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Buzzfeed is onto us lads
wat do?

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shamful self bump
I am incredibly surprised that was original
here's another bump for you, friend
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Fuck this is bad THIS IS BAD

There are actual degenerate buzzfags browsing here RIGHT NOW. Fiirst the normal fags and now this?

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>fembots claim penis size doesn't matter
>nearly all of the best selling dildos on Amazon are between 7 and 9.5 inches long. There are no 5.5 inch dildos.

why don't fembots admit big dicks feel better?

As a man I have no problem admitting I prefer bigger tits and ass on women.

No hate or prejudice btw since my penis is 7.5 inches.
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>he thinks that the people buying those dildos are female

Oh, to be so naive.
I wish they would.
I know my dicks too small for anyone why won't they just say it so I can give up for real and stop torturing myself with false hope.
I really need to just kill myself
>Have sex with by
>Gives me dildo
>Only will fit with lots of lube and it won't stay put, it slides out.

Comfy Storms Edition
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First for Kwasi
the rain stopped
is kwasi /ournigger/?

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Have any of you guys every won a fight or got your ass kicked in one?

Or have any of you guys been mugged/jumped by a group of people? What thoughts/feelings went through your mind?
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ive been in one serious fight. the first few punches hurt then i didn't really feel anything, more like i knew the pain was there but i couldn't be bothered thinking about it
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If you're still conscious, it's pretty fun, exciting and exhilarating.

It's when someone lands a solid blow on you and you enter a bad state of semi-conscious, blood blinded head aching agony. The adrenaline drops out, and suddenly just every damn joint in your body hurts. It's even worse when the guy is still wailing on you when you're on the floor.

Source: used to drink heavily and go out actively looking for a fight because I was suicidal

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Write a letter to somebody who may (or may not) read it. Include initials if desired.
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Remember when you said I was your boyfriend?

I find that hard to believe. Thanks for saying it though. I wish I had some contact info for you. Wish you were here.
I wish i'd see you soon
Thinkin bout you but you probably already knew that

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>Some argue, though, that it is actually beta men who are the greatest victims of the current mating chaos: the ones who work hard, act nice, and find themselves searching in vain for potential wives and girlfriends among the hordes of young women besotted by alphas.

How was this OK that before the sexual liberation, women were forced to pair up with betas they didn't find attractive and that bored them?
>Betas will try to justify this.
It was basically rape. Deep down, most betas seem to be rape apologists.

In nature, roughly 40-60% of men reproduced while pretty much 100% of women did. That's a very basic evolutionary mechanism with most primate species. Most betas are not meant to reproduce. So this is nothing new. Yet they would try anything to cut off women from the genetically superior alphas and force them to be with them, regardless of what women would actually prefer. Betas have always been the primary source of male on female violence, and in the most disgusting way too.

This whole attempt to enforce monogamy and traditional family to keep the betas satisfied is actually starting to destroy our society due to low birth rates. The only humane way to solve this is polygyny. The alphas must be allowed to take on multiple wives. Which is what women have wanted all along. Since sexually entitled and violent beta western men will try anything to oppose this and keep women in sexual slavery (through social conditioning and economic exploitation (which thankfully women have mostly freed themselves from)), Islam is probably the only thing that can save the west. Entitled betas have become the primary threat to the future of our civilization and women's freedom and wellbeing.

You cannot disprove this.
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>You cannot disprove this.
/r9k/ is probably 90% beta males, so they're gonna shit hard over your theory.

You probably knew this anyway and posted this as bait.

I agree with you, though.
Why the fuck do i care about the replacement rate of society?

You're one spooked cunt m8
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premium bait.png
102KB, 625x626px

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post stuff that makes YOU happy

>chewing tobacco
>rainy nights
>thunder storms
>gabber music
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What's the draw of chewing tobacco over something neater, like snus?

Chewing tobacco seems like it'd be a big, weird mess. Also the way they cure it creates a lot of carcinogens.
>My boys
>My iPod from 2010 that I still use
>When my friend sends me pics of her dogs
At this point in my life, only Weed.

I don't eat or sleep when sober, and I am usually miserable. All I can look forward too are moments where I can get high. I've become the degenerate stoner I never thought I would be.

