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should i follow this method to lose weight. ihes not trolling right?
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Dumb phoneposter.
Pre-emptive original
He's probably not trolling, but diets like that aren't really good for long term weight loss.
Do you want to lose weight or be healthy?

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>he listens to metal

holy shit
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>he listens to top 40

holy shit
>Summer fag
Holy shit, i hate summer.
what if he just hates metal? it is pretty awful.

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Robots 25 years old and over report in.

>tfw too old to ever change
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>"i'm 25 years old, i'm getting so old, dude haha"
you're not even thirty yet, you just sound retarded

From a social development standpoint, 25 is old.
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>"from my specific and irrelevant perspective, 25 is old"
it's not tho, dummy

you have another 60+ years of life, and you think you're old?

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>donate to twitch girl as a joke
>gives me attention
>donate more
>gives me more attention
>get addicted to female attention
>donate $750
>get my name as highest donator
>I've now wasted $3000 in a month on twitch girls
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You could have fucked 30 prostitutes each for 1h instead.
>$3000 in a month
You know you could've spent this on a qt IRL and gotten your dong touched, correct?
Spot me a 50 so I can buy cottage cheese in bulk anon. More seriously, you realize with 3k you could've vacationed in some place like thailand and banged hookers with that money? Although it's not genuine affection it's a hell of a lot better than getting a minute's worth of attention for the same amount of money...

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can you do it robots ?
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I have a bug eye so I can't maintain eye contact with more than one eye, anon.
i feel like they intentionally want to torture us, you dont even need schizophrenia anymore to assume this

What is the thing that you think it could finally
make you happy and content about life?
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Not having to work but somehow getting enough money to live my life comfortably while still affording to indulge in my hobbies.
Having a girl who loves me.
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Once you've swallowed the black pill I don't think there's anything that honestly can.

It makes a black hole inside of you that eats everything you once enjoyed, crushing it under the immeasurable pressure of universal truths that once know cannot be forgotten. Nothing escapes it, not even light. The light from my eyes has been consumed by it and is never coming back. The only thing that will bring peace is to stop resisting and yourself fall into void. Only the dead know peace from this hell that is being painfully aware of what you are, what the world is and what it will do to you no matter the struggle you give in defiance.

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Just a reminder you can't be a robot unless you have /d/ tier fetishes
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>That pic.

>You will never be forcefully feminized by a monster so you can give birth to his children in a more efficient manner.

All i like are lolis and pegging
Why is Iife so cruel?

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Who /mischief/ here?

>be at Starbucks
>get my coffee and start to walk out
>cashier says "have a nice day"
>mfw I had a terrible day

>Be driving
>cop pulls me over for some reason
>smells my weed joint and asks me to step out of the car
>he find my bag of marijuana he holds it up
>"is this your marijuana sir?"
> "no officer"
>mfw it was my marijuana

>in class
>normie next to me asks to borrow a pencil
>say "nope"
>start browsing r9k while he glares at me
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>voted for Trump
Enough said
I think the jokes on you in that situation.
I've been paying close attention and I can safely say it is not.

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who /LoL/ fag here?
let's play together

what's your:
>main (either lane or champion(s))
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>diamond 3
>nice try nigger
OP here
Gold 3
>main (either lane or champion(s))
Everything basically
ask and you shall recieve
Currently trying to learn Azir, he's so fun but pretty hard to master

EUW fags respond, I'm plat 5 trash but willing to duo or normals

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How many of you have actually gone through with suicide?
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I killed myself so hard I am able to post in this thread
I killed myself 3 times already.
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wowee OP

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What is your favorite type of porn?
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Images of average to cute girl-next-door types.(Bonus points: pubic hair, outdoor setting) Supplemented by imagination faps to girls I know.

I'm terrified of turning into one of those people who imprints on some niche fetish or prefers porn to IRL sex.
As one of those people I wouldnt recommend it.
That girl is really cute but she seems to have a tumor or something above her pussy.

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>So wake up the members of my nation
What did she mean by this?
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That its time to move to california and be an artist because love will fix the world
That communism is inevitable.
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If you haven't noticed, it is about pic related.

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>be uni student
>horrible at math
>failed algebra 3 times
>failed statistics once
>failed trigonometry once
>im average on other subjects
>i should be a 4th year next semester
>tfw im still a 2nd year in the system
>people i know in the same batch are going to graduate in a year
>i still have to complete a lot of math subjects

why are numbers so confusing lads
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>submitting assignment
>confident about work
>hold a 94
>get a 65
>drops grade to 80

fuck school
>fucked around in community college for 3 years
>didn't even get associates degree
>somehow got into a university
>transferring as a sophomore at 21
>still really want the fun part of university but can't fuck around too much
>cant get any further behind
I was well on my way to being a fuck up but I pretty much have my last chance to not be a basement dweller for the rest of my life
>taking online courses this summer
It's like classes I'm allowed to drink beer and smoke in. I may never go back to real school

>tfw even Wonder Woman can't resist Chad
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Chris Pine is alright. He don't seem like a typical Chad.
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When women looks at my eyes it's so obvious
they are uncomfortable, like they are forced to
say a simple hi.
Full gif didn't post for some reason


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Why are ""mentally ill"" girls so common these days?
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all girls are mentally ill, they have narcissistic personality disorder
what kinda answer do you want lad?
do you want the, 'all women are fucked in the head regardless so it comes across as an illness' or, 'free attention from a relatively safe and unprovable condition'?
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>relatively safe
don't kid yourself honey.

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