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>consoles will never surpass PC graphical-
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wtf PS4?
Please cast the bait this way
Sure, look at that AA. kek

Who or what inspires you to strive towards a brighter tomorrow and never give up on chasing your dreams?

For me, it's LOW
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>Who or what inspires you to strive towards a brighter tomorrow and never give up on chasing your dreams?
>For me, it's LOW

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Philling it grow.jpg
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PHIL (originally)
Is that a Tyrone or a Jamal?

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I have never had a girl attracted to me, am i really so ugly? I have been told i am intelligent, cool and other stuff like that but never attractive.
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I had a girl once tell me that i'm not the kind of guy girls want to date but will love to marry. At first took it as a complement but when I really thought about it I realized it was the worst insult anyone has ever given to me in my life.
You have posted the same thread a couple of years ago, haven't you? I think I remember you.

You are not ugly, just move to Brazil and drown in pussy.
Why Brazil exactly?

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>begin a more fruit, vegetable & nut based diet
>depression vanishes
Stay away from junk food bros, eat a carrot
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>eat berries
>depression gone

Wow thanks for this, let me guess, you're a whale?
I want to, but that shit is expensive as fuck.

Best I can do is a bag of frozen broccoli.
>eaten an immaculate vegetarian diet for the last 12 years
>depression remains all this time, even gotten worse
two can play at this game

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Would your sister let you do this wrestling move on her /r9k/?
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she's a landwhale and I'm a tall skinny dude so not possible.
I haven't touched a female in so long
>DX and Cena posters

Fucking marks.

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woah, two mugs at once. Never seen anything like it.
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Shut up you yellow nigga
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I don't possess the willpower or patience to actually create OC

explains a lot about me and why I'm here
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download (1).jpg
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huh wow that's not bad as far as mugs go, did you make that?

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What doth life?
well r9k?
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gorilla 1.jpg
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gorillas are my favorite apes
You do realize that Gorillaz are not apes right?
They are mammals.
did you know mammals are apes?
they're niggers

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Frogs and Feels:/Crippling Depression/ Edition
Whats up robots?
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I just got back from the front. Give me something that makes me forget.
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pedl pedl

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download (4).jpg
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Here ye go lad! Enjoy the Cancer

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Any Baha'i robots here?
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tell me about baha'i, it seems interesting
My dads a Baha'i so i went with him through out my childhood and adolescence until college. I never really prayed or believed I belonged because of my robotness even though everyone was nice. I believe in god i guess. I fucking love the Persian food.
I've certainly considered it, and it's for sure one of the better religions out there, but I'm still more of a deist

Every previous (recorded) religion speaks of prophets they've had in the past, a current prophet, and a future prophet. Bahai claims that these prophets are 'like perfect mirrors' reflecting the goodness of God into the world, and that there always have been and always will be prophets of this kind as long as humanity exists

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anyone else suffer from b12 deficiency?
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anyone who b12 on here is so deficient dey get b&
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>anyone else suffer from b12 deficiency?
probably since I am vegetarian
however I do take a b12 pill, but it's a very low dose, like 6 mcg
No. It's easy as fuck to get b12 into your system if you're mindful of it. Clif bars have b12. Vitamin water has b12. Most fortified soy and almond milks have b12. You can just put a splash of b12 in every cup of coffee you drink. Naked juice smoothies and crap like that has b12. Fermented stuff has b12. b12 supplements are commercially available. Even unhealthy garbage like red bull has b12 in it. Half of the sugary junk you'd buy at 7-11 on a hot afternoon has b12 in it. Fucking Mt. Dew spikes its stuff with b12 sometimes. Cereal has b12 in it a lot of the time. It's probably not ideal, but you can get like 40-75% your daily value of that shit with like 2 glasses of beverage a day, and I've never been deficient even with that intake. You don't even have to shoot for 100%; literally just consume shit with b12 in it every day.
The only reason anybody should even have to worry about b12 deficiency is veganism, and I've been doing this shit for 7 years without any deficiency. There's just too much commercially-available stuff with b12 in it. Deficiencies in the first world are basically impossible if you're even half-educated about nutrition and read labels.

Ok guys fuck the red pill

>be virgin semi-chad
>decent looks and height but autistic hobbies and edgy misanthrope
>fucked up but true view of woman
>8/10 q.t. asked me to see Annabell 2 with her in cinema
>wants to watch the first one before at my or her place
>i see all of this as a waste of time
>I'd rather watch anime or play vidya
>still I agreed because she's cute and there might be chance to smash
>I don't even really want to have sex since I think it's only a hassle and I have a low libido but I want to get it over with
>now I'm annoyed that I have to go and I don't want to back out since I always do so with girls

Why can't I just appreciate that a good looking, nice girl wants to spend time with me and thinks thay I'm cool
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because you are a stupid asshole
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Dunno but same.
Not even semi-Chad, I'm an ugly beta virgin. The only two upsides to me are that I'm ambitious and I guess I'm witty supposedly.

And yet this 9/10 girl is OPENLY into me. It's borderline insulting, given the second I gave up was the moment women stopped ignoring me.
She wants me to do shit with her but it seems awkward as fuck and boring.

can they just leave us alone. they ignored us during the years it mattered, why now.
Now that you say it I realized that as soon as I stopped giving too much of a fuck about women, they started to get interested in me.
Fucking illogical roasties. I wanted to be a nice guy when girls ignored me and now I ignore them and they start liking me. I don't want a gf if the only way to go is to be an asshole. I should give up on women completely desu.

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Dumb sissy anime boi.

I'm a porn PhD nigga. What u need to wank to?
like anything, as long as its not scat or farts

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>tfw when your parent catch you jerking off and ask you if you want yo get married with a friends daughter.

I declined ofc, i dont know her that well

Inb4 hurr durr (pol)
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expland u fag
>free waifu
>op declined
why would you do this
My mom is conservative af and thinks jacking off is evil, i just told her i was bored n shit.
Dad is based and knows shit, he told her to leave me alone and she started crying (dont ask me) they then both sat me down and asked me if it would be cool if me and that chick married, she is cute and has a nice ass and all but i still dont make money so i dont want to have to bang my wife while my parents bang ew.

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I just individually asked 7 of my normie friends if they wanted to go to the mall and everyone of them said they either had other plans or were "tired"

Am I doomed to live a robot life? Was this my only chance at normiehood?
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Dude, if you got 7(!) normie friends, your shots ain't fired in a long shot.
I-I'm not sure what that means anon

and I'm not really sure if you could call them friends, I never really talk or see them that often outside of uni

That's pretty normal for classmates. Not what I'd consider true friends, though (not that I'm an expert)

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Why do low-quality, normie and racebait threads only start appearing once cuntmericans go online?
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read your question again
you just found your answer
Imagine asking rhetorical bait questions on /r9k/.
It's the goddamned leafs.

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