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>need a shit
>no toilet paper or substitute
>walk to local convenience store
>qt works behind the only check out
>she lives down the road from me as well
>It's only when I get to the checkout realise I'm buying toilet paper in front of a qt
>toilet paper than I'm going to wipe my anus with
>fucking embarrassing
>go bright red
>she makes small talk but I just panic and mumble
>don't even take the change

FUCK why is it so hard to buy products like that. I can't go back there now and I don't have a car to get to the next shop next time reeeee
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youll be fine, trust me. her perspective of the whole situation probably wasn't like that. She probably didn't even care enough about you and the toilet paper to follow a train of thought to carry her to imagining the image of you on a toilet with your new toilet paper wiping your ass. Over thinking can be bad
No shit mate, everyone needs toilet paper for that.
Stop being retarded, and more importantly stop treating normies as anything but npcs.
Everybody poops, m8.

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Be honest, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend who truly loves you?
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>do you have a girlf-
I'mma stop you right there. Answer's no.
once upon a time I had the affection of imperfect perfection
really dropped the ball with her tho lol
forgot that existed

What are some robot approved YouTubers?
Anybody else like bill wurtz stuff?
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This is Dan Bell.
Some dude who explores dead malls and abandoned places. Also extensively examines cheap hotel rooms (be advised, you'll never wanna step foot into another hotel room again after even watching just one video.)
Bull Wurtz is the epitome of Reddit
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Mumkey jones is certified fresh in my book.

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how do i get more views on youtube? im a music producer and all my shit fucking sucks even though ive been doing it non stop for years and i dont get any views or anything on youtube

should i just quit or? im getting pretty pissed ive been persistent but this is just rediuclous. I just feel like giving up.
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Post your channel here

>inb4 i don't want to

That would be the kind of attitude that is not getting you views
I don't wanna be associated with r9k tho
post channel so we can downvote bro

What type of man are you attracted to anon?

I love big, bearish men. The beefier the better.
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The type of man that has boobs and a vagina (optional) and looks like a woman
A-a-a-are you a fan of Dream Daddy?
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>The type of man that has boobs and a vagina (optional) and looks like a woman

this really activates the almonds

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>tell someone "kill yourself"
>he actually kill himself
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some people take this site for real
this shit is toxic as fuck lol.
I always tell people to kill themselves on the off chance they actually do it. Im sure SOMEONE has at least TRIED after being told one too many times and i was the one to push them. Tfw btw
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>tell someone to fugg off
>they actually fugg off xd

Hey robots, can I get some advice? I'm a KHV fembot who can't seem to get a guy because they all label me as too creepy.
I mean, so what if I love hanging around graveyards at night, or summoning demons using a Ouija board, I deserve love too, right?

>tfw no mushroom and darkness loving bf
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checked your trips, but
1. girls can't be robots
2. you aren't actually a girl

take care
hot creepy girls still get dick all the time, you are probably just fat/ugly
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>real life hex maniac

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Fembots, what's your excuse to not get a qt lovely boyfriend right now?
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is it any wonder that /r9k/ is the worst board on 4chan and you are all pathetic?
Do black girls like skinny white guys?
Because most girls if not the only ones that hit on me are black, and I'm skinny like guy in op pic.
he might have a decent looking woman if she lost alot of weight.

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New virgin vs. Chad thread!

OC highly appreciated
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I hope you intentionally made that badly because it completely misses the point of the meme and isn't funny at all
you missed the point stupid cuck
This is going to be a problem.

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>anon im innocent you saw pls tell polis im innocent
Police: is he?
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I cannot ascertain guilt or innocence due to a lack of information officer
look at that nice outfit of course he is
but you clearly saw what happened, anon

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Pretty soon I'll be 30, then 40, then 50. You might say "hey you still got time to get your shit together, you're 29". But it's over. I've never worked. Never had a job. I went to college but dropped out. Never been on a date. I'm a dicklet. I'm schizophrenic. Never done anything really except play with video games. I can look back at my life and give you millions of stories about what I did in video games and the people I came across from online games but nothing from real live interactions. I'm living vicariously though the characters I play in games. These facts used to make me sad and I guess it made me sad because I still had hope. Protip to all the young robots: It gets better once all your hope to change or get better goes away. Either you learn to live with being a loser at life or you kill yourself.

I'm gonna be 50 years old living with relatives, no job and unable to support myself, playing video games every day...living vicariously through the characters in my games. And you know what....its ok now. I feel better about being a loser and noone can make me feel bad again.
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Reality is just a shitty game
>Almost 30

The pressure is unreal

But in the time of war we have courageous moments
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change something or stop complaining, faggot.

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Post your school shooter achievements robots.
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>Rodger That
>Kill the top 10 most popular girls in school
The Fourth Reich

Put a jewish student into a cafeteria oven
>Natural selection
>Equip yourself with an uzi and a sawed off

>Avenging the crusades
>Kill 10 christian students with a single suicide vest

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>tfw live in a flat with 3 other people
>we share internet and the router is connected only in one room
>one of the flatmates leaves and a girl comes into his place
>gets a fucking lock on her room doors
>she left for work and willingly or not disconnected the fucking router from power
>tfw no internet

What do? I can't really move the router anywhere because of the fucking cables.
In fact I used to live in another flat where this shit also happened and it was happening ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I left that place to live somewhere else in peace and I did until now.
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talk with the other roomates about it, OP you and atleast 2 other people suffered because of this. have it moved????
Well technically the other roommate isn't relly there because he's moved out and someone else will be moving in soon but god knows when that happens.
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talk to her about it and that you all frequent the internet

if she is doing it on purpose to fuck with you guys then take something of hers for a day and show her how it feels

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>tfw fell for the weed isn't addictive meme
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brainlet wojak.jpg
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>tfw fell for the weed should be legalized meme
File: 1501490176970.jpg (7KB, 250x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You don't become physically addicted to it. You can however develop a mental dependency on it, but that only happens to people that use it every single day/to escape their problems.

Like me.
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>you can't get addicted to it, but you can get addicted to it

please anon. Please try to make sense.

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hey /r9k/ I'm thinking of taking a knife and doing a cut from right above one of my eyes down the eyelid and to the bottom of my cheek

scars look aesthetic so I think this would help me get girls

anyone have any experience with something like this? going for something like pic related
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You'd have to have the rugged look to even come close to pulling that off. Otherwise it'll just look creepy.
That's a really autistic thought, OP.
take some pain killer or something that will numb you before doing so other than that good luck hope they turn out nice

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