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My gf sucks. She hates sex, and doesn't satisfy me at all.

All I want is a pretty gf who loves sex, who hasnt slept with shitskins... is that too much to ask?
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Maybe you should try talking to your girlfriend instead of complaining online.

Now I know why she doesn't want to have sex with you. You're an edgy, obnoxious "racist".
Nuclear option: act like you're cheating on her. She'll either step it up, or leave, so it's win win
I've tried everything, some girls are just not very sexual.

Wow, how original.

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I hate you. I hate you so fucking much. You're a disgusting, repulsive, ugly little manlet. Everywhere you go you know you're inferior to the people around you. You've never had anybody attracted to you. You'll die a kissless virgin because you're not worth enough to even have the sIightest scrap of affection for.

How could anybody ever love a freak like you? Nobody ever has even been attracted to you and nobody ever will.

You're ugly. You are so ugly you've never even been complimented by a girl, let alone had one interested in you. Even surgery isn't developed enough to fix your mess and even if it was you'd still never be a man, you'll always be the little pathetic midget.

You're to blame for all of it and you should just kill yourself. Nothing will ever get better. The only good thing you could ever do is kill yourself, you undesirable, ugly, midget fuck.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
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you need to find healthier ways to cope my dude
I'm 1.9m, faggot.
Not even manlets care about op and her brain damage.

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>hang out with friends
>everyone is drinking beer
>take one aswell
>so fucking bitter i have to fight back a vomit reflex
>visibly cringe at every sip

help me pls
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ha ha ha
he's got "the virgin sip"
what can i say bro
eat more pussy
well that's not an option for me
Try not being a bitch? I honestly like beer more than soda.
In all honestly, take a couple sips of vodka and then brandy another day. You'll feel how strong alcohol can get and will appreciate the crispness and carbonation of just beer, amd the superior longer lasting buzz.

1. Take a name
2. Discuss your difficulties
3. Be excellent to each other
4. Try to disguise your contempt for obese sacks of undigested filth like Atlas
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I don't really have any hobbies other than sitting in my room all day and letting negative feelings fuck me up
I just don't know where to go

I find it repulsive how you constantly shit on Fatlass.
Hey Facet how's life?

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What's the best canned food? Also do you prefer eating it out of the can? Cold? Or heat it up by the fire for a bit first?
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out of the can, layer at a time, tongue only
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alright i can finally be sure that science has in fact gone too far
My man. Where do they sell this gift of the gods?

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if you don't reply to this post, you will never get a bf, or a gf and you will never experience true love in the future or ever again
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As if I had a chance anyway
I am a superstitious man
Jokes on you, I already have.


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Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of? Envy for me.
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Lust, Envy, Sloth
Lust and slight sloth.
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Greed, pride, wrath, and sloth

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ITT: times you were alpha
>homeless guy asks for change
>Sure, how's this for a change? Get a job, loser.
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>tell mommy to bring tendies
>"anon, you need to eat healthier"
>"oh im sorry, did i ask for your advice"
>"bitch if you dont bring me my tendies i'll fuck you like no one has ever fucked you before"
being alpha =\= being a asshole.
>girlfriend of 2 years had been cheating on me for months
>leak her nudes to everyone I could think of
>she killed herself a couple weeks ago

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Jesus christ how many /britfeels/ are you faggots going to make a day

/unifeel/ - failing summer classes edition
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I'm supposed to be studying for the classes I failed last semester
and surprise surprise, I haven't opened a book in a month
got my last final in about 36 hours. feeling damn good about reverting to the neet life for a month
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uh oh. that image reminds me of something..

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Apparently I'm a terrible person. I didn't even know, in fact I've always thought I was kind and caring and generous but this girl just went off on me for like an hour detailing very harshly why I'm the biggest piece of shit she has ever known even compared to her exs that abused her and were drug addicts and shit. She said if I don't think I'm bad there is something wrong with my brain or I'm literally insane. Honestly thinking about killing myself over this shit guys. Help
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what if you are actually just a piece of shit? O_o
Do you not make enough money or something?
What if she's lying to make herself feel better for not liking you

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>phone rings
>you pick up
>"hi anon, it's [your oneitis]"

what would you say r9k?
m-marry m-me?
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>phone rings
i don't answer calls from unknown numbers.
calls are scary.
>implying i could bring myself to answer
but i don't own a phone...

Post pictures.

Funny, comfy, interesting, WAT/hmmm, awesome, artistic, comics, I don't give a fuck what it is. Need some saveworthy shit.

Discuss anything.
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Going to dump until I find something better to do. May be awhile.
File: Polar Bear.jpg (90KB, 922x614px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Polar Bear.jpg
90KB, 922x614px

Polar bear of sadness.
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here's a shitty meme

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I just bought an Epiphone Les Paul special ii package for 200 bucks, is it good or did I get jewed?
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that's a good deal. no need for the racism, friend.
sorry I don't hate jews but using that word is a good way to express the act of getting ripped off
It's actually a great pack, the only thing that people get screwed on is the amplifier but this one is very good. Welcome fellow guitarist hope you have fun

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>tfw shopkeepers rush through the interaction when I'm there
>they don't smile at me, they barely even look at me
>see them serving other people
>they're all friendly and shit and take it slow
>try to talk to normie
>at first their face lights up but then they get bored and immediately do something else instead of talking to me

Am I fucking ugly or something? This makes me so fucking sad I actually cry thinking about it, all my life it's been like this and I still don't know why
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its your attitude. people can read your grumpy demeanor.
But I'm really not a grumpy person

I'm usually happy when someone talks to me cause it doesn't happen often
>Probably this
No matter how much i try to act normal in public I will always be bitter and different.

We are not like them and never will be, they somehow know it. Like they can detect cynicism and desperation, hate I don't know.

What keeps you going, /r9k/?

I'll start
>anime/programming/my family
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If I didn't believe in God I would have been gone so so so so long ago. I hate it.
also my dubs.
painkillers, liquor, and sucking strangers' cocks in public bathrooms. Combining those things is the closest I get to ever feeling okay anymore.
Being able to spend time with my gf(male).
Every week is a drag and when I see her in the weekend everything becomes nice again for 2-3 days.

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