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i am drunk.

i am so sad.

it wouldn't be so bad

with an arm around me

i am alone in my bed

nobody cares

i speak to a void

it might not speak back

but it always listens

i wish

that you'd listen too
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Would you pay $5/monthly to not feel this feel? Twitch tv

thanks for replying to my thread

appreciate it bud
Have some feels for those feels, OP

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master race.jpg
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Why do parties have beer instead of weed?

weed is better

spell it out for me im autistic
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Good parties have both
Alcohol makes people more comfortable and social. Weed, less so. It's also legal and more popular, like the most popular drug in human history.
because laws

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Post stories and reasons you hate alcohol and people who drink it.

>I don't drink to get drunk, I drink for the taste!
>Gets drunk
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My dad was a drunk and hit my mom and sister in front of me repeatedly while growing up. I made a vow to myself to never touch the stuff.
Wbu op?
It makes me too honest for my own good

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Welcome to \k9r\ the exact opposite of /r9k/

How are your wonderful girlfriends, my alpha brobots??
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The opposite of /r9k/ doesn't use 4chan you fucktard
Just got back from watching the latest superhero movie with my gf. She licked my asshole and jerked my dick until I splooged onto her face. And then we got caught up on the latest walking dead episodes. Tomorrow we're going to Panera Bread and then to the zoo. I love my gf!
We fucked and now she's sleeping next to me. So, pretty good unless my loud ass snoring wakes her up.

>volunteer since 14
>Boss is more of a mother to me then my shitty biological mom
>Her and her husband are the only people that love and appreciate me
>Host fundraiser this evening with them, a few cool local bands show up after presentation
>She and her husband get up and start dancing with each other
>They look like they're having such a great time, smiles all around
>I'm just sitting in the crowd by myself, with no one
>I will never have what they have. No counterpart to enjoy life with, and make my life enjoyable or worth living
>They are my only friends, and have transcended to the level of being family.
>I look up to them as parents, and when they're gone I will have nothing.
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I'm a NEET. I don't work for wages, I work for them because I love them both. They're important to me.
But I get neetbux, I don't need to work for wages. It's satisfying to work for these people because I love them.

What album do you listen to when you get depressed? pic related
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Dece taste
Good taste dude.

I listen to AJJ in depressed mode, but mostly New wave stuff like Joy Division and The Cure and The Smiths when miserable.

Can't beat Pornography (album) for strengthening the depression.
How could they do that to Anne Frank? Makes me cry.

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Post an image of your ideal gf
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>Post an image of your ideal gf
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Eliza finger.jpg
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Why can't I be hers?
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This qt right here famolamma

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Hello there wagecuck, are you enjoying your two days of freedom?

You better be enjoying them because monday can't come soon enough and you will return to your cuckoldry.
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I work at night and is mucb more chill than morning or mid day jobs but just working in general drains your mind.

Take vitaminds
Get good sleep
No smoking
No drinking
Take protein shakes
Drink lots of water

If your body feels like shit your mind feels like shit
I never work on mondays OP
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How are you going to kys
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suicide by police

inert gases that lower the concentration of oxygen molecules in the air I breathe.
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blaze of glory my friend. my uni has surprisingly low security and ive been thinking of a way to get a really high kill count before an heroing.

i dont think im bold enough to try and take out a campus but either way i need to take someone else out too. my only real friend has ms so probably when he dies and i have enough money to buy a gun ill find someone to send off along with me.

sorry for edge

Why the fuck are normies so obsessed with getting drunk?

Why is a "good time" only associated with the consumption of alcohol and its "your not having a good time" unless your black out drunk?

I heard some skank go on about how she wouldn't mind spending the rest of her life getting drunk and drinking alcohol everyday. and even said that she doesnt believe alcohol is an addiction
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Because they want to laugh at your wasted self.
lawl at the girl in blue with the lazy eye

Because they're weak

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Why don't you get a boyfriend, anon?
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im fat

not original, kek
My wee wee is messed up
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don't want to desu, I'm working on becoming a better person, so I don't ruin my next relationship with a qt boi desu desu

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>qt girl smiles at you as pass each other in the hallway
>nothing else happens
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If she smiles at you, you approach. Start doing that.
one reply?


I had more replies when I initially accidentally posted this on /biz/

fuck you /r9k/, you've changed
It has. I don't know where my robots went.

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Does anybody here think that mentally ill boys are cute?
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>Does anybody here think that mentally ill boys are cute?
it depends how cute they are
>when you delete your first thread because the face didn't match the cold calculation behind ensnaring gullible betas
>when you delete your first thread because the face didn't match the cold calculation behind ensnaring gullible betas
I wanna see the first thread

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So, I'm gonna give ask it to you straight. Does this have meme potential? Dubs decides
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I also have this drawing of the supposed "Flojak"
It's pretty cool. Green
This needs to find its purpose in life if it is to become a meme.

I'm a white guy and literally all I want to do is suck/be fucked by a black cock. I'm literally obsessing over the idea and it gets me so horny every time I think about it. The idea of submitting and being fucked by a superior African cock is just so alluring. Do any other anons know this feel?
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Moot does. Hey
Fucking disgusting, go to church, so they teach you the ways of Jesus, you degenerate
blacks have the highest rates of homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, *and* the highest rates of homophobia (go figure) so it looks like your mental illness can easily be brought to fruition

head on down to the ghetto and hopefully you won't get shot for your hubcaps before you realize that the white and yellow men are #1 and #2 in the world for good reasons

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