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are you an atheist?

if you are i assume you believe in evolution

the current system is set up to pass on traits the benefit social situations, not intelligence or benefit to society

Islam is much more intelligent than the secular West because they select and pass on traits that are beneficial to society

This is why Islam will prevail

Meanwhile in the West 89iq retards make children and the intelligent men often reproduce at under replacement rate or not at all

It is better for society as a whole to remove causal dating, both from a scientific and spiritual standpoint

the only reason you oppose it is because it threats your hedonistic lifestyle

which is preferable, a life dedicated to cummies, or a life dedicated to Allah?

I say Allah
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>if you are i assume you believe in evolution
Nah, it just seems like a good explanation for some stuff.

Look into the origin of the word meme, before it became synonymous with image macro. Ideas can be modelled as evolving, too, and the west is out-competing Islam in memetic selection.
Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth meanwhile atheists and the non-religious are in decline because they do not reproduce at sufficient levels. This is contradictory to popular belief but all demographic studies show that religion is on the rise, it is only Western populations that are in decline.

The religious will inherit the earth and Islam will be the dominant religion
Kek fuck off child killer

>tfw dating qt white boy
>tfw we're going to have cute half arab/half white babies
>tfw healthy relationship
>tfw life is suddenly so much better
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>tfw no hijabi gf
keep searching!

How do two men reproduce?

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What music are you listening to right now or when browsing /r9k/, /r9k/?
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i'm playing osu! in between browsing so I guess i'm listening to mr busdriver
I am listening to the sound of my AC, I really cant focus on things while listening to music.
I'm not that smart

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Any robots here have any experience with music courses at college?

I've been a NEET for 3 years and teaching myself guitar for the same amount of time i can play decently but don't know anything about music theory but want to learn so i can write my own music decently. i wanna know if its actually worth it or its a meme.

might also meet edgy girls and try not sperg out.
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i make beats on my laptop hmu if u need some heat to spit too
What kinda beats you make?

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Are you sire youre not Muslim? Im 5'11 Mexican with a little bit of Italian and Spanish. My grandpa and grandma where huge and pure european
Italian guys are sexy, especially the short dark ones

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>mfw the beta uprising isn't just fed-up men, it's a plague
Praise KeK. Post yfw roasties BTFO.

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Based STDs
>3 cases

Dear Lord, we must stop all sex immediately.
>770 years ago

>3 cases

Dear Lord, we must quarantine all plague victims.

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Fidget Spinner.jpg
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Why do normies hate these things so much? Doesn't seem any worse than any other children's' toy craze to me.
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Because adult manchildren buy them.
I also hate them.
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The only people who buy them are normies.
they buy them, make shitty memes about them and say they just use them ironically and condemn everyone who uses them but not themselves
cus you know... they're just doing it ironically
It's like if someone sucks a guys dick and then say his not gay because he's jsut doing it ironically to make fun of gay people

I don't see the big deal anyway, it's just a toy
By that logic every childrens toy ever should be widely hated, but it just seems to be these things.

I don't own one but I don't really see how they're any worse than those miniature skate boards kids used to play with. It seems like the new cool thing for normies to hate like the latest CoD game, Twilight or Justin Bieber music.

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Post a feel ITT.

>tfw she's forgotten about you.

I miss you Anna
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Tfw my dads health is in bad shape and he can barely walk

I'm scared
May I ask whats wrong with him?
>tfw hiding from people for an year or so
so far it's pretty comfy

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i have spent too much time in my room latly, havent been outside in weeks think im legit becoming insane at this point, no other cure is there to my insanity than a juicy virgin hymen of a pure girl, but even that small task is denied, women live to make me miserable. I will not tolerate this sexual starvation any longer
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Rape is bad anon
Virgins are overrated anon
Going to jail because of rape is bad, anon.

Have you ever thought of chemical castration? it's better than nothing, you won't crave pussy anymore and live a happy life afterwards. Also, you avoid being raped in jail.

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Did any other robots here get /fit/ just so they can beat the shit out of Chads?

Let me tell you a story.

