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Why do people pretend to drink alcohol for the taste?

If you want to drink something that tastes like shit, drink strong cranberry juice. It's cheaper, will never give you a headache and it doesn't destroy your liver
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Beer is actually delicious though
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At first I hated the taste, but I got on a spree of drinking it a lot and started to enjoy the taste. I quit drinking and can't really stand the taste anymore.
Drink good tasting alcohol and you will understand

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>tfw spend time fixing yourself
>working out
>learning a new language
>getting a new wardrobe
>tfw the only women you could possibly get even now are fat lazy girls who would want to just sit around eating ice cream and making their brain rot with netflix

so why do we robots have to work ourselves up just to get a girl that will bring us back down?
what's the point?
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>bettering yourself for women
lmao this is where you got played
Women don't care about those things.

Women only care about genetics that you can't change.
then what am I supposed to do?
sit around in nihilism?
better myself out of what?
self-hatred and a severe lack of validation in all areas of my life is the only motivation that keeps me going

If a person masturbates and cums succesfuly to a dog fucking a girl does that make him a furry or something worse than one?
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it makes you somebody that is tired of the usual shitty porn
It makes you an honorary mexican.
zootube is shit and i cant find anything better sadly

>Dad wants me to be a lawyer like him.
>Study finances.

>Dad wants me to like football like him.
>Hate football and cant even stomach watching it.

>Dad wants me to be a playboy chad like him.
>Tell him im not really that interested in fucking.

>I take muay thai, dad wants me to go pro.
>Not interested, just doing it for fun.

I mean i know he loves me but at one point i feel im being selfish towards him.
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No parent should have the expectation that they can make their kids into an image. Parents that have that idea are walking into all sorts of problems with their kids.

You do you OP.
Life isn't about doing things you want to do. It is about serving your family and making your oarents proud. He is just trying to steer you in a direction he thinks suitable for you. He wants you ro be successful,he wants you to be good with the ladies. You shouldn't treat your dad like that.
I dont think life is about something. But you might be right in that i acted too carefree. I should repay my debt as a son a bit.

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Why did she delete all her pictures on instagram?
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If you cover her face and look at her hands she looks pretty gnarly.
I wouldn't really care to see her on instagram, I would have gone to the zoo if I wanted to see apes
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>if you cover the only attractive thing in the photo this photo is no longer attractive
you win

>the world doesn't owe you anything
>just because you're a guy doesn't mean you deserve sex
>you have to WORK for stuff
>you don't deserve a girlfriend or female attention, you WORK for it
>no one deserves a job

t. roastie getting laid by chad cock with a grad job with her whole carefree easy, successful life handed to her on a plate

what the fucking fuck is wrong these people, are they actually fucking braindead? do they have no empathy?
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>the world doesn't owe you anything
>yet for some reason you owe it the entirety of your existence
Suicide seems attractive
Imagine if it was the opposite oh wow oh gee what sanity
i just had a meltdown in my car 10 minutes ago
>26 year old handsome white male
>in shape
>ACTUALLY 6'5'' strong Norweigan face
>not autistic
>a fucking virgin

i just don't understand what is wrong. i'm good looking, i have a well paying job, maybe a little lackluster in the sociability department but not a total fuck up
i get matches on tinder, but even with 1/10 girls it never leads to anything. it's like the finish line is right there in front of my but i never get there. i'm nearly ready to give up but my testicles won't let that happen.

i am truly a failed normie.

How many of you are rural or suburban retards?
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im a rural retard. its pretty boring, but there are colleges nearby with many students
Rural as fuck. No friends because of it. Shitty internet. Can't move out. Recently developed fear of working due to really bad experience that required me to quit. In spite of this I have a degree.

At this point I'm more afraid of working than wanting friends.
>How many of you are 99.9% of the population of the civilized world?

>3 months ago
>be me
>buy 3 adderall from friend
>drive around in ghetto to kill time
>get pulled over
>grabbed wrong wallet without licence in it
>get handcuffed
>cop asks if i have drugs. admit to 3 addys in cigarette box
>place in back of cop car
>answer a few questions
>get let go
>last week getting letters from lawyers wanting to represent me
>had a warrant out for my arrest last week
>turn self in, see judge, plead not guilty
>its a fucking felony
>have to hire lawyer, court next week

What the fuck is going to happen to me guys? I don't have a drug infraction on my record, and I'm fucking worried.

