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forget "better" school equipment, give every nigger child a supply of 60 pills per month and all problems solved.
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Those kinds of drugs inhibits play behavior, also delays/stops development in that area of the brain. Over the long term, tolerance build up will keep you switching out drugs/dosage.

Not clear what the long term effects are, but inhibited brain development in children already makes me glad that my parents took me off the stuff real fast. Plus, why would you want to chain yourself to pharma, just to "function"? I found that once I got out of school, all these "problems" I had suddenly weren't problems out all. All these school-like environments and teacher-like bosses and managers that had problems with me, well, maybe I have a problem with them and we should just go our separate ways.

Things got way better when I was finally able to exercise some control over the situations I was in. Sometimes I look back and think how much time and anguish I would of saved if I had just dropped out of college. None of my employers care about my degree anyways. (CompSci, btw, lol)
>None of my employers care about my degree
Are you in some general field ?
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senior in CompSci myself anon
literally awaiting an expulsion letter for unsatisfactory grades (but there's a decent chance that explaining my mental health situation will revert this)

I've spent a lot of time thinking over the last few months and finally realized that college is a waste of time. 90% of the learning I'm doing there is on my own anyway; why the fuck should I have to pay money to some big jew, to get told that I have to learn a certain way, on a certain schedule, at someone else's pace, with a shit-ton of distractions (only to do all the learning myself). What a fucking joke.

Even if I can avoid getting kicked out, I sincerely want to drop out. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn't support that decision though so I have to try to schlep through another year ;_;

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I always have a super serious facial expression like pic in OP. I think I scared a really hot girl today in a coffee shop we regularly visit. She catches me glancing at her but we never say anything and I always look like OP. I think today I freaked her out cause I was walking into the shop and she looked at me and I looked back at her like she was trying to flank me. After I went in she stayed for a few minutes and left. Probably because I freaked her out. I think I look super pissed a lot. I have no emotions. I just look like I am pissed/serious all the time.

How do I prevent that?

I don't think I can ever approach her now. I probably ruined all chances
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You gotta smile

That's what my mom told me
that's hard to do when you feel lie you have nothing to be happy about. i probably ruined it cause i starred her down hard for a brief few seconds. i wanted to talk to her at some point cause i see her everyday. but i probably ruined it
lol sounds like some shit that would happen to me.

>tfw look serious/way too hardcore as fuck lol.

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Pick one.
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alpha m is pretty alpha tho...

Pick two.
He's a MANLET. No manlet is alpha. It's fact

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how many of these charcoal grills will it take to kill myself in an averaged sized room? i want to make sure i do not become a vegetable.
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You'd need to eat at least two
Define "averaged sized room", you idiot.
Why would filling a room with grills kill you?

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Who /social anxiety/ here?

I'm in my mid twenties and scared of going outside alone. When a stranger talks to me I plaster a dumbass fake smile on my face and compulsively giggle every few minutes. I can't drive because I'm scared of other drivers yelling at me.
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Sorry man, you're on the wrong board. /r9k/ isn't for socially anxious people.

Everyone here is just a quirky normie. Just visit any vocaroo or trap thread.
Nah, there's plenty of mentally ill people here. How else would you explain all the incels complaining about women?
You should have just posted


what are Anti Depressants really doing to people? Because they sure as shit ain't helping anyone I've seen who take them. It's only made them more isolated, more agitated, more aggressive.

Also why anyone taking these (including someone in my family who is still young) suddenly turbo gay?

What the fuck is in these things? You try google this shit you won't find anything substantial of what it really is doing, just endless shitflinging.
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How many people do you know who actually take them as prescribed?

Every person I know on anti-depressants is always skipping doses then taking more than recommended at other times... also mixing them with alcohol and sometimes weed or other drugs.
I took them as prescribed for 13 years and they pretty much fuck my brain up and 3 1/2 years later I'm still trying to find some soft of psychological homeostasis. I have scars on my brain too, but doctors are blaming that on another illness... who knows. Those things fucked me up and made me feel really dulled and lethargic. I never turned into a faggot though.

