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Is anyone else here really creeped out by pregnant ladies? They look like deformed people to me, I get grossed out when I see pictures of them and try to avoid them in public. Pregnant women always seem to look very trashy, also. I hope I'm not the only one. I can't wait for artificial wombs so I don't have to see these animations ever again.
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fuck off only normies hate preggos
I feel the same way, OP. It looks abnormal
it looks like she has a tit on her stomach

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Why is this getting forced?

Original comment
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Don't listen to them OP, this is a good meme. Add more songs to the pool though.

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My gf enjoys anal a lot more than I was expecting
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Thanks for sharing.

aand the problem is?
Get out, you humble bragging cuteposter

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Imagine you had a device or genie lamp that could grant you unlimited wishes, you could ask for anything you've ever wanted and you would get it without effort. Such a device would be amazing, wouldn't it? Except you might end up killing yourself because of how meaningless life becomes once you get everything you want at the rub of a lamp or press of a button. In a way the internet is like a light version of this lamp, you can't get anything but you can get anything in digital form with ease. Before the internet if you wanted to see porn you had to physically go to the store and buy a porn mag or happen upon one in the wild, it wasn't free, you had to expend effort and money to get what you wanted and then you only had that one magazine, if you were bored of it you had to buy another one. Now you can look at thousands of free porn videos and images at the click of a mouse which makes the act meaningless, humans need to feel that they worked for something, there is no meaning to us without struggle. What is a video game without a way to lose, a video game where you're given everything at the beginning, a game like that would be boring and pointless it would be a shit game.

If you had an unlimited supply of ice cream you would get tired of ice cream, the same thing goes for everything else so if you want to fix your life you must give up mindless internet browsing, 4chan is the worst when it comes to this. You know it to be true. We're holding ourselves back by being here.
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I would just use it to relive life as a functioning person
fuck off nigger. you don't know what it would be like. the short period I had money was 10 times better and I wasn't degenning it out.
actually if you had a genie lamp;i'd try to control the uncontrollable;like healing people ; proving food
i'd try to make this world a better place;with shelters and shit
there's always effort you need to put; there are too many variables
however if i needed to pass an exam for example or achieve a goal i'd work my ass ot for it even if i had the genie lamp
however i like the way you think anon

>tfw no huge black bf to satisfy my BWC and protect me from himophobic scum
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You have an entire board for your faggotry. Why not post this horseshit there? Why must you bother /r9k/ with your disgusting lifestyle?
Our board is ful of transhit
Then keep your problems in house and stop fucking up /r9k/ with your board's problems. Fuck.

I'm gay but I have a heterosexual fetish
I don't see women as partners or lovable, only as sexual objects
Anyone can relate?
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I'm the other way around. Women Are for love and actual sex that comes out of attraction and lust and natural urges, little gay dudes are glorified fleshlights.
try dating an actual trap;maybe that will help?
I think that's just what most normal "straight" guys feel, they just won't admit they like men so they channel it into violence. Just a theory, and not a new one.

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bikko _field.jpg
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Anybody else here physically disabled or have chronic physical illness? What is it? What is the best thing and the worst thing about it?
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Does chronic pain count?
Worst thing is, spoiler alert, the chronic pain. And that people treat me like a cripple.
Nothing good about it really. Lots of pills maybe.
I have ulcerative colitis. Best thing is the medication (for me atleast) makes almost all my symptoms go away. But when I'm not on medication its miserable and gets progressively worse the longer I go without.
Last year I had a point where I was running to the bathroom 8-16 times a day to shit blood and pus. Truly the robot disease.
oh, OP here.I forgot to say that I have lupus and use a wheelchair, I do get discounts for stuff sometimes (though I usually need them--example, discount on energy bill I run up charging equipment), and the worst is aesthetics--weird rashes, losing hair in patches, getting treated like I'm retarded or helpless

Sure, definitely. Is there anything visibly off about you so people can tell you have it?

Man, I don't envy people with bowel issues. No offense meant. I'm starting to have bladder probs and it is rapidly becoming my least favorite symptom

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We must have proper discussion about this.
First we must define what gay means. Then we must define what masculinity means and then we must define what femininity means.
That's when we can truly determine this.
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Gay means homosexual. Homosexual means a sexual attraction to the same sex. Traps are male, and thus a male who is sexually attracted to them is a homosexual especially because he is attracted to male sexual organs (the penis).
A person can be born with a vagina and still have the sex of male.
Is it gay to be attracted to that person despite how they've only used their X chromosome and not their Y chromosome?
A person's sex is not always expressed in their phenotype.
Give examples of such occurences.
By the way traps are not female in any sense (not even the transgender sense), they are just transvestites.

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>that /r9k/er who keeps making the britfeel threads
>that /r9k/er who keeps complaining about "reddit spacing"
>that shill who keeps advertising suspicious variants of bitcoins in various threads
>that /r9k/er who keeps forcing the "party rockers in the house tonight" meme
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They're called posters, not /r9k/ers
it should be "T robot thread" not "That /r9k/er thread"

also faggot thread SAGED
>that poster who gets caught being a malevolent sexual deviant by his parents almost daily

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Do you feel like civilization is about to collapse?
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No, its just you. And you don't feel like it's going to happen, you WANT it to happen. It's a cliche feeling.
I used to when I was plugged into world news and political message boards and gave a shit about all that.

I unsubscribed and unfollowed all that shit and didn't care about politics anymore, other than local stuff, and I've never been happier.

Also statistically speaking, civilization has never been safer or more advanced. People who go on about the collapse of civilization are people who are bored out of their skull and co-opt other people's problems and daydream about zombie outbreaks.
I don't know if I want it to happen while I am alive. But at the same time this slow descent could be worse.

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Strongest Man Kurosawa
Unoriginal post, surprisingly
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I don't really like L.I.E.S but I liked this comp.
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>very shitty EDM
>not goodnight punpun
Shit taste

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>Observe this

How do you react?
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>You will never have a perfect innie pussy and those delicious puffy titties.

Feels bad.
Impossible scenario. I would have been woken up by the noise of my apartment being broken into.
>slide out from under her
>grab knife from under mattress
>point it at her and ask her who I am

Her answer will determine whether one of us will have to die.

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>his race is from the Afro-Eurasian continent and he still thinks he's a robot
Lmaoing at you fucking normalfags
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all humans are ultimately from afro-eurasia
are you a mohicans or something?
Nope. May as well throw the Americas in there as well

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What does it feel like to have a girl deepthroat your penis? Do you have any deepthroat experiences? I'm a 19 Year old dateless touchless KHV that only jerks off to deepthroat porn. Please describe what it feels like in detail.
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Not as good as if she just sucks normally. Slow and sloppy, paying particular attention to the frenum, that's the way to do it.
It's fucking amazing, what can I tell ya? Dated a 6/10 fembot without a gag reflex: she would slurp on it, gag on it & even get close to choking on it. She would let me bust in her mouth and the warm tickles I felt as I unloaded in her esophagus were to die for
If your dick is below 6'' say goodbye to ever getting in there

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>dad is cucked by his gf
>he forgives her
>he is still raising her daughter from a previous marriage while she lives somewhere else
>lets her have another bf

how can i not turn out the way i did when this is my father figure
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You can literally fuck your step mom and ask for your dad to eat your creampie.
Do it.
Nah, she's gross
Fuck her daughter

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