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Why don't young men want to get married, create a family, build careers or do anything substantial? All they care about is sex, drugs, video games and other vapid activities. It's embarrassing how I can't even defend men when my female friends complain because everything they say is true. Most of them are aiming for older men and I can't really blame them. Young men are perpetual children. Anyone else confirm this?
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I just want to get married, create a family, and build a career, but I can only do that if there existed traditional women who actually wanted me.
I know you're memeing but the type of shit that goes in these days is ridiculous. Women can take a man's children and not let the man or his parents (the kid's grandparents) see them meanwhile they have to pay her money and the state doesn't even do check-ups to see if the kids are being taken care of with the money the "mom" gets.
Every man I know wants a career and a wife and eventually children. The problem is literally ZERO percent of women are wife/mother material these days so there's no point in even trying

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Robots, what does my accent sound like? Do I even have an accent? Can you guess where Im from?


Here is the list of words if you wanna try too:

Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, Sorry, Late, Traffic.
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Oklahoma, USA
>he's a voicelet


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Ever had a brother /r9k/?
That one guy that would stick with you till the bitter end.
I hate to be cheesy, I had a friend like that.
He betrayed me long ago.
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so he didn't stick with you til the bitter end then.
>tfw some of your friends move and then you wind up moving from the few you had left
How were you betrayed?

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What's your sex-tally, /r9k/?

The past five years:
>24yo girl
>51yo gilf
>26yo girl
>17yo girl
>57yo gilf

And four cocks I've sucked of middle-aged men.
What about you?
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I don't think so think so
Hmm let me think

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>family gets hungry
>grandma wants tacos
>go to taco bell
>don't see any cars outside
>think they're closed
>park my car to go inside
>walk up to the register
>cute cashier working there
>asks me what I want to order
>look at the menu and just blurt out the 12 pack taco pack
>looks at me with a bit of hesitation
>I'm only 125lb
>hear something under my realization
>soft or hard
>stand there for 2 minutes just watching the wall and autistically staring at another object
>all of a sudden I hear her ask me if I want any sauce
>also remember I'm high as fuck and the phenibut is kicking in
>answer no and she goes to the back
>she comes back out to hand me my tacos
>tells me to have a nice taco day or something
>just randomly shout I'm missing something from my order
>asks me what
>tell her "you're number"
>she blushes and grabs and napkin and a pen from her pocket
>writes it down and gives it to me
>thank her for her service and walk out the door
>drive home
>planning on calling her in 3 or 4 days because I don't want to have her think I'm desperate or a beta
>make thread
What do I do r9k?
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call her immediately and hang up as soon as you say hi
3-4 days is way too long, the next day is a much better decision m8, leaving it longer than 72hrs is really bad

You'll just look fucking autistic and she'll think you have no interest in her if you wait for too long

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"Anon is such a weirdo. He doesn't sext!"
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It's a nonspoken thing, OP. All the normies are sexting each other but they don't talk about it. Look at all the "Pictures You Shouldn't Share" threads on the normieboard that is /b/.
I am a weirdo in the first place anyway though
so this doesn't change anything
fuck anyone that think it does
do whatever the fuck you want
"I'm taking off my boxers"
"i'm pulling my dick out slowly"

OOOOO soo arousing.
Its like kids talking, sounds dumb and isn't sexy.

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Have any of you ever been police or in any other law enforcement?
Have any of you ever thought about it?
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I used to run drugs for la linea
you used to run drugs for the line? Whats that, tell me more, friend
I thought about it and then realized the amount of obnoxious crackheads/black people/bad drivers/potential cop shooters/AM I BEING DETAINED?!? people I would have to deal with and decided to stay with my sandwich artist job instead

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The point of life is to have sex.
Prove me wrong.
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OP how can I tell you're a virgin
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If you mean constantly with many other partners then yeah you're wrong
correlation doesn't equal causation you fucking idiot

Tell me about your miserable lives anons, so I can feel better about mine.
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when was the last day you thought of suicide dick sucking op why not make it your last day you worthless manipulative parasite whore
fuck you assface suck your dogs dick
pull the trigger and END IT pig i bet your parents just forgot to take the abortion so there wouldnt be such a worthless offspring like you

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my god im so lonely i think im going insane
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Me as well buddy, me as well...
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I too know this feel of which you speak.
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>when girls message me with zero romantic interest

I just want to be alone, finally.

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*notices you, resume in hand, walking into the store*
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*firmly shakes your hand*
"Errr sorry we don't hire dubs in our deparment "
I'm flexible, I can do singles too

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I know people here are unstable and sometimes want to take their anger out in public.

But we have a chance with the currest President to reverse dome of the damage the left has done to this country.

One simple humble request - Please stay in your homes. Shit like this only hurts his Presidency and gives the media more fodder.
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fuck you, post this on /pol/ where this thread will get 200 replies in 5 minutes
What's the bottom pic from?

/pol/ isn't retarded enough to go on killing spreed while the president they meme'd to reality is still in power.

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>iJustine still regularly makes videos
>the two guys from Smosh are still making videos
>Phil DeFranco still doing the same thing and is fairly well respected these days

Who'd have thunk it?
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Compared to the new wave of youtubers they actually are respectable.
the new ones all look like pedophiles.
high energy, cringy content
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Some of them are pedophiles.

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does anyone else fucking hate this shit.

this shit fucking society that is over sexualized, degenerate and run by jews?

i live in burgerland. Is there a more chill place to live where people are nice and not all pieces of shit? preferably one with a high suicide rate because those tend to have more tame people.
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The only not over sexualized countries are Arab ones.
Don't forget about China.
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but arab countries are full of murderous towlheads.

iceland and japan seem chill, with the exaption that there is hentai sold on every street corner in japan but i just want a safe place where i don't have to worry about niggers, gopniks, spics or intimidatingly social normies.

i want to breath thank you

Do you think there is someone for you out there? Someone ideal
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0% chance of that happening.
not really, I am not entitled to someone like that nor is that person entitled to me
There was, but she stopped coming online one day. That was three months ago and it still hurts.

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