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Who else used to have a great and spontaneous personality but it's been completely consumed my their depression?

I wish I could forget that part of me so I don't have to miss it.
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Me too, bro.

I don't label myself as depressed, that's ungrateful. Despite that, my personality has vanished during the past 10 years. Both due to physical abuse of my body (not enough food) and mental abuse (I went 6 months just lying in bed without pursuing any mental activity). My brain must be all shriveled up now and together with the cynical view on life I have it's irreversibly damaged.

You know what hurts the most? Trying and seeing how you can't. Seeing your conversational partner say something and thinking to yourself "oh, I could have come up with that".

I know how you feel anon. I used to get along with people easily, although I always was reserved. I do not know whether I could describe my personallity as great back then, but it was certainly better than it is now.
I think I got too much into this whole "gotta be a grown man now" affair. The end result ended up being more childish than my old airheaded self. Instead of wasting my days away on purpose and sometimes doing stuff when I feel like it, I am now forcing myself to do things and then end up completely unable to do anything but delve into my degenerate addictions.

Maybe it is really as simple as taking a step back and just chill, look over your situation and actually do what you feel like once in a while. It takes a little practice to shut off everything and think about what you want, but it works.

Also 4chan does more damage to your day to day conversations than you might expect. When you spend most of your time here you start subconsciously probing everything you are about to say for some soft spots. Atleast it is what I do nowadays and it leads to me not saying anything in the process. Coming up with random stuff becomes difficult, because you are used to speak on topic.
Leave this site first and foremost and start writting for yourself instead I would say. So you can atleast start to get some order in your own head.

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Well somehow my phone started playing porn at work after turning it on. It reopened tabs and video anatomically started. It was trap porn. Was not fired but now normies think I'm a creep. Anyone else a fuck up at work?
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I never understood why ppl find traps attractive/hot
that what happens when u watch gay porn u fucking homo LOLLLL bitch
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Just go away faggot

explain to me why you need a girlfriend to be happy
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No one says that you do Anon.

If you are straight it is simply a bonus to life.
I need affection
Having 10+women not wanting to talk to me and none wanting rly makes me feel bad about myself
Because they give life meaning a purpose. There is no point in trying to achieve more without a girlfriend.
Think of it this way. If you went out hunting for food and were single you would hunt one animal, then sit around on your ass all day doing nothing. Now if you had a girlfriend you are now responsible for someone besides yourself. It is the motivation to not just hunt enough but to hunt more than enough to show your dedication.
This is the basis that all society was founded on. Modern women reject this idea however, They want to try hunting for themselves. Except women are shit hunters.
What is the point of money if I have no one to support. I'll just earn the minimum needed to keep me busy which is very little. I will never strive for anything greater in life.

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R9K life.webm
2MB, 1280x720px
I'll do it bitch watch me
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why is dean ambrose in your webm not wrestling?
hes getting made fun of like the rest of us bitches
There's one reason
>get made fun of

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How many people are you ghosting right now and why?
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no one cares about me enough for me to ghost them in the first place
This but if you want to get technical, I ghost nearly everybody. Unless you're with me irl I completely drop off the face of the planet
it's more like everyone is ghosting me
perhaps it goes both ways at the same time

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Why does baldness in white men look so awful but so irresistibly hot in Orcs and certain blacks?
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if the white has a beard it looks good
Ugly traits look more natural on ugly things.
Because white men are pussybaby faggots.

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Why did you let that happen? This board is as cancer as /b/ now. Delete these shit threads.
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What if

What if the mods make them?
all tripfags deserve to fucking hang
delete every /pol/ tier thread

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>tfw this how I will likely lose my virginity
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>>tfw this how I will likely lose my virginity
but he's technically virgin.
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Similar to this anon
File: image.jpg (26KB, 480x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Losing your virginity in a threesome
Kek, how low can you fall OP?

>find 20 bucks at grocery score
>fuck yes time for booze
>at liquor store
>minding my own business comparing vodka
>chad employee yells at the top of his lungs across the store "WOAH DUDE HOW OLD ARE YOU"
>sees me visibly recoil and follows with "JUST KIDDING"
>saunters over to me
>recommends some meme vodka
>I grab what I was looking at and skulk out
day ruined
25 years old and people think im a child
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Post pics
why would I want more people to make fun of me
same. couple months ago i was on a lane and the woman next to me made me show her me turning my phone off during takeoff because

this weird girl at work keeps calling me her son

it sucks not being taken seriously.

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>its another mild depression episode were the thoughts of EVERYONE HAVING SEX SINCE ITS SO NORMAL AND NATURAL are coming to my mind when im doing something completly not sex releated

whats the solution to this
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i dont know man hapens to me alsso
File: feel.png (740KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you realize everyone around you in the classroom/bus/office/party has had sex
realize that sex is overrated and eat your feelings

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So according to my psychiatrist I'm a genius. Ask me anything I guess.
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why would your psychiatrist bother teling you this

whatever the case, welcome to the club, prepare for a life full of staying up late at night and drinking alone
Sounds comfy.
can you explain the different types of elliptical integrals?

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whats your favorite things that girls do?

>have sex
>pull out and lay back exhausted
>she sucks the cum and pussy juice off my dick for me

its great
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gtfo normie ree, etc.

But really I just wish that one day I can bust a fat nut inside a somewhat thicc girl, shit would be so cash
Puppy eyes

now get out REEEEEE
I just want to touch a girls face like a dog. Pet her and rub her face.


"look anon BLABLABL"

its fucking disgusting how pathetic you all are

just fucking stop and end yourself
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File: Look at this guy.jpg (104KB, 1067x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Look at this guy.jpg
104KB, 1067x600px
Just bee yourself anon :^)

original comment
im gonna actually fucking murder u u fucking retarded weebshit cunt smug animeposting permavirgin bitch
Do not be upset.

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is the most redpilled movie ever?
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is sam peckinpah is the master of the redpills?

Can I get a rundown. Original.
No, pic related is


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>but anon, that's immoral!
How do you respond to this?
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"morality is subjective"

gets them every time
is that statement objectively true?

if it is, then there is objective truth

and if objective truth exists, then there is objective right and wrong

and if right and wrong exist, then good and bad exists

and thus we have objective morality

... of course if your statement is not objectively true then it's nonsense
Morality doesn't make sense to me.
I prefer to make my own rules of good human decency.

Girls love rebels.

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