>be in 4th grade
>very nerdy and awkward, into strange things
>get constantly bullied emotionally and physically by 3 Chads in my neighborhood
>one is blonde, another is a redneck, the this is a nigger
>get lots of anxiety and cry every night at home
>watch Naruto
>decide to stand up to them
>fight like a weeb and get the shit beat out of me
>fight hand hurt very badly
>tell parents what happened
>they sign me up for a gym which has everything, boxing, weights, etc.
>start training by myself because personal trainers were too expensive, have no idea what I'm doing
>be boxing one day and meet this buff black guy
>turns out he used to be a coworker of my mom's
>he teaches me better form, how to punch with more striking power, etc.
>tells me I should never fight unless it's self defense
>ok sensei
>flash forward to 6th grade, be in middle school, still in same neighborhood
>now share the same bus stop with the 3 Chads
>they still bully me
>one day get dropped off at bus stop and the blonde starts pushing me around
>warn him to stop
>he laughs and keeps going
>punch him in the face as hard as I can
>he looks at me with anger and punches me in the stomach, knocking the air out of me
>I fall to the ground and he jumps on me and starts hitting me
>feel a huge adrenaline rush, push him off and start punching him in the head over and over
>redneck Chad throws me off of him
>punch him in the neck
>he falls down
>I kicked him a few times in the side
>nigger Chad just staring at me
>I give him a dirty look
>he doesn't do anything
>after that day they didn't bully me anymore and kept to themselves, as did I
>but that's not the last time I had to fight a Chad.
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Anons post more stories how you stood up to chad. Did you lose or win?
You aren't supposed to fight in modern day primary school as self defense as you are supposed to take it like a bitch.
more pls


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Why are girls naturally unfunny?
They only have three types of humour:
>lol so randumb xD jokes
>trending memes
>If they use tumblr: feminist humour and saying "OMG This!!!"

There's nothing else. I've never seen or heard a girl try to be funny in a different way. Why is that?
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It's because they don't have to. They know the only valuable things are their vaginas and their looks so they don't bother with anything else.
>much happy. So humor.
>I don't heckin care
>look at that pupper XDDD
>look at this Vine xDDDD
Some of the funniest people I know are my sorority sisters. Try again, sweetie

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Hey /r9k/, can this thread be about serious discussion ? Today marks 5 months of me not going out at all and 6th day of me without a shower. I've been observing normies through my room's window, and online and I believe I have some stuff to talk about which you would like to listen.
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Proceed, but originally.
I am eagerly awaiting your observations
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So first of all. Women.
Females right. I fucking hated them. To the core. I am sure I'd have murdered every damn female on the planet. It could be said that I was the most female hating person.
But you know, I realised something. They can't fucking help it. They're fucking humans, just like us. Albeit weaker, dumber, less intelligent .But seriously, the realisation changed me. I mean a lion can't help but eat meat right ? Same. Males can't help but like some things like guns/trains/bikes/cars/planes/vidya. We get so invested in it too, to the degreee no female could ever even imagine. No female can ever be as autistic as a male about some thing right ? But you see, like some guys are fucking retards, CoD playing dudebros who do everything for likes.You could argue 30% of male population(being generous with the 80/20 split in male population) is like that. Similarly, I'd like to state that maybe, 80% of female population is like that. You know, normies. So what I'm saying is, that majority females are shit, just like some males are douches.
Then what's the point in hating them ? I hate to admit it, but I'd never even think of hating my mom, weak as it may sound, and thus, do those remaining 20% of regular, caring women really deserve the hate ?
This really confused me. Is the number even 20% ? Is it 10% ? Is my perspective just biased and I am wrong ?

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trava 2.gif
1MB, 260x195px
Would you be willing to go out with a trap?
Yes Not and Why?
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Yeah, I'm bi and lonely.
It's good as long as they don't get their dick out, so yes, I'd go out with them but I wouldn't play with their dick because dicks are gay.
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no way fag 2.png
173KB, 442x513px
Yes, but only for pure hand holding and cuddles only. I can't see myself fucking another man or vice versa, im not that degenerate. Yet.

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>Ugh get outta heere anon, you are such a losear

What do?
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Nothing, I'm not.
That's fine, you look like trailer trash anyways
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loose ear? what's that m'lady?

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>grandparents are like 84
>so stingy my grandpa wears joggers with stains on them
>no internet bill, no satellite tv, only cable tv
>car is cheap econo-class

i don't get it. they're going to pass this money on to my mom and her sister.... why not spend some of it?
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They should they are getting up there in years they aren't leaving you any money for you anon or is your share in the money you're mom is getting
When you get older, you'll get it.

Their time of working is done and, unless I miss my guess, they're cruising on a small SWR, which is pretty stressful.

The bills keep coming, your nest egg keeps shrinking and you're way too old to pick up a job. If that money doesn't last, they're super-fucked.
your parents are going to chew through it like termites

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