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>Was intending to walk down street to improve myself as a human being
>Fucked-up and checked out teenage girl
>Now too scared to ever walk back outside because I might get beaten by her angry dad and brother when she realizes who I am

Fuck this
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who are you? what's so bad about you?
genuinely curious
Did she look at you angrily? Did her dad act pissed off? Why do you think they would beat you up over that?
It's not like you grabbed her or yelled "nice ass!!"
I'm a 20 year old man that's totally isolated from the opposite sex because I work for my father, and I don't know how to drive.

Walking around my shitty neighborhood was my last chance to interact with other humans, and I blew it.

Now I have to learn how to drive before I can try again, and I keep saying "fuck-it" when I have free time. It might take years.

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Any 9/10 slavs like me here?
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the fuck nigga
And still no gf tsk tsk
How tall is Stanley?

>Hi oneitis, how are you doing
>Hi anon, i've been doing fine, how about you
>Yeah i'm fine too thanks
>end of convo
it's always like this. what's the fucking point. i can't hold up a conversation for more than a fucking minute. I'm just so bland and uninteresting that by the time i actually gather up the courage to initiate conversation i already feel mentally exhausted and want to end the whole shit show. fuck.
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If she was interested she would have kept the conversation going.
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>can spend hours having genuinely enjoyable conversation with a girl and correspond almost every day, with both of us initiating conversation equally frequently
>she's a lesbian and has a gf
She would ask me how i was doing sometimes.
I would say i was fine and that would literally be it.
it's been like this for a long ass time.
although i do believe that the chance she might be interested in me is beyond infinitesimal, i would just like to be able to not give the impression that i don't care about her, because most of the time that's how it feels like i'm acting, i end up driving away most of my acquaintances due to the fact that i literally have nothing to talk about, so I opt to just listen to whatever they have to say and reply with something autistic like "Yeah." or "cool.". someone once told me that he felt i was being condescending. how the fuck do i talk to people.

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Fight Club ending.jpg
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i finally completely broke myself emotionally.
make me feel even worse so i can reach unimaginable levels of depression.
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Kill yourself, you suck cock
everything will be ok, you are great, you will pull through and triumph, and live a long happy healthy life with much love and joy and beauty experiencing all the glories of the world
this made me happy

you're a good guy anon

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Hey brobots! Need some friends? Or need someone to talk to in general? Come join /Light~Criminals/ and become part of the family ^_^ /U9uSJU /b45Gf7R put it at the end of a discord url
any image of your choice, preferably any qt lewd anime girl
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Hello Dorkmin
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Original Comment Generation : 242348y45fheriuughiu5fherkgh45uihiewrfhhw4i5tuhweiughifeunsdjfheruh
How do I join it? I'm a little slow and I've never used discord before

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>be me
>start being friendly with a roastie
>find out that she just wanna be "friends"
>lose complete interest
>start acting neutral, ignoring them, acting like she doesn't exist
>wtf is wrong with you anon? Are you mad at me?
>why should I be?
>I don't know, why would you?
>walk away and barely pay any attention to her

How do I stop doing that?
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Why would you want to stop? Just do you and don't worry about what others think.
Don't. You're depriving the roastie of the one thing she actually wants from you which is attention. Don't become a beta orbiter and don't give in to guilt or anything. She's riding the Chad Carousel whenever she's not talking to you anyway. It's just not worth it.

With black boys taking white cocks?
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The just can't stop.
Black boys have always loved white cock OP. What are you smoking?

I fucking hate this world. I hate my life. I hate people. I hate everything.
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Sucks to be you then faggot
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Sometimes I forget what's the point of this board
Is there a point? O

look, a cute little anime girl
you don't think im fat and ugly irl now, do you? this makes up for it right? ^_^~~desu owo x3
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Kawaii desu xx
Sugoi so petite and hot! Be my imouto<3<3
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I honestly feel bad for 3D girls.
Even the hottest ones look like shit without makeup in comparison to 2D.

I know it seem like im memeing but im not.
i really do feel bad for them.
I'm an ugly male but it's not really a big deal for me. Women seem like they need someone to look at them and love them.
I'm sorry you feel that way, honey

>be me
>Fuck female and tranny hookers
>Find one tranny that makes me cum buckets
>See her exclusively for several months
>Haven't had sex with a female since February
>Yesterday wanted to fuck a female escort
>Get to her place
>We smoke weed
>Get on bed
>I'm not hard yet
>She touches me once
>Getting slight chub
>Looks confused asks if I like girls
>Say yes and trannies
>She looks shocked
>I laugh at her reaction
>She gets mad and says I thought she was a man and tells me to leave
>Grab my money, laugh on the way out.