But yea, psychotropic drugs are dangerous af. I'd suggest staying away.
>Also why anyone taking these (including someone in my family who is still young) suddenly turbo gay?
Ahahahahaha so THAT'S why my nephew suddenly went "bisexual"
I told him not to take the happy pills and now he's a faggort

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Why is this board so shit? All it is is fucking discord/steam normie circlejerks, gay threads, my pain is greater than yours, social media and other stupidly mundane things. This board has so much potential for meta topics and deeper thinking into the very core of modern culture but it just stays, stagnate it base thoughts and activities
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everyone here has given up anon. its just a garbage dump.
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instead of complaining about it, why don't you make the threads that you want to see?
its because it's summer.
that's what i'm holding onto.

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Why have you got to wear slutty clothes during summer, don't you realize it makes it agonizing to go out if you don't have some way of alleviating all that sexual energy?
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Stacey wears slutty clothes in the summer. Fembots wear hoodies just like the other fat people.
No, fembots don't go outside at all.
>walk outside during the summer
>worry that you might rape someone
>fap until you rip your foreskin and try again
>it does nothing

Men need actual release when will society accept that?

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Friendly reminder: Any man below 6ft is a MANLET and therefore sub-human. No getting around this either.
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Okay anon. We appreciate your feedback on social matters, however unqualified you may be in the field

Edgy manlet
>is unironically using nazi terminology

I know someone who doesn't have a gf

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femwhores...I mean, respectable female members of /r9k/, would you rather have huge gaping vagina & huge boods OR tiny childlike vagina and tiny vanishing tits?
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Does that vagina look scared? It looks like something screaming.

I think i should go to bed already.
am boy, would date either if she was qt and disapproved of racemixing
that's an average woman's vagina

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Any anons ever been to a brothel in nevada? How was it and how much did it cost you? I don't live too far away and was thinking about visiting one to lose my virginity.
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Do your future wife a favor and don't do it

die a virgin to keep your dignity
>>38206642 It'll probably run into to the thousands if you want high class stuff, if you want regular couple hundred sounds about right ideally 200-300.
OP don't listen to this faggot, women are having more sex than guys can fathom if you don't get your practice in women will pick up on it.
If you expect a girl to wait for marriage then you should too
Otherwise go buckwild degenerate

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>life in the 2020s is not going to be cool and futuristic
>the social degradation of the 2010s is not a temporary fad
>things are going to get worse and worse

even if i manage to sort my life out on an individual basis the world around me will still crumble

what's the point
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I feel as if things will generally get better in the 2020s.
what makes you feel that? blind, desperate optimism?
>tfw live in 40 year old house and it'll be around in another 40

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Any girls here with big butts and bigger braps?
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I do, but I'm batshit crazy.
>too thin for fat fetishists
>too fat for a skeletor bf
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>implying that isnt the best

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What do you think of froppy? Nice things?
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kinda sad that it seems she will become uglier if her family are any indication of what her powers will do to her over time
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I hate the french cuz im an england
I don't get why so many waifufags waifu her.

Is she more prominent in the manga?

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>A close friend, Ernst Hanfstaengel, claims that Hitler was the victim of sexual bullying while in the army: "Old army comrades, who had seen him in the wash-house, had noted that his genital organs were almost freakishly underdeveloped, and he doubtless had some sense of shame about displaying himself. It seemed to me that this must all be part of the underlying complex in his physical relations, which was compensated for by the terrifying urge for domination expressed in the field of politics." He was nicknamed "monk" because of his lack of interest in women. When one of the soldiers asked him: "Haven't you ever loved a girl?" Hitler replied: "I've never had time for anything like that, and I'll never get round to it."
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Wasn't he also wounded in the groin alongside having a microdick?
He had a son with a French woman during WW1. His son died in the 1980s. DNA test attempts were constantly sabotaged because he wanted rights to mein kampf to make money off it. Hitler himself knew about his son during ww2 and had nazi officers deliver checks to him throughout the war.

>Hans Mend, a fellow dispatch-runner, has claimed that Ernst Schmidt and Hitler had a sexual relationship. "We noticed that he (Hitler) never looked at a woman. We suspected him of homosexuality right away, because he was known to be abnormal in any case. He was extremely eccentric and displayed womanish characteristics which tended in that direction. He never had a firm objective, nor any kind of firm beliefs. In 1915 we were billeted in the Le Febre brewery at Fournes. We slept in the hay. Hitler was bedded down at night with Schmidt, his male whore. We heard a rustling in the hay. Then someone switched on his electric flashlight and growled, Take a look at those two nancy boys. I myself took no further interest in the matter."

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