to experience pussy

>Never going to experience pussy
Honestly, I couldn't care less about sex.
If I wanted it I could always just fuck a prostitute.
I have. I belong solely to my 2D waifu.

This man is at the top of the social ladder. He is extremely powerful, wealthy, famous and influential.

Don't you think we can learn from him and his behaviour?
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>Don't you think we can learn from him and his behaviour?
He acts like a self-entitled autist, so does that mean we're set?
He is extremely powerful
yea hes so powerful that he had a mental breakdown on stage and made an idiot of himself.
good joke lad.
Looks like a typical noodle arm to me.
Surprised he still is with that gold digging whore he calls wife.
For being a douchebag, having mental breakdowns and selling over priced and low quallity music/clothing.
Maybe to other braindead niggnogs like yourself.

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