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Well anons, is this woman right?
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If a white person says get the fuck out of my country, they're right; get the fuck out.

I don't really care if people think I'm any of those things.
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Do any anons here get off on racial humiliation?

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>it starts raining
>feeling comfy
>remember all the homeless people or poor people who will have theirs homes flooded with water all over the world
>realize something that is normal and comfy for me is a nightmare for them
>get sad

Does anybody else gets this feeling? Doesn't happen just with rain and poor people. Whenever I manage to make a minor pain disappear with meds I remember all the sick and depressed people, or people with chronic pain that have to deal with suffering constantly. Or when I go out with my "friends" (I'm more of a cyborg but it's better than no human interaction) and remember that so many people spend their days without speaking to a single human being. Or when I come out from a particular bad day at uni/work and remember that there are people who work their asses off on McDonald's or another dead end job, while I have perspective of growing in mine. I just wish everybody could be happy.

And the rain sounds so calming...
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>it starts raining
>feeling comfy
>remember all the homeless people or poor people who will have theirs homes flooded with water all over the world
>realize something that is normal and comfy for me is a nightmare for them
>get happy
Are you a Democrat, OP?
kek I knew this would be the first answer

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Would our lives improve if we were to stop watching porn at all?
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yeah probably! in the mean time it's so hot seeing those hard cocks rub together
Yes, orofjkally
Yes. But I have this autistic thing where I want to eliminate all dangers instead of avoiding them. That will probably make me waste my entire life by the time I'm dead, but that's the way I am. I can only hope to God that I change because I can't keep going on like this.

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Can you please tell the people playing online games to be nice? I'm just trying to learn and have fun.
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It's supposed to toughen you up, git gud or GTFO
Tell them they're being faggot and they'll know it, it's actually incredibly easy to deal with. Online gamers don't know jack about shit
Are they playing Payday 2?

Who /tattoos/ here??
They PISS normies the FUCK off, and its fucking epic.
heh, stay mad normalswine
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nah tattoos are for norms
tattoos are the most normie shit ever
They don't piss me off - I just think they're stupid.

"Look at me! Look how edgy and interesting I am!"

Whatever, dude.

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Best Ben & Jerry's flavor?
Best ice cream overall?
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>Best Ben & Jerry's flavor?
>Best ice cream overall?
which ever one is vegan
HAHAHAHAHA "without a hint of chocolate" HAHAHAHAH!!!!

It was in promotion at local supermarket 3.99 eurs 400g cookie dough flavour.

How much in murica?

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Keep it up man, you're one of the good ones.
>Keep it up man, you're one of the good ones.
why do you say this?

His stupid threads add literally no value to this site. In fact they break the rules of this board, he is undeniably avoiding the filter.
How is he good? Because you like this anime?
but nothing adds value to this site anon

unless you find value in femanon and trap threads...

these threads are for fun and I am yet to be banned for them so I will continue to make them

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Do women have it easier?
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Yes,but only the ones who know how to use it.
thats a really hot image OP. Reminds me of my youth when all I had to jerk off to was those tiny little pictures in the yearbook

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Hawaii just passed UBI, are we all going to move there now?


>The congressman thanked "redditors" in his post, as he said the site became his first resource in considering UBI, and added a Reddit-standard TL;DR at the end: "The State of Hawaii is going to begin evaluating universal basic income."

You owe us big time, robots. Us redditors got you free tendies.
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heh proles enjoy your scraps
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WHAT THE FUCK? I was hoping to see UBI in my lifetime but this is moving at Sonic the Hedgehog speed compared to what I was expecting!

Have they said anything about how much money we can expect to be given? I will need at LEAST $200 per month (after mandatory expenses like utilities, groceries, stuff like my Crunchyroll subscription, etc.) for fun video games, cool anime merchandise, and other stuff. I hope they release some more info about how this stuff will all work soon! But still, I'm happy as can be to just HEAR they're planning on UBI! This is Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainboom speed compared to what I was expecting!
thanks for the reddit peep, unironically lit af

Does anyone use skype anymore or is it all discord these days?

I want to chat with a fembot till late in the morning like in the old days.
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fuck off normie scum
not original somehow
The old days are gone.

