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is there a fate worse than having a thin dick?
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Girls these days are stuffing so big toys up their cunts that everyone's got a thin dick in their opinion
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How thin does it have to be to be considered a pencil dick
Asking for a friend
Just put it in a chastity cage and give someone you like the key.

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What's you favorite planet, /r9k/?
I think Jupiter is really comfy.
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I like all gas giants in the solar system.
>Jupiter has cool layered clouds
>Saturn has fucking rings
>Uranus has a nice bright blue color and is tilted
>Neptune has a comfy indigo color
I still think the Earth is my favorite. Looks just beautiful from space.
Saturn. It's a shame the only other inhabitable terrestrial planet is a boring orange rock.
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>He believes NASA's lies

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Rise and shine wagecucks! Today's your big day, it's Friday. I bet you woke up full of joy and glee because today's your last day. *chuckles*

Don't get your hopes up you pathetic slave, this weekend will fly by fast and once again you will be put to your misery while I enjoy my vivacious life with your girlfriend, all while you work for minimumbux.

Oh, speaking of Stacy, she's actually waiting for me in the bedroom! I have prepared a delightful breakfast for the two of us. Freshly squeezed juice from delectable oranges straight out of my garden, scrumptious homemade viennoiserie, organic strawberries imported straight from the finest lands in Italy, and a heavenly cup of what my spectacular French colleagues call "cafe au lait." In low-class wagie language, it is known as coffee with milk. Hehe, you're too uneducated to know that now aren't you wagie?

She loves my culinary skills. Something you, wagecuck, simply have no time or energy to learn. No wonder why she chose me, an intellectual man, over an enervated fool like you!

Well, I've better get going now. M'lady awaits me.

Oh! One more thing wagie, did I mention we have hot passionate sex every morning after breakfast? O-oh, you didn't? My my, wagie wagie wagie, don't get all ragie and vexatious now! You can't go into work like that! Tsk tsk. No worries, she's under good hands! Toodaloo now!
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What kind of look are you planning to get with your daily haircut?
It's a little early to be talking. I haven't had my first cup yet! Please have some respect
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New day, new haircut

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What can /r9k/ tell me about the Trump-Russia investigation that /pol/ cannot?
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Here's a quick rundown.
That's about all.
Trump and Pence will both be impeached and arrested for treason and /ourgirl/ Hillary can finally become President as she rightfully should.
If trump and pence get impeached then we can hold a second election and bernie can still win.

why haven't you taken the GLORIOUS pill yet?
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Absolutely love it true friends. Love! It!
I don't have time to work out during the regular semester.
I'll do it in summer, and just never stop when I graduate this year...or drop out.
Either way when I finish college i'm just gonna keep lifting, running, and cutting. Perfection will be mine.
I wanna be mirin myself in the mirror every day.
That guy is a christian-loving piece of cunt, he deserves to be crucified in front of ''his'' people.

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1. you wear jeans with running shoes.. bonus points if new balance
2. you bought one of those spinner toys
3. you like sonic
4. you watch anime
5. you watch porn at least daily
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1. Hiking boots>>> running shoes. And you call yourself autistic.
2. Fidget spinners are for the proles. Fidget cubes are for true men of taste
3. 2d games only. Supplemental sonic is for casuals
4. Normies watch anime at this point
5. Imagination is better than porn
I wear negro shoes and boots
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>you watch porn daily

Tell me i am not the only faggot

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ooooohhhhh whooaaaaaa
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he is actually a very talented musician

Does /r9k/ like my badass uniform? I'm alt-right punk as fuck. Jahowl!
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Send this pic to your oneitis. I guarantee you she'll love it. :)
vid very much related
Looks sweet, anon.

Post people who are dead to you.

Picture is not necessary, but appreciated.
Whether they are actually dead, or dead to you, is up to you.

Who hurt you, and why do you miss them?
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I just wanted him to love me.
I guess he was too messed up for me.
Happy I dodged the bullet, but I wonder about the pain...
No one. I haven't gotten close enough with anyone to fall out like that.
>pumped and dumped by Chad

What a surprise nobody could have expected this one.

Why is it so hard to get a girl to have sex with? What is the cause of this?
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The Jews man. The fucking kikes
Have you tried hiring a whore?
Your being a basement dwelling vegetable.

>"anon I am currently single, chad broke off with me :("
Oh, that's unfortunate...
>"so uh... Anon... What are you doing for fun? I am having free time now..."
I uuuhm... I digitally enhance pictures of joey wheeler and make him handle cocks and draw him a moustache.
>"w-what for, anon?"
I like to pretend that it's his cousin named Joey Wheener
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I ahve a few if you wanna see
There exist versions where I crudely draw sandwiches or bananas over the cocks, but I lost them
"I... Go on, anon"

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It wouldn't suck so much being black if I didn't have such a nigger tier name
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>It wouldn't suck so much being black if I didn't have such a nigger tier name
Change your name or go by a nickname.

What's your name? Something stereotypically black like Tyrone or Jamal?
What's your name? It can't be that bad
you can change your name though

call your-self Dilbert or something

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Was 911 implemented as a security number because of 9/11, or was 9/11 executed at that time because 911 was known as a security number?
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The terrorists intentionally did it on that date for the second reason
The former. I don't remember very well because I was young then, but I think a different number was used prior to September 2001.
Imagine if they did 9/11 on 9/12. It wouldn't nearly have made as much of an impact.

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So Robots yet we dawn another summer waiting for the return of summer fags let's have an amazing last thread before they completely overwhelm us and we go to hibernation for the summer post what you want out of the summer
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summerfags aren't a thing, this isn't 1991 usenet
Fuking summer fag
4chan has been lowkey famous on the internet for years because of /b/
/pol/ and the election only exacerbated the issue
we eternal summer now

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How am I supposed to cope with the fact that a black girl with a cute face and nice body is worse off than a fat white girl? :(
It makes me so sad.

Any white guy that dates a black girl will be considered weird in his friend group and people will assume he's settling.
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I'd date a black girl with a cute face and a nice body over a fat white girl.
t. white European
>friend group
Well I don't have one of those, so hmu please.
I'm dating a fat black girl with a kid and I'm white. It feels like an /r9k/ meme come to life.

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