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Anon, draw me like one of your French models.
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Does anyone else wish they could go back to being a virgin?

I'm 19, lost my virginity last September, and I've fucked 12 girls since then. I think I'm addicted to sex because it takes up most of my thoughts. Sexual thoughts never had a very big place in my mind until I lost my virginity, and now I just wish they were gone. I wish I could go back to being a virgin when I wasn't constantly thinking about the feeling of sex
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no you're just a whore
do the world a favor and castrate yourself

would you suck a guys dick to fuck a girl?
Pretty shitty larp tbqh. 2.25/10

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>reminder that you cannot lonely if anyone has ever showed romantic interest in you
>reminder that if you have ever been in an intimate, romantic relationship with another person and you are "lonely", it is 100% your fault
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Nope. Roasty toasty begone
>it is 100% your fault
isn't that true either way?

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Wtf song

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Who else >don'tknowhowtoexpressemotions here?

>co worker leaves
>everyone liked her
>everyone gets very sad
>most of them cry
>had a very special relationship with her
>feel really confortable with her, she was like the only person ever who has understood how I feel
>She is standing there, we are all about to leave
>I'm the only person who hasn't said bye yet
>I'm just there and don't know what to say to her
>she is waiting for me to say bye
>don't say anything
>everyone is staring at me like if they knew how I was feeling
>she makes the movement and huges me tightly
>she tells me I'm really special for her and that she will never forget me
>don't know what to say, so I just say.... y-you too
>We hug each other for several seconds more and then she leaves
>don't say anything else
>feel like absolute shit after that
What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I such a soulless piece of fucking shit without emotions?
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People get better at things with experience
I'm guessing you spent most of your life on the internet reading and writing text rather than in the "real" world
Fuck, that is sad.
Text her maybe? Try to express something
she probably knows dude just talk to her eventually or whatever

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>Srs talk

How do I get an /r9k/ gf and change her?
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>sexual reassignment surgery
I mean you probably shouldn't forcibly change them. A lot of trans girls don't want to take the risks of surgery and some aren't even dysphoric enough to remove their penis. Even those who do more often than not end up regretting it.
However if you are dead set on changing a tranny into a tranny with a botched axe wound you'd probably want someone in a poor financial state with low self esteem (third world trannys would be your best bet).

Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck anon

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Curently sitting outside on couch with friend. Prolly gonna sleep. Ask me anything.
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Give your friend a hug and tell them you love them and appreciate their company.
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How much do you like traps
He actually gave me a hug op delivered kek

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i hate little kids so much, they are evils, i dont undestand the 'le kids are pure and angelss omg xd'

it's not true, i was bullied when i was 3 year old by those kids, they were making fun of me, of my family and saying that my mother was a whore, i hate them so much
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>a motherfucking curve in the fucking fabric of spacetime caused by massive objects
>black holes
>dark matter/energy
>quantum mechanics
>string theory

HOW can you not get excited by this shit?
It's literally the most interesting thing in life, understanding (or at least trying to understand) how it works. Shit is crazy.

If I wasn't a lazy neet motherfucker I would become a physicist.
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because you have and will have zero influence on all of those things.
You should stop being lazy. I want a fusion reactor. You should make one.

It's absolutely exciting, but I can't understand the math. Ultimately, it boils down to the math.
>HOW can you not get excited by this shit?
because you can't change it and learning about the stuff isn't as simple as you think.

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We yall still livin
But for what?
But if u thinkin bout that shit
Thats make u paranoid af
What yall we shoud do?
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And u still ignorin dis....
I want to have sex with lain

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jotun 18.jpg
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Add a copy to your account while you can
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Why are you shilling this game?

So people will read one of my stories in appreciation
>Downloaded the game 3 days ago
>Didn't play yet
I am addicted to Europa universalis. Any anon know if the game is even decent ?

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>tfw you pop a zit with a nice big load of pus with the perfect consistency and burst
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so how do you want to die?

>around the age of 75
>afternoon of a snowy day
>a house in a vast plain field
>absolutely devoid of any human
>sit down on my rocking chair on the balcony to enjoy the sunset
>take a last sip of my favorite coffe
>write goodbye letter to whoever finds my body
>pick up acoustic guitar
>play my favorite songs
>the fields, once full of life, covered in white resonating with my mind
>the absolute silence emphazises my breathing as it gets weaker
>eventualy my arms no longer have strenght to play
>look up into the sky one last time
>feel the chill from the snowflakes falling on my face
>hear the wind blow through the fields
>i don't have to think anymore
>i don't need to try anymore
>i don't have to live
>i can't finally rest
>my eyes close
>my respiration stops
>i fall asleep to the sweet lullaby of the winder breeze
>at the end of the letter i leave one final thought
>"in this world of ours, there no such thing as true inner peace. Wars are fought, battles are won, and we lie to ourselves, saying that we can achieve more, that we need more, but in truth only living is enough."
>"here, on my last moments, the only things i have in my mind are the moments i was alive. the sunrise, the first kiss, the ones that made me the protagonist of my history."
>"sadly, we only understand how important it is to live when we're already dead. death is the most beautiful of blessings, do not fear it, do not avoid it. but at the same time don't chase it, live to the fullest of your potential, so that you can die with no regrets, peacefully"
>"for what i've done or left undone, i'm sorry"
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I wanna die peacefully in my sleep. Yeah I know, I'm boring.
i can understand why anon, even death seems to complicated sometimes
i just want to stop thinking, to stop having to try
i imagine you too would want to rest, to have a single moment where your thoughts don't haunt you, a single moment of true peace.

death is singing a beautiful serenade to me brother, and i might open my window soon.
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in some glorious and heroic final stand that is epic enough to have songs and stories and books written about it centuries later

but realistically i'm uncomfortable even leaving my house so i guess >>38515393 would be fine

Birthdays are the worst day of the year
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Happy cakeday anon.
Something something oregano.
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>tfw parents never made a big deal out of birthdays
>tfw I forget my birthday passes every year
feels good man
There just like any other day

>don't see friends
>lay in bed on 4chan all day

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