So I've been thinking about it and what if I'm only able to get hard with trannies now? I hope not cause I still prefer women romantically, in fact I wouldn't want to date a tranny ever. I still cum from normal and lesbo porn.
So am I gay or something or do you guys think this was a fluke? Like I still hadn't gotten really into the mood yet cause me and her were just talking about life shit as we smoked nothing sexy. I'm pretty confident in my sexuality but there's a lil doubt in the back of my head and i'm bored so lmk what my fellow autismos think.
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haha, OP is a literal faggot, as always!
Nuh uh I just want to fuck your boipussy nothing gay about that
File: DEhsCXKXcAYqwZq.jpg (113KB, 801x928px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>there is literally nothing gay about gay sex

I love this post-it world we live in

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>accidentally asked friend if I could suck his dick
>he isn't responding to my texts anymore
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How does one accidentally ask if they can suck a friend's dick
you send him a message saying can I suck your dick but you do it accidentally
I'll suck your dick

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>have a great gf
>great sense of humor, good taste, redpilled, but rather introverted
>love her very much
>you're a cyborg though and your normie urges start to control you
>become unhappy
>break up
>lose contact with your gf who was also your best friend who always truly understood you
>live in agony for some time
>find another girl
>she seems to be cool and like similar things
>be happy for a while
>she turns out to be rather normie and doesn't know shit about the internet, vidya, music, you name it
>start missing your ex
>realize you hurt your ex, yourself and your current girlfriend & that you're actually awful and don't deserve any compassion

it isn't true only robots have it rough
you can be partially successful and still suffer
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Really hope boards of Canada release some new stuff soon
yea what do you think is their best album? Personally I think its Geogaddi
You deserve the pain you feel. I hope you die

