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stacy let me take a picture with her
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>Siltation needed
do we actually need timestamps for this sort of thing
>no stacey found in image

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What are your plans for the inmediate future?

Make it interesting.
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probably wake up in 7 hours then jack off and cook food
I'm going to try to drink less than once a week. Maybe go to bars instead of drinking alone so I at least have some small chance of meeting a girl to flirt with instead of getting drunk alone.
Original heart attack

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Post em' you bootlegging faggots
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I had folders of thingies like this but I spilled cholophile juice all over my applemacbook air sorry!
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have this Apu with his face and mouth individually flipped upside down
File: swapped.jpg (128KB, 1387x702px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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as well as these two Apus with their faces swapped

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>All these recent threads asking how do you feel after taking X or shilling a specific vitamin or medicine
>"there are absolutely ZERO side effects bro just try them out and see how you feel, don't forget to post the results :)"

Anyone else noticing a pattern here?
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Oh are these troll threads from fit?
Lol I fell for it. Those funny closet cases.
Yeah bro, it's the pharma guys throwing some disinfo at us. No troll shit like >>36434761
says, this is some kind of conspiracy.
You left out my comment saying that shit doesnt work at all

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ch ch ch ch check it out

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ssorry im kind of awkward -OP
the only thing gayer to hold than fucking pink unicorn starbucks "coffee" would be an actual dick or two at least
You have a high nu-male voice and that review is worse than Channel Awesome shit.

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what is life.jpg
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>tfw you feel like you're slipping through the cracks
>tfw you feel like there's no place for you in the world
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but there is a place for you, anon

here. with us :) and nobody can take that away from you.
I've slipped through every crack there is. You know what I got? Freedom. You think these people who work five days a week and have to raise kids are free?
can you not post shit like this it hits too close to home
no bul

>the feelings that one may experience when they (particularly he or she [male]) find themselves in a situation of distinct lack of bf (boyfriend)
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find the other mentally ill people at you-know-which-board and FUCK off homo. they gave you a place so you wouldn't bother the rest, now sit there and rot if you will
there's like THREEE other boards for this, go, find them and leave this place
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>FUCK off homo
this is MY home

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>tfw no older man to tease and seduce you into being his property
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Why on a green earth would you want that? Any of that
anon has probably been reading a bit too many doujins lately
true but my urge remains valid

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Any other vape bro-bots out there?
>what mod do you have
>what wattage are you at rn
>favorite flavor

Alientech 2 battery mod
75 watts
Sour gummy worms by candy king
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What's the point of this? You sound like a stoner but the stuff doesn't even get you high.
Please do the world a favour and kys
back to timbler with you

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>turn 24 a week from today
>no party planned
>almost half way to thirty
Where the fuck does the time go. What do you anons usually do on your birthday?
I was thinking of hanging out at Starbucks because I get a free drink.
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post on /soc/. make girls write "happy birthday anon" on their titties and post pics.
This is a good idea, will do that next week. I'll share with you boys dont worry
>implying i'll get any
for my twenty fourth birthday I say in my room by myself, read some .pdf's and cried

no one even knew and I didn't bother telling anyone

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>tfw only women I can get to reply to me on tinder are robots

Why shouldn't I just kill myself already?
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Women can't be robots retard.
Add her now dude she'll suck your balls
robots are gender binary you cismale fucking asshole scum

sage in every field bitch

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okay guys I'm going to McDonalds what would you like me to get you?
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I want an Egg McMuffin, a Bigmac, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, A Large McChicken, a Filet o Fish, a large order of fries, and two large sodas.
A girlfriend covered in an Oreo McFlurry.
>and a diet coke cus im on a diet

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Absolute Disgust.jpg
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>go on normiebook for a change
>see a heated argument taking place
>the subject is tipping
>"if you can't afford to tip you can't afford to eat"

I may not like Eurobots but this is one thing I am in full agreement on. Tipping is the stupidest practice ever, I'd rather just fucking pay more than deal with some faggot plying me for shekels by pretending to give a shit about me and I'm sick of the guilt trip normies put on you if you don't tip, enough that I won't go to certain restaurants
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>posting on anonymous pedo sharing networks instead of agreeing with your fellow peers on a social media website
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Tipping is retarded. Its always roasties who complain about how their kike boss wont pay them a good wage, but yet they make a shit ton off of tips.
>"if you can't afford to tip you can't afford to eat"
"If you're too stupid for a real job you don't deserve real pay"

Tell me all about that girl you are kinda interested in.
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she was a money hungry whore, enough said
She's black with big titties like pic related

Now this thread seems kind of spooky...
Piety? Oregano

>normies invite me to go to a restaurant that's having a grand opening
>we all order smoothies, hot chocolate, and iced coffee since it's the specialty there
>the drinks come in mason jars

Anyone else really hate this fad of drinking out of mason jars? How are you supposed to consume these without making a mess?
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start off with a spoon maybe?

>chocolate fudge starts to melt/break off
>whip cream sliding down jar
>nuts falling all over
>cinnamon bun makes fingers all sticky and crumbs get everywhere
>chocolate drips down chin because jars aren't meant for drinking
Get on this level fag

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