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Fuck you. You're not even a proper boss.

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back in my day whenever i stole a cookie from the cookie jar my mum would suffocate one of my brothers to death. now thats real discipline
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Who /feels themselves becoming more reclusive everyday/ here?

I dont even mind not hanging out with people anymore.

Im not sure if its due to depression or if I just honestly have stopped giving a shit.
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Iktf anon, it's happening to me too.

If not for parental pressure I'd probably just go full hiki desu. All of my fucks are draining away.
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This place has become the only source of social interaction that I have, I don't even remember how to start conversations in real life and I even get anxious when talking to someone over the internet if it's not anonymous.
It doesn't bother me though, if somehow I ever get rich I'll just go full hikikomori, seems like a comfy life to me.
I let my isolation woes go years ago.

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Any french twinks here? I want to punish you with my big American cock
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do you manage to have bodyfat around your dick too? daym
My American cock is huge, it'd put you to shame retard

Shut the fuck up retard

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Almost caught feelings for a beta male who I let orbit me for money, then we cammed one time and he pulled out his dick and it was only about the girth of a pop can and barely scraping 7 inches, so I turned off my computer and ghosted him. I'll stick to chads from now on, at least they usually have big dicks.
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this b8 is getting old.
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originelel ecks dee

If Stacies are hanging out with the lad on the topleft, where do you belong?
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>on r9k
>on 4chan, every dating site because i can't get nun from anyone over a 2/10

i wonder why....

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Post em

Original content alert
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impressive OC anon let me get back with some of my own
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5000000000000000000000000% original you fucking cunt

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i'll kill myself because i'm so frustrated!
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Then what are you doing here?
Just fucking do it already you faggot
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i'm a failure by design...

greentext thread?
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>the insecure depressed fat girl I used to like is single again and told me about it
>breakup was bad and she probably won't be getting back with the other guy, she's really upset
>it looks like next semester I'll be seeing a lot more of her due to same classes
Should I or should I not? I would really really like to fuck her and I wouldn't even be that upset about being the second choice, but she's also a little crazy so maybe it's not worth the problem
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Literally sloppy seconds for a landwhale.
Get some fucking self esteem
even if you did want to fuck her, you probably won't. not because you don't want to, but because she won't let you. of course then there is the question of rape, but come on. we're on r9k.
It depends on how much self esteem you have, and how much you want sex

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happy father's day robots
here's to the father who hired babysitters to raise you, screamed at you whenever he was home, and was always sure to tell his 10 year old child how he didn't have the money for anything but alcohol.
how was yours?
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cuts a little close, op
but i feel like fishing with the old man anyway
could be too much imagination on my part
my dad is actually pretty cool. he hit us when we were younger but it was never extreme, it was also pretty normalized here. I definitely appreciate him more as I've gotten older.
Here's to the fathers that weren't directly abusive and were actually normal people with good lives but never taught you to socialize properly and build relationship nships and we're away for most of your life.

Dad, You didn't fuck me up by not providing physical necessities or abusing me but you sure fucked me up by neglecting my mental health and turning me into a worthless beta male that can't form relationships or function socially.

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>Mom found the dyson sphere concept drawings
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Dump your best flowcharts here, robots.
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You punch numbers and save flowcharts
Chads and Stacies are laughing at your pathetic cringey ass
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Good chart anon. Saved

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>tfw sex addict

I want off this ride
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