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There are girls on
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i miss erica.

nobody else does tho :(
OP is a girl

Linate Moro

What's for dinner robots 05/07
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pls post cawk dinner poster
instant noodles
like most other dinners
Are you sedentary? I would die if that's the only thing I ate

Wow JT from SSTC is so epic
Why is he around those losers like Toby and Ciara?
He's so witty and awesome
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Wow I agree what a cool guy. Not like the rest of SSTC!
add me to the discord group... now....
tf is sstc?

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What is the scientific explanation for the Trap Effect?
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faggots who are so far gone down the virginity hole that they eventually start swinging to the other side, but they want to pretend they're still normal so they dress up their gay lust in the form of a "girl". in short they want it to look like a girl so it can past easily through the first stage of their shame barrier and to lightly convince them that they may still be a shred of normal (lol) but they want it to have a dick to charge up their homolust that society has forced them into. I see guys who like traps the same way I see psuedo lesbians. Didn't have enough of the good stuff so they decided wildly swinging to other side would give better results.
/r9k/ is prison gay
/r9k/ is also mentally ill and emotionally stunted so they think another person who is mentally ill and emotionally stunted is a perfect match.
They've also never seen a tranny irl and know how none of them pass
Less legal liability, more relatability, it's exotic/sinful nature.

Traps have their own issues, but usually come with subservient 50's housewive fetishes that also make them appealing.

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i don't feel real
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Welcome to depersonalization, friend. I've been here since I was a child.
nobody cares except your parents because they invested so much time and money into you so you could be a failure who spent so much time on the computer you're at odds with your own existence whereas a normal person would just call up his friends and hang out
I feel the same way OP
Projecting much?

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Is there a legitimate way to commit a painless suicide? Pls help me robots
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google helium exit bag. it's supposedly painless. you just lose consciousness and then die. there were even euthanasia kits available online.
browse /r9k/ for a few years
slow but effective
dis wold be an opchen

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>have discord full of IRL mates I've been playing games with for years
>close like brothers and have been since we were young boys
>I add a girl to it recently, before I knew she was a girl
>turns out to be my type
>can feel myself beginning to like her
>suspect that my bros aren't (but I know I would be jealous if they did), she private messages me over them and little shit like that

what have I done

more importantly what do I do
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is this about mamimi? xx
Remove her from the group.
Congratulations faggot, you ruined your discord. You should be ashamed of yourself

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First psychologist appointment in 4 hours

>age 30
>high school drop out
>shut-in for 14 years
>i was molested at 9 years old by stranger at a pool
>no friends
>scoring 100% on all online schizoid tests

I'm scared.
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>i was molested at 9 years old by stranger at a pool

No you weren't. You obviously consented therefor it's okay
I saw your thread yesterday anon

Good luck, we are rooting for you
Oh man, your therapist doesnt know what he is getting into

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Why the fuck do moms go shopping with their Loli daughters wearing see thru tops and skin tight boyshorts?
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anon kids are disgusting and annoying irl
Because they need to do everything they can to attract a potential mate. They already have a kid so the're 4 points lower than they normally would be
No, it's fucking weird. I'm a vendor for grocery stores and I see tons of those scantily clad while their mom picks out cucumbers. It's a weird sight

>people fapping to cartoons
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I don't like to support roastie (literal) whores. 2D is the only moral option faggot.
weebs arent people
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>cartoons fapping to people

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>Best friend for last two years is girl
>She's very touchy, always says "love you"
>We get coffee and hang out all the time
>Calls me when she's upset and lets me call her when I'm upset
>Try to make move on her last night
>"Oh Anon I always...kinda just saw you as another girl ya know?"

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>"Oh Anon I always...kinda just saw you as another girl ya know?"
How hurt were you when she said that OP? That's just... just... ouch.
this story is a fanciful fabrication, females are incapable of even the slightest homolust

most autistic thing you've ever done....greentext stories welcome
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>Be me


>Diagnosed with autism at an early age.

>That about sums it up as the most autistic thing I've ever done.
>girl wants me to go in her room
>think it is time
>hear fapping noises
>mom into succubus
>girl comes in
>asks me
>mom into succubus
>hear fapping noises
>Be me
>Be diagnosed autistic
>Be get one of those new autism spinner things
>Be using it as I post now
>Be happy

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I'm 20 years old, have fucked 16 girls and I'm as autistic as any one of you faggots on this faggot board.

What the fuck is your excuse for being shit with women?
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I don't do pedophilia, OP.
So have you actually been diagnosed with Autism OP?
I jack off alot and smoke weed with tobacco to the point where I either pass out or black out. I'm a mess.

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> doing assignment in library
> the guys whom I rarely talk are sitting near
> they check each others solutions
> I am struggled to to a task
> ask them to show me how to do it
> they look at me like shit
> "brah, just google it, brah"
Uni was a mistake, not committing suicide today was a mistake.
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If they can't explain it to the point where they just say "google it" then they obviously don't know it well enough in which case googling it would've been the best thing to do
I saw it was completely done in their papers. And they didn't said "I dont know, google it", they said "google it" in a same way you say "fuck off".
Did you then reply, "Fuck you"

how did you respond?

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Fembots, what are some red flags for men?
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Under 6'5. Why wont manlets learn?
>browses 4chan
>listens to metal
>hs dropout
>minimum wage job
>divorced parents
>crappy dad
>hates his mum
>does hard drugs regularly
>low libido
>no friends (and i mean NO friends, a few is great)
>doesn't show me physical affection
>is unenthusiastic
>doesn't like animals
>can't handle offensive jokes
>gets triggered by slurs
>listens to generic pop or trap
>dresses like a douche

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