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Why waste time chasing after roasties when you could get a loving qt bf, Anon? While roasties would be busy complaining about their periods, your qt bf could be servicing you with his tight boy pussy! Your qt bf could play vidya with you all day, constantly doing whatever you two wanted. What are you waiting for, Anon? There are literally no downsides to stopping your silly search for a stacy and getting yourself an adorable bf right now!
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There aren't any in Texas senpai
Anon, even cock crazed gays wouldn't lower themselves to me. People have standards, better to atleast aim for what I want then try and settle and still be rejected.
I'm sure there are! Just last thread there were a couple Texas qts looking to talk!

You aren't lowering yourself to try and "settle" with a qt bf, Anon. You're acknowledging the superiority of a bf over a superficial roastie!

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How do you know if your s/o even loves you or care for you?
My boyfriend is not affectionate and dislikes showing it as well. I try so hard to be the best girlfriend I can be and bake things for him. Everyday I try my best to make him feel loved and adored because he is, but it feels incredibly one sided at times. We are both virgins as well and maybe I'm not satisfying him? I don't know what I am doing wrong but when he acts cold towards me, I feel depressed and useless until he treats me a bit better.
What do? Any robots can explain how he feels or was this kind of guy in a relationship?
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probably because you both have autism
I mean this unironically
Underage, ban
If you were hotter he'd be all over you. He should be apologizing to you, but all you get is a cold and shitty excuse.
You're not a robot. You're a normie. Try asking facebook for advice faggot.

what kind of 3d girls do you like looking at
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look at that cute tongue smile thing she does wow
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The pure aryan ones, the natural peak of mankind.
Are you going to post ugly chinks in this thread? Because say so now so I can close the tab.

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Tell me, why pic related isn't the hottest porn actress ever.

Protip, you cant.
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she looks too bimboey
you're right, looks like she got dropped on the head too many times as a kid
Tell me why she is

protip: You won't.

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Teach me some jokes please. I only know one

>son says to father
>"your penis looks different than mine"
>father says to son
>"that's because I'm hard"
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>A southern white man goes to New York for vacation
>He sees a flyer for a 100 Man Choir
>He decides to but a ticket and go but when the curtain reveals the choir he was shocked that every single one of them was black
>The white southern gets angry and screams at the ticket guy for a refund
>"Why do you want a refund? You got what you paid for!" the ticket guy says
>The Southern responds "I paid to see 100 men on that stage, I only see 60!"
your life xddddd
Jokes don't exist

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What is happening to this board? I knew it's been bad for quite a while but this just keeps getting worse by the day.
Everyday I keep seeing more and more threads involving both gf's and sex, people whining about their ex gf's, the way they lost their virginty, how that girl they were dating doesn't talk to them anymore etc.
You got /b/, /soc/, facebook and even reddit where you can talk to other normals about these things
Why can't you just let us autistic robots have a place for ourselves?

Why do you always have to fuck everything up and take it's place? You wouldn't leave us alone at school, you won't leave us alone at the workplace, you won't leave us alone at social gatherings you wont leave us alnoe out in public and you wont even leave us the fuck alone on the places where we can b ourselves, the only place were we could feel like we wasn't a social outcasts wierdo for once.
All meme's and jokes aside, what's wrong with you guys?
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My bad man

This is original btw
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>tfw feelings
>tfw can't describe feelings
>tfw can't decide on should i have a negative or positive attitude
>tfw wonder if women are truly evil or just really so deep into their own insanity they've lost their rope back to reality and thus have to wreck havok on the male species
this thread is as good as my girlfriend's puss.

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Buddhism is fucking fake. None of it is for real. Nobody is impressed by how long you can sit still pretending to be deep and spiritual you faggots.
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You sound like you have no idea of what Buddhism is.
File: jesus.jpg (25KB, 405x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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At least Christianity is real

File: aeQBYjzA_700w_0.jpg (38KB, 512x423px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone else feel like they are just ONE bad day away from kill yourself/others? I feel like women would be really easy to kill. God knows they deserve it
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No. Honestly if you think you are single day from doing something really bad you need professional help. I know it isn't easy to hear. You need someone who you can talk to. If you tried to talk to someone and it didn't work out try again. They weren't the right person. All that matters in the end is that you keep trying. Good luck anon.
Y-yea bro just keep on being a cog! If you get "help" you'll eventually be fine with the world shitting all over you!
ya killing yourself and others to be a headline for half a day is definitely the way to go!

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