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Would you fuck your aunt if she's kinda hot and about your age
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Did you get banned for posting this on /tv/?
I'd stop watching a show that had been awful for three seasons in a row.

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>be me
>in first community college
>One day after chem class during alone eating lunch and a qt3.14 grill comes up to me, named J
>She wants to work on chem hw together
>We do this a couple times
>Find out we have very similar interests
>"...blah blah blah my boyfriend blah blah blah..."
>Apparently she was only interested in being friends?
>I was disappointed, but I still was happy to have a friend/oneitis to hang out with
>Next semester we intentionally chose the same Calculus Class
>we still hang out about 4 times a week at school
>About halfway through it becomes obvious that J is far better at Calculus than I am.
>Suddenly she becomes much less enthusiastic to be friends with me
>By end of semester I try to study with her but she rarely reciprocates, hardly talks.
>Next year, start of third semester.
>By chance we get in the same class
>See her today as I'm walking to my car in between classes
>"Hey what's up J, I'm going to go study at the NS(Natural Sciences) building, want to come?"
>"Ehhhh that's okay Anon... I don't need to study today..."
>Whatever, I go to the NS and start studying
>Suddenly J walks by with some fat fuck, obviously an orbiter, not her bf following her
>She doesn't see me as they sit down at the desks across from me, there's dividers in between.
>They start doing math homework
>It's the same fucking math homework I was going to do with her.
>All the pieces of the past 1.5 years come together
>realize that she only needed me for my chemistry skills
>realize that as soon as she surpassed me in Calc, I was of no more use to her.
>realize that she never even cared about being my friend
Now she's going to drain that other guy if his knowledge until he can't help her, like a fucking leech. It feels good to finally get rid of her, but it shouldn't hurt like this, should it, Bros??
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you are a cuck 1.for taking calculus as that is mental cuckery, 2. helping a thot with that dark souls math, bitch needs to take the L
Girl being a parasite, who would expect it? This is nothing, you should see stem girls...
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I just wanted a friend...
also she was a stem girl.

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what shouId i say to my psychiatrist to get prescribed xanax?
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Good luck getting prescribed benzos at all, especially xanax. They're demonised these days. They'll prescribe crap like antipsychotics for anxiety before benzos.
Research a disorder that can be faked which needs xanax to cure or to manage? Jesus Christ this is some simple shit anon.
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Thinks he can fool a Phd into free drugs to get high on......this is a true Robot.

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Is this the most chad movie in existence??
every character is an atheltic young chad and the whole runtime is them slaying pussy

this kills the robot
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That guy in the middle looks like Brady quinn
he looks like a chad
Well Brady Quinn was a chad so you're not wrong

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Why did I only just find out about Christ chan post all your rare Christ chans
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Here's a rare Christ chan just for you, OP
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I haven't saved many but I like the ones where she's cross-pollinated with another meme.
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>someone thought that was good enough to put his name/logo on it

let's get these snuggles rolling!
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So How does this work

Dooby dooby do ba
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vancouver canada

would enjoy a chick, somebody who watches anime pref

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Am I supposed to watch cute girl animes subbed or dubbed?
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If you can stand squeaky voices, subbed
Subbed you pleb
>reverse search
>flowers in love with a girl

Not bad.

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At what age did you realize you never touch something like this
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when i looked in the mirror at age 9
That looks disgusting and it more then likely smells awful
I have faggot

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>Be on the wire, one of the best TV shows off all time
>Be on Game of Thrones, one of the best current TV shows
>Be on countless movies

Yet he'll always be known as CIA
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He has nice teeth.

Hmm, seems like someone has baneposted on this board before
Rand Paul is our guy

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im tired of having urges that are illegal to act upon. I'm going to go to jail one of these days and get the shit kicked out of me for this. I wish I lived in ancient Greece where this was accepted. fucking hell
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Are you talking about CP Anon?

It sounds like CP.
kind of.

shits really fucked up though. its like being able to get in trouble for eating when you're hungry. fuck me
There are countries where its legal

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Do you think your life will be resolved if you GOT A JOB?
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Nah bro that'll make me even more miserable. I wanna drive fast cars, party like a fucking animal, and bang prostitutes every night. That'd be the fucking life brother.
You either have money that needs to be prioritized into living and not vidya or all the time in the world for vidya and no money to fuel that addiction. Might as well die.
I have a job waiting for me in December, so yeah it'll keep me off the internet. Just having my time preoccupied keeps me happy and not convinced the world is falling apart. My work pays well and it's something I do regardless if I have a job. So while no job is perfect, my life is far better when I'm working rather than being a NEET.

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Would you sniff a Latina girl's butt?
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No. That's gross Anon
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why don't you want to sniff a cute Latina's butt?

it looks so cozy
How many times you gonna post this

I responded last time with no female nigger ass and then you posted some half breed with an intimidating jawline.

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Have you ever tried to improve yourself?
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Lost over 150 lbs
still single and jobless.
Yes I have started to put lots of hours into osu and I finally broke 3000 pp

Nothing useful tho
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Large breasted tom vs bookish petite grill, both are good choices.

On topic, I am in the process of actually sticking to a learning and fitness routine.

>TFW I miss Doritos, Mountain dew, Dr pepper and KFC nacho cheese rollers :/.
>More reading, less animu/ adult swim.

Was Floyd's boxing career just compensation for his mediocre dick?
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He's still bigger than any robots. If you're bigger you aren't a robot.
he could probably beat you up by flipping quarters off it
I'm about his size. Probably bigger cause I'm a lot taller. That's pretty damn mediocre.


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i think shes fat
It's better than most modern art, I'll give you that.
grace is fat lol

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