All of this shit because I had 3 adderall and I just wanted to play video games all night. I'm not a heavy abuser and I don't even smoke weed and I don't drink often.

life is cruel
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Post your charges and the state you live in and I can help. Is this your first arrest?
Michigan. Its a felony charge apparently. I already saw the judge a few days ago and pleaded not guilty and I'm getting a lawyer. Its the first time I've been in trouble for this. Took a piss test a couple days ago for it and dropped clean.

Didn't get arrested.
Protect and serve!!

>mfw realised that working out makes you happy as much as reading makes you smarter
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So, not much at all?

>mfw analyzing the political and social structures of equestria

Even /soc/ got a merge
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4chan's been dead since long ago. Will these inappropriate board mergers send this ancient message out to the misinformed? This is just so bizarre.
its an april fools joke ya dingus
fuck off phoneposter cancer

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Do you ever think that if you were to take off your mask that people could accept the real you? Ive been told that im weird when im trying to be normal, so what would i be if im my true self? Is there some alternative salvation i can achieve if i just end it all now? Would i finally be happy instead of relying on synthetic happiness? I want to move across the world but if i do, would i be happy or just be running away from the sadness i face at home? Is my college degree going to be worthless if i cant find a job? Am i not smart enough to achieve a REAL degree above a ba? Would i be happier if i spent time with real people? I hate being around people and i hate tobe with myself.
Anyone else feel stuff like this?
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If I were to act myself, I'd probably put in a padded cell for the rest of my life.
I don't want to go to prison.
I definitely know these assholes would hate the real me. I can feel their contempt ooze out when I let just a little bit of me slip out by accident.
It is beyond tiresome.

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Puesta de sol.jpg
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i guy i went to high school with an hero'd

didnt know much about him,havent seen him in like 8 years or so

do you know someone who an hero'd ?

pic un related
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>like six people I went to school with have killed themselves so far since I graduated in 2010
>one was my best friend
The salutatorian of my high school class (second highest grades in our graduating class) drank bleach like a week after we left high school. She lived though, that's it as far as I know. I don't have social media though so they could technically all be dead and I wouldn't know.
a girl in my school killed herself

i drawed a dick in the memorial book

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>Be lonely
>get "tfw no gf"
>go on /soc/
>open "Sluts thread"
>"I fucked over 40 guys and sucked 61 guys off for fun"
>realize i'm absolutely alienated from these "people"
>start to giggle and laugh
>close all tabs
>only hatred in my mind

Maybe an hero is really the only option.
Autism isn't curable right?
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I never understood why people who thought they had nothing to lose would just kill themselves when there's so many people who deserve punishment in the world that don't get punished. Why not go out in a hail of bullets killing someone who righteously earned a killing?
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This. However, when most people actually commit suicide they're in a state of hopelessness and don't really care about anything but ending their lives. That's how they get that far in the first place. This is why the people who take others with themselves get massive respect from me.
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You're fucking retarded.
You always take innocents with you by such actions.

>Drop out of shitty community college
>21yr virgin
>Realize you will never experience early teenage love
>Will never kiss another inexperienced teen qt without feeling like a borderline pedo
>Also missed out on "college life"
>All hits me today, feel like just fading away

Daydream about going back in time with no inhibitions and living life. But know if I was 16 again I would end up the same way.
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Anon please youre making me depressed
Id just like to point out the common trait all of you sad robots share, you are too focused on what you don't have, rather than what you do have. You look at the best of what others are doing, spending so much time watching others life goes right by you.

Life is unique for everyone. There is no point beating yourself up over such trivial shit. Read some books, go for a hike, jump out of a plane, then you'll really understand the world
college life isn't something you would have enjoyed

speaking from experience

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A cute lesbian told me she wants to fuck me and suck on my boobs. Did I make it? I'm a baby queer so I'm not used to flirting with girls.
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Wtf is a baby queer?
New queer person.

Fuvk you ;_; I want a qt lez girl to suck on my tiddies.

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