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Why do sunglasses make look everyone cooler?
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I look like shit then them lol

There really isn't any hope for me is there?
This isn't possible
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I looked cool?

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Are any anons on this board hikikomoris? and what was the reason you became one?.
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Oh fuck. I looked the term up, and yeah basically me. I've always been an outcast and had a shitty childhood. The outside world is terrifying. So here I stay with my vidya and anime.
>The outside world is terrifying.

I can absolutely agree to that.

Same here i can relate i been one for 11 years and my reasons are the following.

>Be bullied throughout both middle school and high school for having autism and being myself
>Lots of drama going on inside family home (Will not go into detail)
>Socially awkward
>Hate going outside
>Do not agree with a lot of things in this society.
>Feel betrayed by own age peers because i was not socially accepted by them
>Shit parents (Still love them to an extent though)
>Closeted pedophile (Could never tell my parents i dont wanna be disowned for an attraction i did not choose)
>To red pilled about the world to live a normalfag lifestyle i guess thats what happens when you're on the internet 24/7
>Hate most people
>One part of me loves being alone, this part of me loves to get away from everything and everyone.
>Feel protected when inside my room

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>tfw no sissy gf to mark with my seed
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d-do you have any more pictures like this? asking for a mate....
All the other ones I have are private lewds and I won't share without permission. Sorry friend.
>>tfw no sissy gf to mark with my seed

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Whats the shittiest thing you've ever said that you feel shitty for saying?
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Unironically saying "I love you" to someone and actually feeling it.
Nothing. Take that however many ways you want.
told a black girl god left her in the oven too long

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>find a seemingly reserved girl
>court her slowly
>just kiss her on the cheek after first date
>don't talk about lewd stuff but let her know I'm interested in her
>avoid sexually escalating, just want a wholesome relationship
>within a month she starts sending nudes and begging for sex
All I want is a loyal, respectable, reserved girl that isn't slutty. I fucking hate modern women. I don't know if women were better in the past but all women nowadays are whores that don't know how to offer anything besides sex.

Anyway, robo-chad feels thread.
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My girlfriend of two years loves sex, but is also reserved, never sends nudes or asks for them, very romantic girl. Guess I were lucky.
She wants to fuck. What are you doing nigga? Are you gay?
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>meet girl on tinder
>love her aesthetic
>talk a while, she just moved into my town
>meet up and show her around
>artsy, funny, same obscure taste in lo-fi music and UG rap as me
>even listens to Death Grips and Crystal Castles unironically
>I'm usually a mediocre at best lover
>with her I can go at it for hours
>she tastes great and I want to rip her head off while I'm fucking her, as intimate as things can be.
>feels like I've known her forever and she feels the same
>it's like I'm looking into a mirror
>know this will end in the worst pain of my life and that I'll never be happy again after she goes
>she might have cancer

I haven't felt this way in years and I now remember why.

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Walking around mysteriously with his top hat, coat tails, and cane? So full of class, richness, and mystery.
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i would think its some sort of cosplay/party event thing
Nothing because I don't care what others wear as long as it isn't degenerate whore clothing.
Can you wear clothes like this everyday like it's 1905?

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>This is white people """comedy"""
Why are white people so unfunny?
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No, that was just late-nighties/early-two-thousands New Yorkian type of comedy.
I've never seen this show/sketch before, but Adam Lanza used to like it before he killed himself, so I like it too by association. Why are you insulting the manza's good taste?
Still, black people are always so much funnier.

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Anyone else gone so far into loneliness you literally can't even imagine yourself living with a girl?

Just kill me, senpai. I really lost hope.
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same but i'm not too bothered by it
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Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to anime and if I don't watch at least a show a day I'd get irritable and lash out at whoever is around me ;_;
mou ii, ookii dakimakura ga kaou to omou
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This reminded me of something that happened a few days ago. I was eating a burger at mcdonalds and a girl walked up to me. She pointed at my car and asked if it was mine. I nodded. She said it looked cool (it's a beat up old mustang with paint peeling off of it and literal holes in the chassis). I ignored her. After an awkward silence she walked away. I completely forgot about it until now. I thought I was daydreaming when it happened but now I am sure that it actually happened. Six years ago I would've cut my foot off for an opening like that, but now I can't imagine even talking to a girl.

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any /aus/ robots out here?
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Yes hi Queensland here
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Australia is Chad central, get me out.
Melbourne here
pic related

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I dreamed last night of an amazing video game. In the game, your girlfriend is in a coma, and you have to wake her up, but here's what's unique: It comes with a life size female doll. She comes completely naked, and what you do, is you put her on your bed, and she's basically the controller. I don't think you ever have to sexually molest her in order to wake her up, but I guess you can, it's your doll. But anyway, there's stuff like she has a pet mouse, and it comes with a little plastic mouse, so you hold it in your hands and rub it along her body sometimes, and on the screen, it shows the little mouse running along the girl's body. And there's a little naked miniature version of the girl riding him. There's always like a 60's LSD background on the screen.

Anyway, it was a pretty cool game, but in the dream I regretted buying it, because it was $2,000.
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do you eat her ass at the end?
I presume she just wakes up, but I didn't beat the game.
I dreamed of an amazing video game where I was the girl

too bad my dreams are always incomplete
>ywn have a dream where you're a cute fighter girl who gets raped by slimes

>he listens to synthwave/vaporwave

To hell with your fake 80s trash. Try the real stuff, go listen to some Alphaville right now.
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Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

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so it's 4 AM the neighbor has been blasting music literally all fucking night long should i bother calling the cops for a noise complaint?
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stop being a faggot, staying awake at night and sleeping during the day is true robot life anyways
Wake up at 8 am and blast whatever music you like to piss them off. Maybe they'll learn a lesson eventually.
If it's a house over, yes, call the cops. You shouldn't have to leave your home at 4:00 AM to tell some retard to fuck off with their noise.

If it's an apartment/condo situation, just bang on the floor/wall/ceiling, depending on where they are in relation to you. That's the universal "shut the fuck up, we're trying to sleep" sign. If that fails, contact your property manager or the HOA.

I've been in your situation before, Anon. I know how shitty it is. I did it the "right" way by knocking on his door and politely asking him to keep it quiet, but that only stopped it for 2 weeks or so - he slowly ramped up to doing it again, and once I complained to the property manager, he finally stopped.

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Don't worry wageslave, I'm sure you'll start improving yourself tomorrow. After all, you've had a whole day to rest away from work, right? I'm sure you've got the energy to do that thing you keep telling yourself to start doing tomorrow right? You wouldn't want to keep the vicious cycle going, would you? Tomorrow...
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gotta work faster wagie, you're always running out of time
Thats a nice blanket my fellow neet looks very comfy.
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Shart in mart pepe.jpg
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Lel I am salaryfag so I get paid even if I dont do my job haha sucks to be a wagekek

>Tfw will never be a notorious drug trafficker.
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There's a whole country full of people needing drugs and not enough people to transport them. Get to it anon.
I don't even know where to begin Le not origami meme
The south american wild west trade is long gone anon, but there's still the dark net

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Anyone else have psychological issues relating to humiliation/degradation? for example, I get off on guys bullying me, so whenever you guys tell me to fuck off and abuse me I get rock hard. I make threads about getting a bf, but secretly hope for an anon to be mean to me in it.
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Kys faggot baka
thanks for bumping my thread anon, I don't deserve it :3
You sound like a cute boy in a christian and non-degenerate way

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