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How do you do it guys? Memes aside how do you live with the crippling loneliness?
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I smoke weed, it makes it easier
Pretty much this, and vidya. Play some online game and gather a little group of people you like to play with, helps a lot.
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Acceptance. Accept that you're lonely, that you're worse off than your average person (not counting sad niggers in africa). Own up to the fact that you are who you are. Then let go of all the shitty expectations everyone has of you. It's selfish, so be selfish yourself. You could argue that certain things are worth compromising, but this is your life we're talking about. As far as you know, you only got one of those, and why live according to others rather than according to yourself?
Work with what you have, and be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Staying positive is the hardest thing to do, especially when everything else aims to throw you over, but, in my personal experience, it is the only way to stay sane and true to yourself.

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work coat.jpg
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What kind of clothing do the rowboats of /r9k/ wear? I wear mostly my older brother's and dad's old clothing, so my overall look is very outdated 80s/90s style. Luckily the vintage stuff is pretty popular nowadays thanks to hipsters, so I can wear my weird pale blue jeans and 90s Simpsons shirts without getting pointed and laughed at.
Not that I really care about what people think about me, but still, it's good to blend in.

Picture related, it's almost identical to "new" coat I found from my dad's closet. Dad is kill, so I can take anything I want. It's kinda ugly, no frills, depressing gray, looks like it was manufactured in some communist country etc. but it's alright. Looks like something a character from Blade Runner would wear. The material is thick and stiff because it's some sort of a work coat, but to me that means the coat is durable and will last forever.
I'm over 6 foot tall and have slender body, and I think it suits me just fine. It's the nicest and the ugliest coat I have ever worn.
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work coat 2.jpg
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From behind. It would be identical to mine without those buttons on that belt thingie.

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Believe in her anon and she'll come
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Do you think men get knights(girl) in shining armor to save them? Sorry anon but you're fucked. Misaki was a Mary Sue anyhow. The real gold nuggets of the show were the men.

>Come back from alone vacations in a find yoursefl hippie way
>feel motivated to do everything
>im gonna get fit, get a gf, study, improve my art and shit
>spent first day home playing tf2 and masturbating
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Any of you guys got a dakimakura? How'd you get it? What's your experience with it? What do other people think or say about it if they see it?

I wanted one for a while and while at a convention decided fuck it and bought one, had to carry it back on the train aswell but luckily it was vacuum packed and covered by bags, I've slept a lot better since I got it and sleep more comfortably, my younger brother gives me slight shit for it and my parents don't really care, they just asked when I got it and that it was comfy, other brothers haven't said anything either apart from it looks comfy
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You wont find real information on this subject, since all the real robots and wizards have either killed themselves or left this places. All that is left now are roasties, larpers and failed normies.
kys degenerate neckbeard

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Let's see your ideal waifu, /r9k/. Bonus if you describe her personality (or his, if you are into that). Here's mine.

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Yours but it has a feminine benis
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Her personality is my friend's.
and how is that personality?

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this channel is the best form of autims and cringe
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Its sad to say that this isn't anything knew, there are hundreds of channels like this.


I'm fucking retarded

You ever feel like your skin's a little too tight on your bones?
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Every time I get an erection.
In a certain sense, yes.
Now that you say it

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>tfw even anime isn't working to escape intrusive thoughts
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Based Shinji.jpg
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I know that feel buddy I know that feel
Using anime to cure a mental illness. Nice

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Why do holes refuse to give decent men a chance but give douchebags multiple chances?
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Because "decent men" are usually unattractive both physically and personality-wise and boring to be around. They'd rather be with a douchebag who is attractive, cocky and self assured and won't follow her around like a puppy, saying yes to everything she says.

Basically, stop trying to be "decent" and act like a fucking man.

>t. low IQ caveman.

Chad in fact has a boring personality, because he never had to form one, since girls fucked him anyway. But since it is 100% about looks, personality doesn't matter anyway, so everything you do is in vain.
Girls just want to have fun. Even the cutest, smallest young adult women just want some retard to fuck them senseless. Just wait your turn and be a provider.

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>wait for the train in front of the hotel because they kick people out at 12 train is at 6
>staff sitting there too
>woman complains about being hungry
>grandpa begged her to let him buy her a shoarma
>she's displeased
>keeps begging in a passive aggressive way
>only two minutes
>she says yes after 4-5 minutes
Is this how it's done in the real world? If yes I don't think I mind being a KHV
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Yes. Money is power; women flock to powerful people.
Literally 50 cents worth of food. I guess that's because I'm in this trash country.
Roasties don't like boys roasties like cars and money.

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Anyone have like a really good Idea and everybody just tramples it apart and say it's horrible...and then you don't want to say/post any of your ideas? Or is it just me.
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>have the idea but no resources to work with
>have the resources but no idea what to use it on

pick one

fuck em and do it . if its really good it'll speak for itself eventually
Not exactly the same problem you have OP, but I've been told pretty much every business startup idea I've had is illegal in some way or another.

Starting to wonder if I just have a mind for crime or something.

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How many of you are robots from not getting proper nutrition as a child?
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me desu my mother's a narcissist and so am i but she fucked me up pretty good although i caught on to her game eventually

pIease tell me im not the only one who fapped to this girl.
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fapped to the girl on the far left
what is this from? why are the so many sexy guys in the backroung?

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Well I did this yesterday and it worked out pretty good.
I'm running a new Discord and it is invite only after a short interview if you want to get in.

The interview is just to determine if you're a good match for the server. It's really not strict at all.

Once you're in you can pick from many optional channels to be added to, there's music, pizza and we may be doing a VC drunk book club thing later today.
If you're interested, add me, corvox#7672 as a friend and I'll only ask you a couple questions.
Thanks and pls post anything itt
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Above all else I'm looking for fairly active discord users who don't have a tendency to linger without saying anything.
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This is a picture of a bird smoking a cigarette
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oh henlo.jpg
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What form of mushroom is this ?

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