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Is my dog retarded?
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uhh no, you are, thats a goldfish mate
He looks like a kangaroo like that.

What a qt im jealous.
thits a feckin roo wanker

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>chad wearing funny outfit juggling in park
>random 8/10 girl walks up and stutters "can I take your picture"
>starts taking pictures of Chad and giggling at literally anything he says
Is there literally any reason to not kill myself if I wasn't born a Chad?
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So anon why were you at a park?
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Going for a walkk.
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Stop going on walks on weekend nights.

Got a new autism badge today, ask me anything
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I saw this in my house and spun it round

It was okay I guess, would spin again
I pack these all the time at Amazon. Puzzles me. What the hell is it?
drones can post on the internettt????!?!?!?!?!?!


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bingo game
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could be worse

age is 18 btw
> spergy, awkward...
> have taken deliberate...
> attempted suicide...
> have past the point...
> noticiably poor hygiene
> sleep over 10 hours...
> lie, cheat or ....
> overcrowded or filthy ...
> masturbate at least...
> in debt or...
> less than 10 happy...
> fired from a job or....
> have very bad credit...


Well. Shit.
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Could be worse desu


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If you're a neet, why not mess around with linux
>comfy customization
>loads of desktop environments
>loads of comfy distros from easy to functional
>security to hide your lolis
>might even spark off a little ambition
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>can't run games
Pretty much the only reason why it's not popular
I made it so my computer dualboots w7 and ubuntu.
W7 for gaming and ubuntu for everything else.
Lately, ive been teaching myself how to program in Python. Ive made a lot of progress.
Being neet is awesome if you have a pc
I can't, anon. My Nvidia gpu cucks me and won't let me enjoy comfy linux.

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Who else /fuckeduphairline/?
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That's actually not bad at all. Better than mine.

Also, it's not thinning or receding so that's not bad.
Mine goes pretty far back like yours. Makes me mad because I started growing my hair out, and I don't want people to think I'm trying to cover it up or something.

Also it makes styling it hard as hell.

This pic doesn't make it look so bad though, maybe I am overreacting
True. I'm going gray at 26 which suck but better than being bald

I'm a Chad.

By every definition, I'm a total Chad.

Well above average height, intelligence, athlete, conversationalist, and above all, winner. Born into a 0.1% family, grew up with the children of famous dynasties, CEOs, politicians, and athletes. Late-blooming, but quite good-looking. Private schools, private etiquette tutors, private coaches. First class vacations to Florida, overseas travel, luxury box seats. When I was a child, I asked my father why anybody would live in an apartment. I'd never even set foot in one.

Former collegian athlete, published writer, won awards for my abilities in math as a child. In the homecoming court, dated one of the hottest girls in the school, accepted into my first choice within an hour of my application because my future college coach rushed to the admissions office the moment I texted him that I'd applied.

So I laugh my ass off whenever I see posts where people brag about "ascending." They're fucking liars. Well, only half of you guys know you're a liar. The other half hasn't found out yet. I write to both halves.

Because I'm a robot.


Complete robot.

Emotionally neglected as child. Difficult home situation. Drugs, alcohol, all the vices that come with having too much money to know what to do with.

Outcast growing up. Bullied. Stole on and exploited. The few times I trusted people, they would give me up. My siblings included. Learned to see the worst in people.

Fights at school, being cut from the team, sitting alone on the bus hoping that kids would leave me alone. Anime kid, the kid who reads fantasy books 24/7, the kid who eats his scabs and cuts.

I could've been 22, 32, or 42 when I decided I didn't want to be a loser anymore. I was 12 though.
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Starting lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups, protein shakes, constant sports practice. Started out creeping on girls on Facebook and adding them to get numbers, because no girl would be caught dead talking to me in my social circles. Started with the ugliest bitches I could find, low self-esteem, bad home lives. I related to them, gained their trust, and used them. Befriended other losers from other schools, learned how to talk to somebody while looking into their eyes, ditched them once I felt comfortable. Rinse and repeat, every few months new girls and new friends. Practiced my smile in the mirror, my jokes in private, and made mental notes on how to fake the emotions I had already shut down on. Figured out a way of speaking that would hide my stutters, realizing that the only way to overcome them was by talking in a direct stream of conscience, and continuing to talk no matter how many times I stumbled.

Learned how to act like a normie by doing this. Become stronger, better at my chosen sport. My genes started kicking in, developed a normie's face, no more acne, no more scabs. Grew five inches one summer, finally started going through puberty at the time some of the other boys were finishing. Starting getting some budding muscles. These small gains made me even more motivated, became dedicated to the point of obsessive about my routines and desire to better myself. The ugly bitches turned into just average girls. Started talking about my "friends" from other schools, inventing stories about the cool stuff we did on the weekends. This was before social media and smartphones were everywhere, I lied my ass off and acted too good for those I actually went to school with. Rinse and repeat.
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Started hanging around the cool boys, the best athletes, smartest guys, and the ones whose parents gave them credit cards at 14. Just kinda as a hanger-on at first, after practice or during study hall. I sniffed out any form of weakness in them. Closeted gay? Homo-bashed them at every opportunity. Brother already famous like their father and uncle, but they're still just an above-average high schooler? Never let it down. Not white? Racism. I didn't pussyfoot. Somebody came at me for tripping over my shoes, I came at them for their sister being fucked by a wide receiver in the locker room. Went for the jugular every time. Complete social psychopath, knew how to push everybody that could be broken to their breaking point. Sometimes it would take 3-4 remarks every day for a year and a half for a guy to snap, sometimes you just had to dance around something unspoken, like the 5'5" guy who spent every second in the weight room.

