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i'm feeling constantly horny and i feel the need to masturbate very often. how i can fix this?
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cut off genitals
masturbate very often
become depressed?

I jerk off once a week, i used to even once a month

Why do you not have a girlfriend?
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No one loves me and I don't either

also im not a chad so until all of them are gone or taken, all girls will try to have one
Because I want a boyfriend
I have a gf

Honestly surprised that this was not original

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Why are male therapists vastly superior to female ones? I thought females were supposed to miles ahead of males in the nurture and feels department?

Why is it everytime I see a male therapist he's straight up with me and answers the questions I want answered, and gives me sound advice? Whereas with females they ignore my larger problems and try to put me on some bullshit regiment like I'm a retard and can't do the normal things I need to do in life?

Take my last encounter for example. I'm very antisocial and had severe ADD which is a problem for me since I can never stay on task or focus and coupled with my antisocial attitude I've never had a good job or good job prospects. This bitch then focuses on MY FUCKING ASTHMA for some reason. I told her I was worried because I was getting kicked off my insurance and I still need dental work and inhalers. So instead of focusing on my brain and how it's fucking up my opportunities, she tries to tell me how to get prescribed and order inhalers like I haven't been doing it my whole adult life.

Why are female therapist so inept and inclined to try to be a mother to what they think is a child in front of them instead of treating actual issues? Men never did that to me.
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>miles ahead of males in the nurture and feels department
>Why are female therapist so inept and inclined to try to be a mother

And that's the answer. Good therapy isn't based on empathy or compassion, it's based on problem solving.
Because women are biologically only good for 3 things.
>Give birth
>Spend time with husband
>Give emotional support

Everything else, they're worthless at it. Men are stronger and smarter. Science has proven it a trillion times. Never go to female doctors or therapists.
agree. went to see a female psyc and after 4 sessions i was done... waste of time

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Why are women incapable of being dominant?

Is it cultural or biological?
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>Why are women incapable of being dominant?
They aren't, they just have absolutely no need to be. They can just sit back and wait for a wealthy Chad to ride in on his white horse and charm them. And this strategy always works because men are pretty badass.

The only time you some somewhat dominant women, is for example on Fetlife with these 45yo women who have hit the wall long ago and this is the only way for them to get laid, partially by catering to weird fetishes, and partially by being slightly more proactive. Same goes for ugly/fat younger women.

Very, very few women do have a genuine interest in it, generally autistic women (which makes them more masculine) who also happen to be intelligent enough to be self-aware about their autism.

>Is it cultural or biological?
>because men are pretty badass.

You mean pathetic? She could have had 20 dicks inside her but because society puts pussy on a pedestal a rich white chad will still marry (financially support) her because of said pussy.
Biological. Women love being dominated, there's a reason movies like 50 shades of grey are so popular with women.

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Have you moved out yet?
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Nope. Probably won't be able any time soon even If I had a yob. You?
I want to but at the same time, id become really lonely as I dont really have any friends and I dont interact with people outside of work.
Been did, sid

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1. Use a name in the namefield

2. Share your problemes, ask questions.

3. Be listened to, cared for.

4. Join in group therapy by interacting with the others.

5. Today, I won't necessarily answer everyone, due to time constraints; other regular posters will however listen to you.
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Nice, I'm right on time. How are you Nick?

Not good. You?

These are not happy days. (Post was not original.)
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Hey Nick whats going on? I'm painting for internship. Just done laying plastic

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So how are all of you holding up, /r9k/?
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about to die on my final exam of english tomorrow
about to end it
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pretty good thanks for asking, I hope you're doing alright wojak poster

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I'm sorry, could you please be quiet for a bit?

You know how I am before I've had my coffee.
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Coffe is life XD
May may
Muh dubsssss
Was the thread you posted this morning not enough for you?

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Submitted an application to this taco place like a week ago but haven't had a call back, should I call? Someone told me unless you call you won't get the interview.
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Don't call, go up there and ask about it in person.
Most of the time that's true. Fast food places typically take longer for some odd reason.
yes it shows you want initiative, I wouldnt work there more than a few months though, assuming this is your first job in a while, you should really be finding a job thats closer to 9 or $10 an hour.

