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>late 2010's
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>1997 was 2O years ago
Discovered mustard from 2010 the other day.
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I don't understand how from 2010 to 2017 doesn't feel the same as from 2000 to 2007. I felt that from 2000 to 2007 was a looooooooooooong time, yet I remember 2010 like it was yesterday. I don't get it.

Why haven't you moved to Asia yet where women are still women? Western """women""" are basically men in comparison.
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Because believe it or not men's lives do not revolve around women.
>asian ladyboys
I don't think Yukirin is the best example.

I wanna cum like webm related. My dick isn't as big so I at least wanna shoot big ropes. How can I cum like crazy?
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>How Do I Cum More

b12 supplements
magnesium supplements
vitamin D supplement

drink lots of water, more than you do now

masturbate less, wait longer before cumming

that's pretty much everything you need to do
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The first part is wrong
Water and edging are going to get your load size up, but the guy in the webm has an extremely narrow urethra.

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Have you ever invented a form of shitposting that you're especially proud of?

I started Rick and Morty posting and I nearly piss myself laughing every time I see one of my copypastas
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my shitposting is one extended shitpost of all posts ever posted by me
in the future, when the ai uncover my life and shitpost works and stitch together all the shit, it will be robotically determined as the greatest masterpiece of humanity
this is the level of shitposting i have achieve and invent
Forever alone, troll face and many more.
Reddit: the show

Just kidding. Rick isn't actually an SJW cuck. He talks about elitism and eugenics. He would hate his leftist fanbase if he was real
He's more like a Nietzche type of nihilist, than a reddit fedora fag

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tfw you have a /stinky/ NEET puss
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Great thread, really contributed to this board.
NEETS are truly pathetic.
It's not because you're neet. Most people have terrible diets. Since you have time, you should learn to feed yourself better. It's actually cheaper.

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What's stopping you from making a spiderman and elsa youtube channel?
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I'm not Spiderman nor Elsa.
I have some sense of pride and self respect and desire to keep my anonymity.
Well for starters I'm not a faggot. Secondly I would never stoop so low as to do something like that. And thirdly, Youtube is dying because of Google's retarded bullshit so "Youtubers" are making way less money than they used to when it was actually profitable to whore yourself out online, so there would be no real point.

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What do you do when your wife is a hooker?

I love her, but I don't think I can deal with her "profession".
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I don't think a heart that big exists.
you stop pretending that your regular prostitute is your wife and stop falling in love with every woman who speaks to you and everything becomes OK
>marrying a hooker
literally a meme you ultra retard

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I stopped coming here cause my threads never get any reply.
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not anymore nerd
>make an original thread
>page 10 0 replies
>make a gay thread that belongs on lgbt
>376 replies 178 images 40 (you)s
Whats the point of the robot if its the same garbage every day?
My thoughts exactly. At this point may as well remove it and bring back /b/ 2.0.

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Do you robots think alien life exists?

I think it does, but at the rate of expansion the universe is at and the chances of any civilization reaching a type three stage in the Kardashev scale to travel throughout their host galaxy to find said extraterrestrial life before an extinction level event occurs, we might as well be alone
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We're going to join them :')
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I like to think that inter-sentient species shenanigans happens at center of our local supercluster where the distances between stars is less and that we're basically the hillbillies of our supercluster.
Do you think having an alien gf is possible?

Femanon here. I'm gonna confess something

I hate men. I fucking hate men. I'm not even going to justify it. They're evil and stupid and lazy and just fucking terrible. I never even talk to most of them irl because I'm sick of their dumbass bullshit. I won't lie, I'm a total misandrist.

But I'm also straight, and I gotta cope with that. Recently I've found myself only getting turned on by men getting absolutely humiliated. I fucking love choking them, which weirded out my ex bf, and slapping them, and insulting them, and suffocating them with my tits and cunt. They deserve it, they're shitty stupid cunts.

How do I find a guy who hates himself enough to love me while I hate him?
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Meet a robot irl.
There's plenty of men into femdom

I think that's bullshit though, you want someone strong enough to resist physical shittests.
how about you stay alone forever like you deserve to be

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Teemo chose me edition.

Who is your main?
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4chan is for 18+

please leave underage
I don't get how you can be stuck in bronze. I really don't. Like the first season I played league I was gold. I truly can't comprehend how stupid you must be to be stuck in bronze.
bad teammates bro xd

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no excuse.png
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if you are 5'9 or taller, you literally have no excuse
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I don't need an excuse. She's only with him for his money he pays for everything.

If she wants to live like that fine.

To be fair, it's not his height. She is super short. The real reason is because she is a weaboo. Observe her shirt and her love for Sword Art Online, and Pocky, and Hello Kitty, and Asian Food.

Okay, just ignore and pretend that I didn't call her a gold digger by using "oh I'm a just weaboo!" card.

I didn't ask for your weaboo street cred. It's just a front anyway, you're with him for his money.

That's fine if that's how you wanna live there are worse things.

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I haven't showered for 2 weeks. Whenever I pull down my underwear to use the bathroom, the smell of my vagina almost makes me pass out.

Convince me to shower.
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no stay dirty you whore
eventually the smell of your vagina will become so intense that it will seep through your underwear
I thought you could do better, r9k. Shame.

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ITT: Shit Chads and Stacies say that trigger you.

>"You Just gotta be yourself man!"
This is the biggest load of steaming horse shit that can ever come out of a human being's mouth. Whether or not a relationship will form between two people is almost entirely determined by how socially adept the other party perceives you to be and how much tangible resources like money or intangible resources like social status they stand to gain from associating with you. So called confidence literally plays no role whatsoever

>"Leave your comfort zone a little!"
Fun fact: 90% of all normies have never left their comfort zones once in their lives. The comfort zones they were born into just so happened to be the ones that would come to be socially acceptable.

>"How are you doing?"
The overwhelming majority of people who routinely ask this question of others could care less about how the person they are asking is actually feeling. By asking this, they are just trying to get their peers to perceive them as caring so as to increase their own social status.

>"I'm so depressed / lonely"
How about you try being ostracized on a near daily basis for failing to act within a hair's margin of what is considered socially acceptable you virtue signaling fuck? Come back when you're blowing through a bottle of Smirnoff a night and then we can talk.
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>height doesn't really matter
>so what that i'm 6'4"
>I don't even know you but I hope you have a good day

the ballz on that patronizing faggot
No matter how much you hate this shit it's always worse when they say the opposite.

>Yeah sorry bro you can only get girls if you're like me
>Naah mang you're hopeless
>Fuck you nobody cares about you
>My life is better than yours and I know it

Imagine if chads were honest. Would you truly like that?

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What dinosaur is most like you, /r9k/? I'll start:

>Spits venom (my personality is shit)
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Those robot dinosaur toys everyone got when Jurassic Park came out but can now only be found in dusty cupboards or buried with other trash.
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Paleofag here

Allosaurus maximus. Long and lean, violent, athletic. Prefers packs but most people think is better off alone.
thats a nice watergun design

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