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Is there really anything wrong with being a cuckold? If anything, we should be encouraging them for being so selfless and altruistic.
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You can't fool me, jew man
It's like givin money to homeless people. They use it to buy drugs. If you do it enough lots of homeless people gather and you get problems like shit in the street and crime.

Do you understand now?

of course there's nothing wrong with it. it's fucking admirable. cuckolds are wonderful people.

it's just an insult spread by the pathetic, superiority-complex having virgins on this site so they can feel better about their horrid loneliness.

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I'll just leave this here. SpaceX BTFO. We're not going to Mars lads
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So basically this is proof that even a multimillionaire famous movie actor with 10/10 looks and legions of female fans still isn't good enough for a woman, because she's just going to want to trade in for a billionaire
Turned 30, dropped Chad, looking for betabux. Pure pottery
Within 3 years she will be taking him to the cleaners. He's already fallen for it twice.

Cap this post.

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Bank holiday Monday edition
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>all these off by one dubs

Are the mods trying to silence the way of Kev?
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Why is wojak thinking about Xi Jinping?
I dont know, maybe I was just lucky. I just kept my head down on got on with the job and things were fine. I did have rivals but it never turned really nasty

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Let's see how smart /r9k/ is
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1. it's 1 anon
Nope its 10.. two minuses make it a plus

Tardle dove

>Two minuses
how stupid are you

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There is no god damn way they put that on air. They seriously cant be this fucking retarded.
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No shit, trumpcucks are idiots
>There is no god damn way they put that on air. They seriously cant be this fucking retarded.
You're right. This is a meme.

It's inconceivable that (((they))) broadcasted this on live television. (((They))) honestly cant be this blockheaded and ignorant.

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Let's see who has the superior blue eyes in /R9K/

>Pic related, they are mine
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You look gross, shoot yourself you ugly nignose
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Are you the brazilian kid that got "VERGEM" carved on his skull
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y u look so sad anon?
every time you sad remember time when you happy :33

Can we talk about pegging here? Any guys/girls ever done pegging here?

I don't even know how to find a girl into this.
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I can't even find a girl to have dinner with me, let alone peg me.
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pegging seems hot but I'd rather it be an actual dick that I could bring to orgasm
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I can't even get a girl to talk with me, let alone peg me

you are on the wrong board m8

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How does one avoid dressing like a virgin

any tips? /fa/ is useless
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By not being you, you look like you clean the cock of any bull that fucks your gf. I mean holy shit your disgusting. Id rather jump in the Ganges river than look at your disgusting face, just buy a knife for me, and eat it
/fa/ is just hypebeasts , if you want to dress like chad just go to jcrew and buy as much as you can
How do you dress now?

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> I spat on some roasties in midtown
> they wanted to fight me
> Thankfully kek protected me
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That's a shame, but at least there's a good chance they'll get you next time.
No one cares, and you didn't do that, you white guilt milquetoast beta
Can you get girls to like you this way?

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Why do boys who look like pretty girls get /r9k/ so hard?
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Because it's natural to want to fuck those kinds of boys.
bisphenol-A in the water supply
>Why do boys who look like pretty girls get /r9k/ so hard?
because they are cute boys

How often do you change your sheets, robots? What a pain...
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>giant back zit explodes while i sleep
>fuck this im getting new sheets
>get 2
>over the next week i ruin both with nosebleeds
Changing them isnt too much of a pain. the real hassle is when you get the kind that rides up in one corner every night.
You sure do leak a lot of fluids.
Almost never anymore, I live in a bug infested complete shithole, I plan on just throwing everything I own away when I move in a few months

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How do i make online friends?
I just want someone to play tf2 and watch anime with
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Online friends don't exist
You don't, just kill yourself now
>git gud
>play lots of TF2 pugs or frequent a particular server
>eventually people recognise you, and you make friends with the ones you like
>advertise that you're a degenerate weab and some of them will watch anime with you

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How are you supposed to react when an underage girl really wants your dick and won't leave you alone?
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Give her the dick and make sure she doesn't tell anyone
Get some self-control you fucking schmuck
Give it to her. If you don't, someone else will.

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> "You haven't paid your rent in a month. I've been lenient but all you do is lock yourself in your damn apartment all day. Are you even looking for a job?! I'm not going to enable you any longer. it's time to pay up or I'm calling the cops!"
w-what do
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As I have no way of paying I would probably kill myself
"I will have sex with you for money. How does that sounds?"
I'd let her call the cops and embarrass herself.

>apply for every job i can find around me
>apply for every job i can find in the 2 cities around me
>no reply
>not even a rejection email

What the FUCK am I supposed to do? I need money.
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it's okay if you fall asleep and never wake up
you have the world's permission to do that
Uber and food delivery apps are easy money if you have a car, or can barrow one.

I make roughly 20 bucks an hour on a good week delivering for GrubHub in chicago suburbs.
wear deodorant and try again

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