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>mum asks how im doing
>say "im fine"
>thing about killing myself almost everyday
who else mischief?
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Same, every day, every moment, every minute, the pain will never go away
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>trap thread
>pretend to be /pol/
>harass thread until it's deleted
>furiously fap to traps afterwards
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>cashier smiles at me
>I smile back
Jokes on her, im actually dead inside.

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If to suffer means to be human, then if I opt to cease this suffering, am I no longer human?
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No, if you opt to cease the suffering you enter a process which has an end result of no longer being human.
The only way to be relieved of humanity is to die, when the ego is no more, there is no longer a you to be human.

Despite opting, you remain human until the flame inside your head has been snuffed out.
You're not anything after your life functions cease. You body will decay and the matter will spread to the four corners of the universe.
Well you won't really be a human after you're dead, because "you" won't exist anymore

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One of the core hypotheses going around here is that women don't care about any flaw you may or may not have, as long as you are physically attractive.

For example, that classic meme where on the left it has an ugly neckbeard and on the right a qt hollywood star looking guy. and then under each character there is a personality trait, and a comment from a woman. For example:

Being nerdy
(For the ugly guy) Eww you are so weird
(For the hot guy) Wow, I love it when guys are quirky and fun <3

So basically, you can be literally Hitler and women will like you as long as you are attractive, right? Well, meet pic related. His name is Christian Burns. He was an instagram model who at vidcon (big normie event) started harassing a security guard, calling him ugly as fuck, while he also declared how attractive he was and how because of that he was superior.

And look at him, he looks like the classic crush of every 10 - 20 year old white woman. So what happened to him? He got destroyed. No one likes him anymore. He now lost his entire career.

So how does that add up? Looks like women aren't as shallow as we thought they were. Research shall continue.
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that guy is ugly as fuck and probably taken more dicks than your mom
True, but he does look like a copy of Justin Bieber. And if there is anything we know about white women, is that they are retarded and they like faggots like Justin Bieber.
This is bullshit
>big schlong
>well rounded
>edgy sperglord that creeps girls out
>into bdsm and domination, traps, shemales, gay porn, pissing, cuck porn, necrophelia
I'm 21 year old with god tier aesthetic and personalities but girls always get that creep vibe. Meanwhile my 6/10 friend is pounding his 10/10 gf

>Applied to every wagecuck job in a 5 mile radius
>1 interview
>Never called back
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in that case, clean your room.
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Clean your room, shave, buy(borrow if you're a poor fag) nice clothes, be the biggest normie you can be, and smile. That's it bro. Once you get the job start weight training and cardio and keep being clean and always do your best. Soon enough you'll be on your way to normiehood and might even get promoted.
Just bee yourself senpai a lam

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How long does it take girls to masturbate?
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However long it takes for Chad to drive over
Same like men, depending on mood, toys and stuff. Girls can get done pretty fast or can take quite a while.
It's pretty quick if you hug them tightly while they do it

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how do i commit suicide with drug/alcohol combinations? does anyone here know about benzo/opiate/alcohol combinations? would 50mg klonopin, 400mg codeine, and a bottle of vodka be enough to kill yourself? or would you just black out for a few days and damage your organs?
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Get help https://www.reddit.com/r/SuicideWatch/wiki/hotlines
Leddit link nice dude
You can probably die from just a bottle of vodka (alcohol poisoning) you might need to be of smaller body build though.
It would either kill you or it would make you throw up your organs and put you in a hospital where (if you're in America) you're not allowed to die

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>no 25+ thread in catalog
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Yeah. According to zeemaps and survey's the new demographic of robots are literal children.
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How are you fucks holding up?
I'm 18 and I regularly pretend to be 25 in these threads

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What happens to NEETs when they turn 30-40? Do they all kill themselves? Do they become normies? You never see any past the age of 35 or so.
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lt's a secret.
>their parents die or stop being able to support them
>forced to work to support their parents or running out of their inheritance money, they accept menial jobs or become homeless and spiral downwards to death, of starvation or just losing the will to live
>the above circumstances force them to turn their lives around and leave behind their old selves to salvage what is left of their time in this world
What about NEETs living off of gov't money? A guy told me it's much easier to stay on benefits after you turn 30, because then they give up on you if you've been a lifelong NEET since it's virtually impossible for you to get a job with that """"resume"""".

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What does it feel like to enjoy your job?
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you don't want to kill yourself every morning when the alarm sounds
I actually enjoy it i just wish it was full time so i had enough to move out.

t. popcorn mine worker
>still haven't gotten a half decent job
>feels more and more like Ill never find a job Ill like.
>really just want to make some decent money at this point.






Seriously post the most chad videos you can find. Virgins getting WREKT!
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POP! you don't see it coming it's like POP!

Ya get knocked tha FUCK OUT KID!
And people wonder why we hate niggers.
Ain't nobody wonderin whiteboi. It's because you a fat ugly tiny dicked virgin neckbeard who blames others for his failure

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Dubs decide what I text to my oneitis
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Tell her you'll suck her dick and take it up the ass
"Tits or gtfo"
post result
tell her that ur gay lole

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itt your biggest poop height and weight
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I can not believe that that came out of a human
>and weight
How am I supposed to weigh my poop?
Plot twist, that's a women's restroom

Life on The Edge Edition
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He's not good looking. Is this a ruse? No wonder Britain is filled with so many subhumans like yourself. No standards whatsoever

What indicated jealousy of his supposed looks?
Still laughing about that ugly bastard who claimed to be good looking but couldn't post a SHRED of evidence to back it up. Hideous, thick, and probably a projecting poorfag too.
Was a close one their lads. Almost made the thread myself but then I remembered it would be far easier just wait and let someone else do it.

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Fact: /pol/ and /r9k/ are the worst boards.
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>Fact: /pol/ and /r9k/ are the worst boards.
/pol/ is worse than /r9k/
/r9k/ is worse than /pol/
/pol/ is the worst. It invades every other board trashing it up saying "no homos" meanwhile jerking their ironic meme dicks off in a circle
Fuck you

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German Newspaper SZ is having a drawing contest on "what has to change" in Germany.
You know what to do, /bant/


Let them know what you think, brobots
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the robot prevents this post from being original, thus this extra message
How could they not notice this when checking the signs

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