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Remember /r9k/, if this nigga could get a qt then so could ya'll.
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look at her face - she's clearly not happy and is just faking a smile for the picture. I bet all on my tendies that she'll leave him for Chaddius MagnumCAWK
>Montreal Canadiens hoodie

in the trash
He's not ugly, though. The hoodie looks stupid, but I'm sure he's a normal socially adjusted human being

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What was it about this year that was different? Genuinely feel like all of society changed and went to shit this year.
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>tfw the Mayans were right
>not 2007

2011-2015 kind of all mixes together in my mind.
It did for me since it was the year I graduated.
Goodbye good old days. Welcome neet life.

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fav gamer.png
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Who's your favorite streamer, robots? Mine's Christine, she's cute! cute cute cute!
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Why are you mocking him, champ?

I can't tell if Chris is actually a retard or a master planning genius considering he's actually now monetizing himself or working towards that way.

I kind of want to see him do well since I really want to see millionaire Chris and his antics.
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Man, he's in such a bad spot once his mom dies.
He's probably too autistic to kill himself like a proper NEET would. He will starve to death or something.

Also isn't his mental age something like a 9 year old boy or something? How he will even handle anything like calling an ambulance and whatsoever?

Well robots, do you know the answer?
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I think his name was Arn Anderson or something
Alan Bean, faggot. Go advertise somewhere else.
That would have been my pal jordan. Stupid faggot almost died when we got ambushed by the moon rabbits. Time travel was a mistake.

mutant robots let us discuss our mutations and how they have affected us.
i have a few but ill share one that i just discovered this morning.

I noticed there was a hair stuck in my pee hole. after several attempts of trying to pull it out i gave up to due the pain. It was the type of pain that made your knees tingle and shake.
i checked online to see what the fuck is going on.
>if you have had hypospadias repair surgery you may have hair growing out of your urethra
>ive had several surgeries
to people that dont know hypospadias is a deformation of the penis when your pee hole doesnt form where it should. this should have been a one time surgery but my dad entrusted an indian doctor the first time. the next few was another doctor fixing what that curry nigger fucked up. my dad won the law suite at least
so yeah not only does my penis look like its been mauled by piranhas, i have a hair growing out of my dick too
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I guess im the only mutant
I'm really sorry for you, honestly. I don't really have anything wrong with me besides being ugly and having a short pinky that basically renders both of those finger useless. This thread just show how /r9K/ has become a fusion of faggot propaganda/buyers remorse and facebook.
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Short pinky tendon that is

>When i am horny i sometimes wear panties
>Drink my own cum
>Fuck my ass

Did this when i was 17 until now (18 years old)
trying to seize this shit.
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the cum drinking is a bit weird the rest isn't that bad you're probably suffering some repressed sexuality
Distract yourself with other, more important hobbies, preferably self-improvement things such as the gym (sorry if you're not a loser but most people on this board are) work, or socializing

also don't wank to any of the worse forms of porn, stick exclusively to straight stuff and try to make sure you don't devolve into more borderline gay shit
you're gay lol just accept it OP you'l be alot happier

How do I learn to trust myself?
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By fucking up and knowing why
Do the "Trust fall"
I don't get this guy. A British /his/ nerd with obnoxious tips fedora attitude that looks like a hobo, and yet he still has friends and apparently girls who are interested in him. How?????????????????

Would anyone have sex with Elliot's sister?
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Supremely Pretty
File: elliotgoergia.png (664KB, 1314x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
664KB, 1314x518px

97% of this board would, I would have anyway, definitely now knowing she's Elliot's sister lol
Supremely Cute

>Translation: W-what are looking at my feet like that?
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Is this what happens if she doesn't eat all of the eggs?
no, this is why she's crying when i feed them to her
>you will never have a qt 3.14 gag you with her damp sweaty socks and force you to sniff her hot stinky toes while she lazily teases your aching cock

Just one sniff will get me stiff

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how can white "men" even compete?

this is oregano
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>tfw chastity cage should arrive in the mail tomorrow
Guys, this single picture of an inferior specimen with an abnormally small dick standing next to a superior specimen with an abnormally large dick proves that x race is inferior to x race.

>gib replies

Have fun harvesting your angry replies, OP.
every race Compensates with their best feature

I am white, i am small and have a small dick
but i have a fucking conqueror's bloodline

>be gay
>can get sex whenever I want
>don't have to deal with women's bullshit ever

Life is good.
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>dealing with gay men's bullshit

they're just as annoying as women
A lot of them are more vain than the female species but If you think they're more annoying you're clearly a neet that's never actually met a female or a gay man.
This. Of course there are the bitchy fem gays but I just avoid those.

>So many whores who work at my job
>They hop from man to man looking for bigger and bigger cock
>Some are even going out with another man
>loyal Older mommy gf told me that some women are addicted to looking for a bigger and bigger cock because some have huge pussies

This reality scares me. And they are all within their 20s. By the time a female is out of her 20s, she's all used up.
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lol so ur saying you have a small weiner
fbfp never fails
your loyal older mommy gf sounds like a keeper.

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How do I stop the gay thoughts?
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I'm just going to piggyback this thread.

Is the 4chan pass worth it? I hate the fucking captcha.
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File: newuser.png (439KB, 823x823px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just use the old captcha you faggot

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ITT: Retarded things normies do
>Talking way too fucking loudly
>Laughing at dumb shit that couldn't possibly be construed as funny
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Making threads complaining about people they dislike as if anyone gives a shit.
Bumping threads they claim to dislike
>caring about fashion and celebrities
>thinking the government and corporations see them as anything but a resource

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>Be kissless virgin who's only had two online relationships.
>Browse through social media site and find interesting girl with no pics of herself, just a Nightmare Before Christmas profile pic.
>Message her anyway, we hit it off pretty well.
>Last Saturday, after two weeks of texting, we go to the movies and the mall.
>After meeting, she hasn't been texting me as much, but we still talk everyday.
>Want to ask her to hang out tomorrow or Saturday, but have no idea what to do or where to go.

H-help me. Where do normies take girls out for fun? And do you think this girl only wants to be friends? She's never flirted with me or said anything about being single, but she also hasn't logged into where we met since I got her phone number.
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Ice skating; you have plausible deniability to touch her so escalating will feel less awkward.
Go out some place to eat or some bar (would be nice ir you both drink)if you plan on going out in the evening, have a relaxed talk and just ask her about her status, relationships whatever. Do it indirectly if you're anxious about those topics...
Take her to one of those "charming" things like rollerblading, ice skating, etc. As long as you are pretty decent at it

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