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Would you let a woman shave you?
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I let my mom shave my head hair because I'm too afraid to go get a haircut.

I can shave my beard myself easily, so I don't see why I'd let anyone else do that part.
I dont even let them give me checkups

>go to doctor for dick problems
>balls hurt
>asks me if I tried foreplay
>ends up being swelling from crushing nads when sitting

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Should I get into this game? Local game store has tournaments and shit and it seems like a good way to make friends. I'm still holding out hope that I can become a normie though.
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Magic won't make you a normie but it's a fun game once you get into it.
Hope you have IT money.
Ask /tg/, magic is pretty fun honestly. It's currently the big card game so you shouldn't have a problem finding people to play. Make sure you research what the colors do and what are some good decks to get before hand. Diving in blind is never smart

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The American Social Health Association estimates that about 75-80% of sexually active Americans will be infected with HPV at some point in their lifetime.[152][153] By the age of 50 more than 80% of American women will have contracted at least one strain of genital HPV.[151][154]

God doesn't like sluts or decadence.
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HPV doesn't do anything to men, so whatever. It's fine by me.
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>god is finally punishing the roasties for their slutiness
feels good
I wish there were more widespread stds because I'm a lonely, spiteful man. Just the idea of sluts and chads getting aids makes me smile

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You are extremely gay if you wouldnt fuck this
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welp guess I'm extremely gay
I don't want another man's bare penis near me, sorry
Its feminine! the penis is FEMININE!
its not gay dude how many fucking times do I have to say that.

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>me on the left
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The exact same kikes behind Blacked.com own another website with white people that has exactly the same production quality. Turns out, niggers jack off too so there is a market for porn of niggers fucking attractive women. Niggers do not think black women are attractive. They instinctively know their genes are inferior.
>25% of black men marry outside their race
>75% of black men marry black women

Why do you insist on spewing shit?
>Implying black men actually get married

To the 14 people who were in the ceiling fan dick flasher thread last night: my sister accidentally mentioned the incident. Luckily my boner wasn't brought up. My mom essentially told buddy he's a dumbass. He said he thought I was wearing underwear and ran away laughing. All is good. Btw my mom found out about it cuz my sister said 'as long as buddy doesn't put ur dick in my face again I'm good'. Interrogations happened.... I didn't get laid last night, but her friends are sleeping over tomorrow..... Fuckkkkkkk. I didn't bring them pizza rolls cuz I'm a robot but hot damn, they wanna come tomorrow! I think they liked my dick homebots
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I wasn't there. Can I get a quick recap?
Damn. I green texted it but I'll be damned if I do it again.

Basically me and my friend had a scheme to flash my dick to my sister and two of her sexy friends. Cuz that's what gets me off. I wanted to be guilt free but show off so my friend pulled my shorts down in front of my sister and her friends while I was helpless taking a ceiling fan down. I got an erection in front of them super fast. They ran away after seeing my boner but loosened up later in the night.

Waiting for their return.... They might want my big dick o.o
Get it, anon


Anyone else just doesn't get social media, even though it's a core pillar of your generation? When the fuck did everyone gain so much self-esteem that they could upload pictures of themselves daily and say whatever they want at any time? As someone with OCD tendencies, social media management seems like a fucking nightmare. I would constantly get urges to delete photos and posts, and the idea that whatever you post, even despite you deleting it, will always exist in the digital-sphere would drive me fucking nuts.

I just don't get and I feel like I'm supposed to get it naturally, because I grew up with these fuckers.
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I'm with you, anon. It never made sense to me either. I had a fb account for about 9 months, but I deleted because i never uploaded any pictures or felt the need to comment on someone else's picture. Not to mention that an army of greedy nerds will use your personal pictures for who-knows-what.
I'd give anything to fuck McKayla Maroney.

Anyways, I deleted all my social media apps from my phone and don't let myself check them on the computer. If you aren't an attractive female, social media is not worth it. I feel somewhat better since I'm no longer comparing my failure of a life with others so it's worth it.
The idea that a central part of who you are should exist online for all to see is still incredibly weird to me. Glad I never let anyone convince me to make a Facebook back then.

this girl, i was buying weed off her.

one night she decides to set me up.

she fucking tells me to arrive at her apartment at 12:30...i show up, she says wait i need 15 more minutes, i say "ok".....wait the 15 minutes, then all of a sudden "wait i need more time" i get pissed and say "how much longer" she says "7 minutes" i wait...i call her and she says "i'm coming out" i tell her i'm waiting outside her apartment near the bus stop.

3 FUCKING CARS ROLL UP ON MY ASS. i booked it the fuck out of there as fast as possible, the next day i get a call from a guy who is calling me a bitch and pretending to be looking for someone.


Thanks a lot bitch, now i know not to trust women.
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Dumb normie.
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Men are always disposable to women OP. Never forget this. You learned a hard lesson tonight and good job getting the fuck out of there son.
snitch on her dumbass

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Taking a midnight train, AMA.
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whats your current favorite song?
are you aware of your hair?
"Hunting High and Low" by a-ha

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what was the pepe artist trying to convey with this piece?
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pepe is pure to a fault
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plees nu yalling

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Saw this poo in loo on the train. She was like a 6/10 at best, but was still checking me out. Not that I cared. Her looks were okay but the curry smell is a real turn off.
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>dat reflection
she wasn't checking you out, she was gawking at a disgusting freak and/or assessing how creepy/threatening you are
that's not me what the fuck are you on about
M8 it's over for you

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Fatties and fat fuckers - I need your help.

I'm 5'5" and 313lbs. Would I even be able to feel a dude's average 5inch cock or would there be too much fat in the way? How do I do this?

Laying on my stomach? Back? Side?

What is the best way to get fucked as a ham planet?
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simply stop being a hamplanet you fat fuck. lock yourself in a room with only water and fruit and watch the weight fall off.
Had a HS friend who fucked a fair share of fatties. Said it was never a problem so long as they pulled their sagging guts out of the way and opened their legs wide enough.

As to whether you can feel it, fuck if I know. You could try not bein->>36102593
Oh ok, covered. Try that. Or at least be 50lbs less.
>I'm 5'5" and 313lbs
Damn girl yo ass must be thiiiiiiiiiicccc

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what are you on?
whats you favorite?
what are you curious about?

drug general discussion thread
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Smoked a bit of weed not too long ago
Weed I like a lot, dph at medium-high doses is actually nice too
I wanna try lsd, and maybe salvia, and dmt too
most places you can get ip-lsd legally
never tried it personally but people say it's pretty much the real thing
I enjoy benzodiazepines but I don't take them anymore. I used to take them with small amounts of robitussin and benadryl and feel fucking good, but I quit after I realized how addicted I was becoming. I also really enjoy oxycodone, although I've only ever taken it in small doses. I don't really have a desire to try any other kinds. I haven't used any sort of drug/alcohol for over a year. It mostly makes me anxious so there is no point

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What went wrong with this recipe
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Do you have Parkinson's anon
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looks like you ate the one on the top left
What did pilsbury mean by this?

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what do you mean traps are gay? because you fucking her in the ass and kiss her sometimes and wanking her petite feminine penis making her feel good makes me gay?

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>what do you mean traps are gay? because you fucking her in the ass and kiss her sometimes and wanking her petite feminine penis making her feel good makes me gay?
use a consistent point of view
don't switch between second and thrd person
Can't tell if her dick is bigger than mine. Nice little titties tho
Who even cares what whether it's "gay" or not? I legitimately do not understand the obsession people have with stupid labels like that. You like what you like, your attracted to whatever you're attracted to, labels are irrelevant.

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