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Is it worth trying to fix life when you're balding?
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Everybody balds sooner or later, even a lot females get a shittier hairline. Why is it even a concern.
because im 26
You'll be 30 soon and nobody will care, even at 26 plenty of guys start balding.

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Name one fanbase that does not become shit
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Team Fortress 2 because only the people who like the game are left. Come play with me.
You still have 12 yearolds
Fist full of frags more like it
>because unlike team fortress no one mentions it

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Any computer scientists on here?

I'm about to start a compsci degree and I was wondering if anyone has any advice.

I had this illusion that a lot of programmers start with a blank page and write their stuff from scratch, but I'm increasingly coming to learn that's rarely what you'll be doing.

Will I be replaced by a pajeet? I hear there's demand for compsci grads and at the same time that there isn't.

What should I focus on? just learn as many languages as possible? what kind of specializations are in demand? I know AI is huge but I figure that's really top end stuff for phDs in comp sci
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Just do your work in school and don't just get a degree. Get some certs while you're at it. Search around for jobs that are at or a bit above your skill level so that you're not stuck at some shitty helpdesk job because you applied at the first 'computer job' on a job board.
Reporting in.

>Will I be replaced by a pajeet?
Depends. My team has more Indian workers than American. I don't know if this can be generalized to every place.

Focus on learning CS fundamentals, algorithms, and take some courses in Machine learning/data science (both are in huge demand). Learn distributed systems as well. I dont know. I actually do not like this field now that i'm in it.
I'm doing a conversion masters to CS next year. What sort of stuff should I be doing to prepare? The only thing related to it that I've done is editing game files. What sort of certs can I get, and can I do them before learning anything about CS?

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What's the most degenerate thing you've done?
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fapped to bestiality porn
Masterbate to my cousin's underwear
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punched my 16 year old brother in the face (im 19)

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>Go into house

>See this

What do you do?
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Free slave, great.
That's a pretty unrealistic hypothetical question, OP.
happened to me twice

Only it was a man

And he robbed me and beat me up

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Am I autistic for preferring to bow to new people I meet instead of shaking hands? When you think about it, shaking hands is one of the most disgustingly unhygienic things ever.
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That's why you wash your hands, you fucking mongrel. So long as you have no gushing wounds on your hand the bacteria won't do anything to you.
Nope, just awkward if bowing isn't a norm.
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If you live in a western country and you do this please just kys

Post your lock screen and judge at least two.
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>2 Windows Phones already
Apple BTFO
Can I get the original wallpaper for that?
I like it.
Blue and space are two of my favourite things.

WP is not that bad, other than noapps.
I'm a C# brogrammer, wish I had made apps for it when it was still viable.

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Would someone born in 1997 associate their childhood more closely with 2000-2006 culture, i.e. the Playstation 2, Avatar TLA, Gorillaz, Malcolm in the Middle, Cyberchase, Recess, sneaking up late to watch 01-06 Adult Swim, Osmosis Jones, Discman/iPod original, GBA, DBZ/Yu gi oh/Pokemon Advanced, Kim Possible, Tamagotchi(later gens), Lord of the Rings/Early Harry Potter, spiky hair, Justice League/Teen Titans, homosexuality getting you thrashed into a locker era?

Or 2006-2009 culture with the Bieber, iPhone, social media, Hannah Montana, Soulja Boy, The Dark knight, Jonas Brothers, Wall-E, Out of Jimmy's Head, Chowder, Flapjack, Adventure Time, Silly bandz, Obama, Twitter, Fred, Wii, PS3, Big Bang Theory, Facebook, Great Recession, Pluto stopped being a planet, homosexuality being widely accepted, era?
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durr hurr i don't know maybe both? because they were in their developmental time during both of the time ranges listed?
I believe the high point of childhood is at ten years old. So if one were born in 1997, they would be more associated with 2006-2009 culture, as it coincided with when you were 10.
Why do you keep posting this thread? Is it just a big ruse like pinoy poster? Or are you actually trying to glean something from us?

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He says it'll feel a lot nicer when he makes love to me but I'm really scared >_<
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why are gays so gross
You need to use dynamite, but use four sticks. One will kills you, but with four the mutual explosions will cancel each other out and you'll be fine.
You don't have anything to lose, faggot

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>I can't understand you, can you speak up?
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>if I want to talk any louder I have to start yelling
Yea fuck you retards, I'm doing you a favor by listening to you and you can't even speak up

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Stop right now /r9k/
and post what you are doing
are you listening to music? are you doing work of some kind? what ever it is tell us
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I am sitting here wrapped in towels from after my shower bitching in my head about life when one of my only friends is ignoring me for his other buddies.
Listening to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QicgfPt_k6M

Wondering how I'm going to print out some documents since my printer broke. Might go to a public library and try there.
Video game music

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will you travel to siberia to meet this girl

why not
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Only if I'm guaranteed to nut in her. Other than that I can look at women elsewhere.
damn beautiful
those big eyes
I will skull fuck her until she drowns in cum

a shame about the tatoo tho she ruined herself with that shit
>why not
Because I could get stood up.

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God slayer.png
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One man stood up for the fatasses/uglies/virgins and had more guts than most.

Literally how can you guys disrespect the man who made normies fear virgins?
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I can't respect someone who got defeated by A FUCKING DOOR.
Even at his death, he was a failure.
Drive-by style was cooler though albeit less brutal. Out with style.

Could you get a 6/1?
>one socially inept loser decided to hurt others instead of changing his attitude and working on himself
What's there to respect? I would have respected him more if he had chosen to adopt a positive attitude, get a meaningful job, and take some qt to pound town. But he'll never get that chance because he went out in THE shittiest "mass-shooting" in recent history.

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How do you cope with the loneliness?

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I've come to terms with it. It is't so bad
I talk to people in my head. It's not like I think they're really there or anything, I just manage to have full conversations that I know aren't real.
Their responses are unscripted though, and that always amazes me.
what do you do apart from 4chan?

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>tfw waking up the morning after tipping $2000 worth of tokens to a camwhore
I was I was joking, but I'm not. I'm really that stupid.
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What's the appeal of a camwhore? For 2000$ you could get high class escorts.
You could have paid for a pane ticket, hotel and fucked 30 hookers at Hong Kongs for under 2k
Seriously, you guys don't know how bad this feel is. It wasn't worth it all. $2000 down the drain and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.
I think I should start seeing a shrink.
>What's the appeal of a camwhore? For 2000$ you could get high class escorts.
Apart from convenience and instant gratification, cam whores are more genuine I guess. When you send them thousands of dollars they're genuinely ecstatic and that pleases me. You don't get that kind of emotional reaction from prostitutes.

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