By my senior year, I was one of the coolest guys. My four best friends and I were all college recruits in our different sports, and scored 2100+ on our SATs. Girls all over us, skinny dipping and group sex, partying on the weekends and then kicking them to the curb the first time they wouldn't give dome. My life was my sport, girls, and then my niche, loner hobbies like writing, reading, or working on math projects. And late at night, when my family was asleep, I practiced in the mirror. Every night, my stuttering (which nobody even noticed anymore) got a little less pronounced, my smile became a touch more convincing, and I worked on animating the parts of my face that I still didn't think were good enough to pass as genuine when emoting. The bottom, outside corners of my eyes were the most challenging.

Bam, no more Robot. Total Chad. Stopped going on /b/ around 15-16, I didn't need you fucking losers anymore and I purged everything that wasn't pure ego from my memory. When I went to college, it became easier.
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In the next 5 years, I had everything. Made it look easy, effortless. Tinder and Bumble only increased the flow of sluts, and the memory of who I was when I was growing up was completely nonexistent to my new circles. The fellow rich kids were scattered to the wind, and I made sure that my first choice was a school where nobody from my high school had attended in the last 5 years. I cut off all communication, purged my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, blocking everybody from my prior life even the faintest line of communication to my new one. Clean break. My university loved me, people knew my name on campus, every party I was all over, and I drank my ass off three nights a week.

But behind it all is the same obsessive psychopath who stays up until 4am every night. Perfectionist when it comes to my personal projects, in the weight room or practicing late into the night. Writing articles and networking during my little free time when I wasn't drunk off my ass or fucking. Fought with my new teammates and coaches, hated my new dick-riding hanger-ons, community bathrooms in the dorms meant I couldn't safely continue practicing my emotions in the mirror, even late at night.

Started blowing up on people, especially women. Stupid whores deserved it, be more interesting. Skipped class 70% of the time. Coaches became mad at me, professors stopped looking the other way. Started drinking not to get drunk, but because I needed it. I fucking needed to be obliterated every night.

>Be nice and kind to friends on discord
>They suspect I have an ulterior motive
What's the deal with this anons?
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If they are on to you you gotta lay low for a good while. Be more careful next time.
I just want to be nice to people that are my friend, why is this so bad?
you're most likely extremely annoying and nobody wants to befriend you

just cut it out, please for the sake of your "friends"

How do I get a fembot to abuse me? I'm willing to spend money on it.
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It probably depends on what kind of abuse and what you look like.
I'll tell you if you give me the source for that image.
Interracial cuckolding.

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anyone else bored out of their fucking minds? I've been browsing this shit all day, played some league games, played a bit of hearthstone, watched twitchtv all day. my life is so fucking boring i have no friends i can't go outside because i live in rural shit where there's nothing
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Living in a rural area means there's everything. Go for a peaceful walk without being bothered by people.
Watch a movie, read a book, read some comics, make your own story. There's always some way to have fun.
Do drugs pussyfart

hey look at it what it says
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Yeah, sex can be a good thing.
Is the song of Solomon the lewdest book in the bible?
>there she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.
Ezekiel 23:20

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Could a beta uprising actually occur ? How would it go down?
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No, so it wouldn't.
Choose one.
Sure it could occur, but it would be quickly and violently suppressed. The era where white men with small arms can effect meaningful social change was over long ago.

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loli harem.jpg
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Do children like you, /r9k/? Women don't like men who are awful with children.
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I don't like children.
I'm not mean to them but I don't wanna spent my time with them and I don't want to have kids myself.
If a woman has a problem with that she can fuck off.
>be lolicon
>not even lolis like you
y-you too
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I've got hunted and wrestled down by a pack of lolis once.
Kinda scary how fast you get down as soon as one of those beasts get a grip on your legs.

>tfw no pool
>tfw no creek
>tfw miss that post pool/creek feeling
>hot outside
>go outside and stick my head under outdoor spicket
>put my hands, feet, slap the water on my chest
>get good and wet
>water smells ground water because it's from a well
>snort it up my nose
>swish some water around in my mouth
>tastes good
>skin tightens up
>go sit in lawn chair and feel breeze blow across my body
>listen to the neighborhood
>going to fry some fish now
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>Tfw allergic to water
>Tfw only 30 to 40 people diagnosed with the allergy so no cure, or even hope of a cure
>tfw allergic to nearly everything
>tfw i went to the allergist and they said that i was the most allergic person they've ever seen in 40 years or working
>Tfw my whole life I'll have to intently watch what i eat and where i go in case it rains
I also can't sweat or else i get a rash.
Its called a spigot you idiot

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lmfao dumb bitch. spam the fuck out of the comments
My Lenovo Thinkpad x230 Tablet with pen input works just as well, if not better for a fraction of the cost ($110).
the ipad pro is just a rip off of the surface pro..

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