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Pewdiepie is making fun of us again

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>It's another "Normies pretend to care about people with mental health issues" week

The amount of replies this thread had before me is the amount of times I've been asked if I was ok
>watching pewdiepie
Fuck off retard.
Shut up you guys you have to let Normies who lost a game of little league once have their pity parade.

Who is your favorite tranny?
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thats like asking what my favorite diease is
None, get the fuck out.
is it dyslexia?

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Name one reason why prostitution shouldn't be legal
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Its icky
it's for degenerates
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I literally can't, and yet my cucked government has made it a crime to purchase sex (but not to sell it)

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Any identity, meaning, or hope that you seek from within this material world can be damaged or destroyed.
This is why you suffer as you do, this is why depression is rampant in Western society; because our culture has not prepared you for it, you have been unwittingly let down. Our culture has you chasing dreams and happiness for eternity and it is an ultimately impossible mission. Even if you were to achieve your material goals, it is very possible for them to be removed from you and thus you tumble once more into despair.
For example the Nazi concentration camps; those stuck in materialism gave up and died while those with religious or otherwise transreal hopes did not give up and some survived.
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The ultimate goal is to achieve within oneself a non-judgmental self-acceptance and non-narcassistic self-love

So far on Earth our greatest minds have come up with:
Buddhism, asserts the practice of meditation to one become present in the moment and eventually suffering ceases to affect you as you realize everything is transcient

Stoicism, asserts the practice of tamping down ones emotions such that they no longer manipulate you and thus temptation and suffering eventually ceases to affect you

Christianity, asserts that God and Jesus give you the ultimate acceptance and love through belief and faith in them and thus nothing else in the world truly matters and thus suffering ceases to affect you.

Please, truly listen to Reverend Tim Keller in these speech/debates. You do not have to believe in Christianity (I myself am an agnostic atheist) but you CAN learn from his wisdom:

Modern Secularity has woefully unprepared these recent generations for suffering, it is THE WORST culture for preparing people for suffering because it brings people to seek their identities, meanings, and hopes in the material world

Ideally a fusion of science with the above three religion/philosophies' values would be the ultimate form of religion.
I tried going that route. At the end of the day you gotta eat. Also nice clothes will make you feel better than ugly clothes no matter how enlightened you are.
Please stop bastardizing these philosophies with your newage nonsense.

/r9k/, we are all on this site in the context of an online character. Some of the characters are deeply rooted in our real life personalities, some are polar opposites, some are virtually identical.

I, for one, am the polar opposite of my irl self on this site.

Realistically, I'm doing fine in life. But, that being said, it's fun to complain and yell at people online for being "roasties"

Anyways, discuss. "fembots" not allowed, because everyone knows they don't really exist.

Pic unrelated
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you are a dumb faggot for adopting a persona online.
Of course im different here

I come just to load off so I don't keep it all bubbled inside

Good to do so once in a while
It's human psychology to do so, we all do. I don't do it for rping, I do it so I don't shoot up a school or something stupid like that. I'm a very pleasant person in real life, but you wouldn't know it online.

That being said, when it comes to people saying they're going to kill themselves, I do try to legitimately stop them. Idk, I feel like I should.

Hey fellow NEETS and robots. I find myself at a crossroads. I've been trying to enlist in the military for going on 7 months and the process is going irredeemably slow. I have to face the potential truth that maybe I won't be able to join the Army which brings to light the idea behind this thread. I don't want to be stuck in minimum wage hell so I was wondering what should I go to school for? What kind of jobs are on the rise and which degree should I get?

I'm your average twentysomething aimless NEET with nothing to lose. I'm open to trades as well. If you come up with anything please be specific as you can. Hopefully something comes of this. Thank you.
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>I've been trying to enlist in the military for going on 7 months and the process is going irredeemably slow.

Are you fit enough, did you look like a fuck up in the interview?
I am fit enough and have been working out; I am past the introductory phase. The thing is that I have a...complicated packet. My recruiter says it's not that hard, but I don't know at this point. Beyond that MEPS is a fucking mess down here
It's the same in the UK with our AFCO, it's a dumping ground for retards and blokes at the end of their career.

I'd stick it out if I were you, didn't know what I wanted to do when I was younger. Don't be afraid to chase your application up either.

Don't really have any advice beyond that.

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