Now you just have underage 17-year-old edgelords like this guy >>37741610
>the old days of cancerous group chats, cliques, and catfishes

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How do I get NEETbux? I'd literally rather kill myself than wageslave, but I figure I ought to give the bux a fair chance. I'm in the USA, since I'm sure that matters. Oh, I've also been put into a psych ward before, so that ought to help.
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Answer can change with your state, which one are you in?
Contact your local Government Assistance branch and tell them you'd like to apply for welfare, to begin the process.
Normally they get your information over phone, and then book you a meeting with a community worker who will take you through the process of getting onto assistance.
They'll ask you about your employment and mental history, so your psych ward thing would help here, try to really show them your autism, the worse you are the better.
Focus on informing them of your unsuitability for the workforce and for job search with more reasons than "I like anime" though.
The NPA will also normally ask for a signature from a professional that shows you are too autistic for the workforce.
>mfw this would be impossible to do in my country. Dont know if im proud they dont give free money to FUCKING PARASITES, or to be jelly that i cant get it.

Okay. I've never had a job, so that helps, as well. But I'm assuming I'll need to see a professional to get that signed off?

Thank you very much for the help

I never asked to be here. It's not my fault capitalism forces you to work or die. I'll gladly die, but I'm trying this first.

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>often beta but to autistic to get any SJW sympathy
>No care for personal hygiene
>Interest are often the exact opposite of what is normal
>if they manage to push through uni they will probably end up in an under-payed STEM field

Do INTPs truly have it the worst lads?
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INTP here

We are the natural outcasts
Somebody roast INFJs.
>Do a few MBTI tests
>Get torn between ENTP and ENTJ at random

Am I genuinely a bad person? A soulless manipulator who is also good at being personable and arguing?

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Do you prefer short or tall women? And why?
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short becasue I'm a pedo like most men
5'6-5'10 women have the best proportions

taller girls are lanky but not to the same extent as shorter gals look stumpy. Stumpy is the worst
I like my girl a little bit taller

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The Pineal Gland is the gateway to the soul, reincarnation occurs, and there is life after death (Death is only just the Beginning) and an afterlife, until you have to go back in.

Life is meaningless, but the soul is everything.

When the doorway of the Pineal Gland is opened, you will remember more and more of your past life's memories (skill doesn't transfer sadly) however you WILL end up remembering something that will scar you mentally or emotionally, which can lead to depression, and much worse suicide.

If you want to ignore the warnings, and proceed: don't bother with the "new age" shit, although do try to avoid consuming fluoridated water (most bottled water is just filtered tap water btw, Penn and Teller's Bullshit made a great episode on it) But the biggest point o activate it, is to avoid direct sunlight upon you're spinal area (this along with fluoride, causes calcification), so wear Hats IF you do have to go into the sun. Reading is also good for the Pineal Gland, so do plenty of it.

Also don't bother with Chakras and all that shit, it doesn't give you powers, it just destroys personification, and just makes you more powerful in terms of Intuition, Spiritual Power, Denying Materialism, and increasing free-will.

Despite the various bullshit made by new-age groups, the Pineal Gland is only good for achieving soul-based consciousness it terms of what happened in YOUR past.
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>reincarnation occurs, and there is life after death (Death is only just the Beginning) and an afterlife

This is something that requires a lot of evidence. So OP, proofs?
>increasing free-will

Free will is incoherent to begin with. You can't increase it. You can't decrease it. We don't even experience it--people just swallow the lie that we do.

It's meaningless. Like square circles, or something that is both invisible and pink.

There is no such thing as free will, nor can there be because it's not even a real concept.

Unicorns are more logical and realistic to believe in than free will. At least unicorns could conceivably exist. The concept of a unicorn is not incoherent, even if unicorns are not in fact real.

But free will doesn't even get that far. It isn't even a real concept.
>be me, dead
>oh wait some guy on 4chan said magic shit
>brain wakes back up despite being medically dead
also citationneeed

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Tfw too intelligent to socialize with the outside world. I simply can't fathom being around idiots.
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What would you say your IQ is?
Most people who say so are just socially inept.
What do you do? People who have your same interests/workpath are the first thing you should look for.

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