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Maci where are you pls reply
i missed you
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I'm sorry. Maci's gone, Anon. It's only us Wilsons now.

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>Internet IQ of 130
>Point at objects and communicate relative location via motor movement to signify their relative location in the simulator
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iq is gay and you are gay stinky man

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Robots, have you ever made any attempts at being more of a normie? How did that go? What things you had to change?
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Feels weird and people started thinking I'm mentally ill or something. Went back to been an introvert.
I went to this bar Joshua Tree in the city. With a coworker. Fucking shit was PACKED. Tried being social...then i had a panic attack and drank myself into oblivion.
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I've been trying to socialize more. Ever since I got benzos it actually helps me a lot, I usually take them when i'm ready to go talk to someone ontop of my normal meds the reason i've been a robot is because I go insane when I try to talk to people. Social anxiety + shcizo

I'm starting small, trying to make friends online, talking to old friends from school IRL that I already know.

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>be me
>school is getting a conservative students League
>friend hatches plan
>see him talking to Asian kid
>see him talking to Mexican kid
>tells me to go to the conservative student meeting
>go to meeting
>sitting in room with three other people talking about political stuff
> when suddenly the Asian kid dressed as Mao Zedong, Mexican kid dress stands Fidel Castro and my friend dressed as Joseph Stalin show up
>everybody is completely confused
>suddenly conservative student takes a swing at Mao Zedong
>after that everything fell into complete Anarchy
>a complete brawl breaks out between the three communist dictators in the three conservative students
>able to escape
>come to school the next day
>hear that the conservative student League has been cancelled for the rest of the year
>the next couple of days the school begins to heat up
>Rednecks and feminist cucks begin fighting
>eventually the school bans anything and everything political

and that's why politics is stupid
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Business bump

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>about to Graduate
>still uncertain about my decisions
>good grades but only 50% of my grades are deserved
>i cheat on easy test and study in hard ones
>been thinking on becoming a lawyer
any thoughts? should i not?
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>be a clever, cheating person
>wants to be a lawer
You'll do just fine as a lawer, you've already been practicing the basics
the laws is a whore, dont be lawyer
You've got to balance what you wouldn't mind studying for the next eight years against what you wouldn't kill yourself if you had to do it for the next 30 years. If you have funding for law school without taking out loans, law has many great robot professions, and if you decide to become a lawyer, there are many more. You get to work in the air conditioning with clean, upper-middle class people in a professional setting. When you've been doing it for a while, you can even work 40 hour weeks and make a comfortable living. I wouldn't consider it a bad idea.
Wage slavery is inevitable, you've got to serve somebody.

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Who Dream to Travel here?

>My dream is to purchase and renovate a 30ft+ project sail boat
>purchasing bulk foods like rice, cassava, dried fruit and vegetables will allow me to survive for months on a small budget (fishing and grilling is also a possibility)
>solar panels and kerosene will provide electricity and heat
>an osmosis machine will provide water as well as reservoirs
>books on philosophy, art, history, physics will provide for entertainment for my free time (but also hope to further my skills in sketching meditation and mathematical theory)
>If all goes well I will travel the seas and oceans like a lonely vagabond, occasionally docking in habitated places for work, trade and resupply and inhabited places to explore, hunt and possibly build

I hope to keep my sanity and prevent an-hero this way and if Allah willing I die on this journey I will have no regrets.

So what are you dreams?
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Fairly similar dream but with a trimaran instead of a traditional sail boat.
arent those ridiculously expensive??

It's a life dream. Like 35-45 around that time I'd want to have gotten it.

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>July 12 2017
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In NEET since Juni

I will go to school in september.

feels like yesterday i drove home from work.

I do nothing. I sleep till 15:00 und then lurk on the PC till 04:00
Fucking normie ive been neet for 3 years
Bump hello

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>tfw you have good taste in music

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Is it okay for a guy to show his bulge in public?
I've always been trying to hide it, but lately I wanna embrace my manliness, but I'm not sure if that's socially acceptable..
I mean women can show their camel toe, round tits and ass in public, because they're object of sexual desire, therefore it's not an issue.
But what about guys? Is it public indecency to have my bulge show behind see-through clothes?
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How do you even hide a bulge? Every man should have a bulge. It's the size of the bulge that varies. Jeans have like a built in bulge so you aren't uncomfortable. So yeah, what the hell are you even talking about. That image is disgusting, by the way.

>rainbow socks

I feel like punching him and I haven't even seen his face.
No idea but women seem to love it. Catch them looking all the time.
Depends on what you're doing at the time, to be honest.

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I saw a small hair in my cereal and kept eating anyway.
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thats the first sign of depresion, pasivnes
I saw no reason in continuing to live and yet I ate the cereal
i saw a long hair growing out of the electric socket by the futon
a tied it into a noose
and then hung a plastic brontosaur from it
but it could still stand on hind legs on account of its long neck
i eyed it carefully for several half hours in that state

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our favorite literal who trip is back

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originally okay...
>phone broken but still recording vertically

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what's the worst thing you've ever done in your life?
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Spent my entire life pretending I didn't have psychological wrong with me and that I was just lazy.

Only recent got on autism bux after finally seeking professional mental health assistance in my late 20s.

I could have been on autism bux for 10+ years now if I went in earlier.
not get in front of that train.
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Didn't end myself

that's the worst, and the fact that I still haven't ended myself and probably never will even though I should

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What's the point of pulling out and cumming on the girl?
Do normies really do this?
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in porn to prove he finished
>Do normies really do this?
only the autistic ones
i like to pull out when i'm fucking a new girl just to hear her momentarily panic and tell me she wants it inside her
So you don't get her pregnant. Simple as that.

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You are alright, robot. You are alright.
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