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>Go to 11th job interview in the last month
>In a sour mood and tired of doing this
>Interviewer asks me why I want the job
>Tell him "I'm tired of living with my parents and doing nothing and I just want a job, that's why."
>Interviewer doesn't even know what to say and says they'll let me know if I get the job
>Know it's not happening because I fucked it up on purpose because I hate everything
>Get call a few days later
>Got the job
How did this happen?
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That's great, dear. What sort of job is it?
Your honesty was valued and I suppose the interviewer felt very sorry for you and a sense of empathy.
Janitor because I'm not qualified to do anything of value.

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download (11).jpg
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>tfw fembot with no chad bf

I hate this.. and no I won't date a robot. I refuse to date betas, only chad has access to my vagina. Your tiny little penises would barely even scratch my vaginal walls haha.
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Seal #34 - Concern.jpg
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You're trying too hard and you have a low quality image, be more subtle in the future. Maybe try lurking more.
would you date a dom lesbian? If she was hot and fit and just wanted to dominate you and give you orgasms?
what would i have to do to get you? im willing to dedicate two years of my life if it means i can finally get some action. i just need to know i have a sure thing.

Fembots, why do you all seem to hate yourselves so much, even when you're genuinely attractive?
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Get the fuck out of there and get back to hispachan, you dirty normie

>even when you're genuinely attractive?
Don't raise their self esteem, you retard.
There's more to hating myself because of my looks, and not every girl here is attractive. You only think that because only attractive people want to post their pictures online

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>went to school for web development so I could be a shut-in who works from home
>by the end of the course I fucking hate web languages and web developer culture
>gotta pay parents back my denbts but never want to touch another computer again

Best way to an hero?
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Gunshot is holy grail of suicide methods if it's available.
>web development
fucking terrible thing to do
you probably should have looked into it before you started
What exactly did you not like about it OP?

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Hey /r9k/. You hanging in there?
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Regret is eroding my sanity.
I don't know, OP.
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I live every day wastefully. I don't even do anything except continue to exist.
I don't even know what to say anymore, just fuck it man. I'm so tired of it all

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>closeted gay men often test their sexuality by getting a gf/having hookup sex
>tfw even gay men can get gf while you're a foreveralone virgin
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No. That's a normie gay. Im a robot gay and yet in virgin at 22.
I notice there's lots of 22 year old virgins on this board. I notice because I'm 22.

Dude you don't have to deal with girls bs.

It's not like you need to be 6 feet. Have big dick. And making shit tons every year just to get a gf.

Just get some app and fuck someone. Guys are easy and just want to get their dick wet
>Guys are easy and just want to get their dick wet
Not that anon but it isn't about sex to me. I'm not interested in sex personally. I just want someone to hug me and tell me it is going to be okay. I want love, not lust. But this seems even more impossible than with straight relationships for some reason because homosexuals like this are almost impossible to find.

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Fembots, how much do you make a year? Would you date someone that makes less than you?

I'm 23 and making $120k a year already, I wouldn't date someone making less than $80k/yr by the same age imo.
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I'm making $0/ year at 19, I don't care too much about how much he makes at this age. by 30 years old I'd like to make at least 50k
That's very nice OP, trying to impress girls on /r9k/. You're a classic man indeed.
The only thing women have to make is babies

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This is 4chan and its full of trolls. Get used to it. >>>/b/
Niggers are hilarious, though
>haha welcome to the big boys club we dont mess around on 4chan!

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Remember to brush your teeth Anon, before it's too late.
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Thanks anon! My brother has to get 3 root canals from never brushing his, I can't believe it took me this long to know about proper dental hygiene.
I want to breed with Mio
Thx for the reminder OP

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fuck them.jpg
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Why is European cuisine so shit? Why can't white people cook? Why is all so bland?
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Your cuisine IS European cuisine stupid coonmerican
Could this be why white people want black women? Because white women can't cook for shit?
At least whites have food nigger.

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/r9k/, how do I respond to these messages? I literally do not know what to do I have social anxiety, please help.
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Post a body pic, OP. Just blur/cut out your face.
pIease fucking go normalslut
nu-male af but has a nice sense of humor
seems like a nice catch but may be dumb
complete cuck avoid
dumb as shit but probably fucks good
closet gay

I'd go with Luke

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Not even getting a high-paying and respectable job will allow a fembot to get a nice boyfriend.

Yes, she could probably convince a NEET or drug addict to live with her as a househusband, but they are the lowest quality male. A man in the same position could pick any girl he likes.
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Even women want to be chad
You kidding? Everyone wants to be Chad. Kids watch TV, and dream of one thing: Becoming Chad when they grow up.

But remember this, in case you wanna be Chad but feel too old: It's never too late to become Chad.
What kinda boyfriend do you want? I'm not a NEET and my body is nice and I'm a good person.

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MBTI thread (ESFPs not allowed)

How do I tell if I'm INFP or INFJ?
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You're INFJ
You literally have the picture right there, look at it, google what each function means and compare to your thought processes.

Also ISFJ is the best function, you don't have to accept it but this is what peak performance looks like.
Type* not function

April 20th is almost here lets have a Columbine thread guys.
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they were raped by cops. prove me wrong. pro-tip: you can't

A must
>they were raped by cops. prove me wrong. pro-tip: you can't

No they weren't and that conspiracy theory has already been debunked.

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Guys, how do I cum in a pussy? It just doesn't feel anywhere near as good as my hand and I start to lose my boner after 30 minutes of fucking. I don't even use a tight grip or go fast when fapping either. I think I'm in danger of losing this girl because she might be thinking I'm unattracted to her. Starting to feel like sex is meme Tbh
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Well first you sage this thread and then you report this thread and then you should be fine
G0 there >>>/adv/
Buy a fleshlight or male sex toy of your liking.

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