File: aaa.jpg (55KB, 320x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Elbertious, did you just shart? please display your gas over the flame next time; if you should so risk our suffer too shall your enjoyment for ours
>oh here comes Teddy; wonder what new plant he has found to try to consume this time
>oh and look at Pete putting on a show; sticking a log up his rectum
>what a tremendous start to our festivus summer ning of eve
>how was your day Xon?
>"I tried to sell beads at the market; made enough for some crickets to sup; might any of you spare some oats?"
>has God Emperor Ceaser not given your pittance for subsistance?
>..."the travelers from the east came through a quarter moons fortnight ago and I couldnt help but trade my grain and gold for their exemplaryly equisite figurined trinkets... come on, they are all the rage, you know this, some day they will be worth more, and we will see whos laughing then"
>hey Chetus, fancy seeing you around the bon fire on this fine evening, ah, just look at the stars a crisp brisk night, care for some mead my good friend?
>how was your day, what is it you do again?
>I haul rocks; mainly to and fro; it pays the mills
>hm, anyone have a story to share?
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>it is beggining to get cold these coming weeks, all the fornication in the temple; the rotten city full of theives and whores, the gods have begun to take away their sun; I have heard that Lukus let a man cut open his prime ass to sleep in; as he has been without shelter, since his waif fool took everything he had in the dieforce; she went away with some more stable boy; chadewickus, son of a fruit farmer; she makes ((jewelery)) as hobby, go figure;
>did anyone see that new play? is that what goes for entertainment these days; why when I was a weew lad the artistry was of a much higher grade, not this prissy sissy prancing; the youth these days have all gone to manure, with their berry hair and always socializing around the big water well, bring on the warriors! bring on the bloodshed! our people are being coddled out of existence!
>are there any parties tonight? not that we would be welcome; those folks of normal accordance, simply dance the night away, and extremely stick extremity in orfice, like giving candy to a babe; and here we are left to prattle on itchy matts of hay; at least we have our comfy coats of blanket; and each other right?
>someone pidgeon Rufus, and tell him to bring, 3, 4, 5...7..12...32 tender chickens to nuggetize over flame
>Hey! quit playing with your abicus will you Meltonio, this is our time to relax and have fun!
>"b-but I just need to beat this level and I cant save yet"
>where is Alcyon, is that lovergiver working overtime again, what a purse nurse, what a coin groin, what shell hell
everyday, there are no weak ends, he toils 35 humblats an ectoid, he must be able to afford several slaves by now but noooo he is gay for imaginary rules
>Duchious, quit sharpening your spear, you are making me nervous, you are not among foews
>"-we must always be on guard you cretnious cretin, for bandits roam these roads, I hath swallowed the herbs of maroon varitas dud, you hath feared THE, today is the day of frying, there are no beings so prudently mechanical with the holy offering of womb that would hang around a fire which attracts unfly moths the likes of us; there are millions of hen over yonder; who are harder in every way; richer, who the goddess gwenthyia has blessed; who build the builds, the aquaducts, who remoe the feces with no sweat, who race the chariots, who banish the barbarians
>...wait, hold silence still, in the shadows, who goes there! c-could it be; an anonymous being of the vaginal persuasion?!
>I shall grab my conch and call out; leap unto the alter before flame and bare us your breasts or be gone you wretched dame!
>What beith your name fair maiden, as I can hardly believe mine eyes; a soft and supple creature to take the time, to course with such roughness as here you will find; and like a lightning crack she spoketh; christious, divine, to sup and sit and sip with a sis on a night so fine, and if I dont wench this wench I might offer my wrists for her slit, or neck my self on wines tardy vine
>we sit agape and aghast as she'th removes her'th cape and her masque
>excelsior, a boobied trap!
>now I understand a frog in overthought when they get a bit shy; but a toad in the abode of rejoins never I must not resist to decline
>but it has been so long, since the invasions of egypt, I have come near a mummy, and I am not even sure if that was just not a dream of damp fog, I am question; if embarking to her forbidden lands would make me happy merchant; I suppose the only way to tell would be how much of a pussy be her serpent
>that really causes the dome'id froth into perculation
>Hold fast...stead...fast... raise your armor, do you smell it? duck for cover; Ladius noo! Splat! a slinger of excrement hath landed on our beloved owl post, everyone get him!
>-...no... Wizzious warns warmly... its what it wants... creep ofter recent homos
>what the heavens, was it a ghost, a sign from the gods, what creul taste the demiurge bestows, to make our creul fate, to add harm to harmery
>What is this, a sign left behind, a scroll hosted on a cross; bring your lanter near; what the, a mockery of our clan; the graven image, of our coat of arms, a toad drawn with the action of def, signed a name, I can hardly read... does that say Simon... no what does this say, a note;
>those roasted pigs who cant get enough suasage bakened into their balooney ham holes wouldnt take a porking from any of ye
not even at the canibal carnaval, would you have the chance to eat out, you would recieve no justice at the snot fair
even the tidy ones of you, neat freaks; would have a difficult go at collecting your 200 beans, if the courtess was flicking them in the square towards the lot of you squares squared
>she is pretty as the sky, but so empty, as the sky, she should be called spacey, how come all the brightest stars are attracted to her, from where cometh her gravitas?
>we cry, if only we had some princess to link to; yet our poetic hears are broken like pottery; we are quickly dropped, we try and force every angle, to play our sknny solemn flute with our only friend, time; left green with envy
>"while licking ribbits Tnert thought of a festivity to fill a hollowed rabbit with eggs to swing around head; and for you all to go find them"

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>spent new year alone drinking
>spent christmas alone drinking
>didn't go to prom and spent that entire night alone drinking
>none of my high school friends contacted me after high school ended
>nobody acknowledged the fact that it's my birthday today
>invited 5 people to come over but all of them had some shitty excuse

I'm 22 and I realized that I will never have friends again because I have nothing to offer and I can't entertain people. hurts much more than >tfw no gf

who else here /friendless/?
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Shit m8, I turned 22 today. Happy birthday.
happy birthday to you too, anon. hope you're having a nice day.
happy birthday t b h, alcohol is a bad friend substitute, go to college or university and try again or juist get a job, any environment that fosters sociability. you have to try and be neurotypical or give up

My toe nail is fucked robots. Do I need to cut it off? .my entire 10 toenails are fucked to with fungus
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why the fuck would you not go to see a doctor about this and get something to treat it
I did made it worse. Got blood tests to see if I got take the drugs ... Didn't work
Honestly just chop off your toes at this stage

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