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I feel like my mental health is deteriorating. I'm having breakdowns worse and more often, I'm spending more time alone, I'm suspicious of everyone I feel like my presence is never welcomed, that I'm only 'tolerated'. My social interactions are getting increasingly shallow and meaningless and I've never been more alone.

How do I stop this. I don't want depression, I don't want a mental illness.
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embrace the emptiness OP, none of this matters. I'm in the same place as you and going full blown nihilist has made me feel much better and more relaxed about things in general.
go see professional help. we cant help you here.
>I'm spending more time alone
you're just a failed normalfag, fuck off.

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What really happens in the girls' showers?
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In university we shared showers & bathrooms with women (1 person showers, all stall toilets)

But the fog on the tiled ceiling would create a mirror, so you could just barely make out the person in the next stall from a bird's eye view.

Women would clog the drains all the time from their hair and I would rub my cock to the occasional clear tit or ass angle

One time someone pulled my towel down off the door to the other side (public facing side) and I walked out naked and there was a girl there. I legitimately have a big dick, so she basically stared at it while saying sorry.

A week later, a drunk girl grabbed into my sweatpants for my dick and squeezed before her friend took her away. That's the closest I've ever been to having sex.
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that's basically molestation.
why are women allowed to do these things.
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if this ever happened to me my life would be ruined

>tfw small dick

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What's the difference between a female
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and a male again?
if they're white, nothing.

both want to take dicks up the ass, both don't know how good they have it.
is kristen /ourgirl/

Stop romanticizing depression
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Stop posting on this board
varg is a fucking mentally unstable church burning nazi fanatic lmao, and to top it off he made edgy metal music and killed a guy and spent like 16 years in prison for it lmao, what a role model am i right
Stop making fun of my dungeon synth

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>tfw it's literally impossible for me to forge online friendships and hold onto them
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know the feels man
cant forge any friendship at all
Then ask yourself, why are you trying to 'forge friendships'? Is it merely to satisfy yourself? Or entertain yourself? Let me teach you a hard lesson I discovered myself.

I made a ton of online friends playing World of Warcraft throughout my teen years. However, as the years went on and we all stopped playing the game, I attempted to cling to the friendships without the game holding us together. Once we stopped playing WoW together it became obvious to me that we didn't have much in common. Without the game holding us together, there was no point in staying friends. Spending long hours in voice chat together became less fun and more grating, more of a chore. So thus I learned, trying to hold on to online friendships without a game keeping us together was hopeless. The few friends I still have from those days; we play games together. We still have that glue of friendship, every day and every week we find a game to play, find something to talk about. Another friend; I don't even keep in touch with him. The only time we get together is to send eachother a message telling us we will soon embark on a new MMO adventure with a group, and invite the other along. The lesson is that two people can rarely keep eachother company with their presence alone. The two would both truly have to love conversations to keep together with nothing else, and even that has it's limits. To keep friends online, you NEED a game, an mmorpg is best, to hold it together. Anything else is painfully optimistic. Wanting a 'friend' is selfish or silly. You need to have a reason to be friends. Aristotle's three types of friendships are very correct: of utility, of pleasure, of goodness.
Playing videogames together would be a main point in having online friends.
We could find games and play them together. Even if the games are shitty, playing them with each other would make it fun. That doesn't happen when you're playing alone.
In MMOs, it's always by myself, I could never make friends in them. Same for every other online game, no one ever seems interested in getting to know the other players. They're just there, like NPCs.

Hey r9k. What is the most degenerate porn you have ever succesfully fapped to?
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incest hentai shemale
Girl getting slammed by doggo
Unbirth and same size vore
Originally tho

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>tfw when emotional bf and sexual bf are fighting again
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kys immediately! useless fucking cunt
haha just tricking, im a boy.

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>I'm just changing my pants.
>Don't be such a prude, brother!
Wat do?
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I know you're just shitposting because you're horny or whatever. But come on, if you ever had platonic female friends, you'd know that things like this aren't a big deal. Sometimes you get changed in front of each other, or either of you has to pee outside behind some bushes or whatever.
bang her sweet ass
>if you ever had platonic female friends

Nu-male opinions have no value, go masturbate in some trap threads.

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pepe 50.jpg
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Who wick minded here?
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so weak minded that you feel for my telekinetic powers which manipulated you into making a typo it seems! Hahahahahahahhaa!
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>tfw i can feel my brian degenerate by the day
you have mind control but i have brain control so i controlled you into posting this

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>24 year old woman comes into the surgery
>Spent hours in the tanning salon yesterday
>Has sunburn over almost all of her body
>Wants me to give her some ointment
>Give her a lethal dose of morphine instead
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i wish this guy was my doctor. he would end it painlessly and peacefully.
I would pay extra to find a doctor to give me a lethal dose of morphine.
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I wonder if Dr.Shipman can fix my teef

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converse fake.jpg
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>when you spot someone with fake converse shoes on the streets
Lmao, when will poorfags learn?
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>he has the virgin shoe
Aren't regular chucks poorly made?
>not buying the cheaper option
Stay poor.

Why i dont post and only browse memes here
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Are you trying to be smart or funny? Because you haven't succeed in both.
Oh wow really original did you come up with that on your own or did you have to ask your mommy what to say
Look at your own post before asking for originality

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>it's 2017
>you're living in a first world country
>getting pussy is easier than ever before in the history of mankind
>still a 29 year old virgin

What has caused the pussyfication of young men?
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It's not easier. In most other eras there were a lot more women than men because so many men died in wars, and other men would be eunuchs (there are still eunuchs but it's much less common than in the past). So the supply and demand made it easier for men. This whole situation where the male and female populations are roughly equal is a novelty caused by the lack of major wars. In the past there were much more adult women than sexually viable adult men. This made it much easier for men who made it to adulthood and with their balls intact.

There are other factors too, like cultural emasculation resulting in sexlessness.

White western first world women would rather fuck and marry brown men from countries and cultures where they abuse women and don't even speak the same language than even speak to men from their own culture.

In other words, women would rather get raped and murdered by Tyrone and Achmed than even speak to James and Sven. That's why women vote for open borders and to welcome refugees and they don't speak out about Muslim and non-white rape but if a white guy sits down with his legs spread or stands up to piss, he's a misogynist rapist. Women don't want western men.
Just behave manly, at least occasionally. That's literally all it takes to attract women.

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>Once you are dead your conciousness will cease and you will be non-existent forever
>This is entirely inescapable and it will happen to you within the next 50-75 years
>Your being is a microscopic blip and you are a complete irrelevance on both a human and cosmic scale
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No, God is going to send you to hell to torture you forever you autistic faggot. God is real.
>tfw to intelligent to go to hell
Come on, religion is sooo 90's

Get with the times

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22 year old wizard in training here.

any 30+ here?

what exactly is the power that opens to us?

oh wait, I know, eternal power over 30+ roasties with no hope of finding a mate since their looks are fading and they're uneducated roasties and are likely single mothers.

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All virgins have infinite power. They lose it when they get a gf then that gf takes all their $$ and ruins their life of freedom

that's my philosophy behind it

single = infinite power
gf = no power
let's hope i never get a gf, i want to keep my powers.

i can't wait to learn how to shoot memes from my fingers that can penetrate the wit of even the normiest normies
fuck off you little reddit cock sucker, you've got nothing coming to you. fucking idiot, you can't even make a decent attempt at fitting in here.

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