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download (3).png
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>talking with colleagues
>conversation turns to sex
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>don't have to worry because I'm not a loser virgin
>he has colleagues

normies get OUT! OUT!
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>c'mon anon, your bed is huge, i would be having sex on this shit all the time

Anybody elss not have any legitimate interests or hobbies? I don't enjoy video games or tv anymore, I don't what to do.
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Yes. I feel like I have nothing to contribute to conversations because of it. This of course means no good relationships.

I'm boring
I know how that feels, I'm trying to start doing things but it's pretty hard to find things that I enjoy.
As in I just don't have a "thing."

Like it kills me when I hear people, "oh yeah I know Mike, the dirtbike guy yeah" or even just "Tom? Yeah he's a cool ass dude"

No one will ever say that about me

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>Became an atheist when I was 13
>Now 20
>Feel edgy, intelligent, and cool for only comprising 3% of the US population
>Never thought about it that way until I saw that statistic

I'm a part of the master race. I was brought up in a Christian household, and I saw through the tarot cards and mysticism.
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Atheist, Christian, Muslim, who cares. You're missing the point.
At least you're not Jewish.
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How'd you become an atheist, dear friend?

I became one after having a existential crisis and looking into all sorts of religious/afterlife shit and came out not giving a shit about any of it.
My father was a pedophile that lusted after my sister.

It's pretty easy to get red-pilled to the way the world really is when you see shit like that so early.

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well well well

apparently you can post lewd shit on youtube if you call it "educational"
no penis, stop it
>3.1 million views
boy what a fucking rare find

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>just got back from the all-you-can-eat
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fatbot general?

>thought I was doing well
>weighed myself after a month
>gained 2kg
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>go down to the local 24 hour diner
>get their late night all you can eat pancakes
>eat them alone
>went home and cried
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>was doing well today
>ruined it all with 2nd dinner
Food is just so goddamn good and comfy. I don't want to be fat and I hate myself, but deep down I want to eat until I die

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Do ever dream about being a little girl being manhandled by big strong men?
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No. Nyet. Faggot
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blue sky.png
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Every single day of my life.

I wish to be the little girl.
Want to tell me where this is from??

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I got an email today that a rostie coworker "attempted suicide". Just a reminder that their life is usually shit after 35.
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That's ten years more of happiness than a guy usually gets before he realizes he's fucked.
Just a reminder that life is usually shit always
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Thanks to the internet, a lot more men today are waking up to the marriage scam. Women approaching the wall are going to have an increasingly harder time to snag beta providers in the coming years, expect this problem to explode within the decade. Cat ownership will go through the roof, invest accordingly

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Who here /acne/

>still get whiteheads often
>mostly left with scars
>confidence and self-esteem is well below zero

I'm eating a bit healthier and exercising maybe it'll get better soon

pic is not me
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Why am I so fascinated by pictures like this
Can't stop staring
I'm on abboticin. It's a pill, erytromycin being the working ingredient. It works well as long as I remember to take it.
Just wash your face brah xD

Anon, it's freakin' summer, why are you staying in your room all day?
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I go out...at night
Elsa Jean has looks but that's it. She's a dead fish in bed and can't even moan or pretend to like it.
I'm covered in acne and make people uncomfortable.

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This summer and for the next two semesters, I will be living with 3 college girls. Our off campus housing is a 4 bedroom place and I will have my own separate bedroom and bathroom.

What should I expect when living with these female succubuses ? I signed a 1 year lease with them and I am hoping that they will introduce me to all their female friends and I can finally get a GF or become less fucking awkward at interacting with females. I'm kind of surprised that they approved me.

Help a bro that will be behind enemy lines

1) all 3 girls are really attractive. the type that are out of my fucking league and not even worth trying for

2) what should I expect?

3) are there things that I should never do?

>pic not related but one of my future roommates looks like the girl on the left
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>What should you expect
Depends on how social they are.
Mist likely just everyone hangs out in their own room 90% of the time.

Expect to be told you're so smart and 'I need help with this assignment cutie'. 'Do it for me.'
are you in middle school? how the fuck do you actually think this?

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Weekend ballbusting thread (wife isnt available)
so follow up for those that dont know.

>grew up with a ballbusting fetish, have always had it.

>met my wife when she was 13 and i was 15

>she was the first girl i was open and honest about my ballbusting fetish with and we have done it daily since for 8 years.
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and the plums still work well. after so many years of this kind of play im still fertile. there has been no long term damages to the boys
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surprisingly slow and quiet for a saturday night, peopl must be out really enjoying their long weekend
No. We just hate your shitty threads.

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No girl will ever love you.

No girl will ever have sex with you.

You'll never cuddle with a girl and watch anime together.

How do you deal with this fact?
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I've become comfortably numb
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Anything other than this response ends in suicide.
I've learned to dropped out the negative voices telling me I won't be happy, what do they know?
They've never gone this route.
>How do you deal with this fact?

I do not.

How do you feel about pubic hair?
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I think it's great and normies put too much emphasis on not having it.
Honestly there is something primal about it like two cave people fucking.
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Keep it neat and tidy. Uncontrolled bush is horrifying.

Don't trim it into stupid patterns like that retarded landing strip, though. That's just dumb.
Also, don't try to use it to conceal roast. Just give up and become a cat lady.
Preferable to stubble.

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slanty eyed dork here

how do i attract a wholesome white girl to marry?

i'm tired of asian girls. they're all superficial
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Get them drunk and they'll do anything.
finish your rice and do your homework and then you can have a white gf,
i just ate pho like 2 hours ago

i'm an adult, no homework

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Hey fembots I'm just about to achieve release, can you please post a picture of your breasts? Thanks!
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File: Pic of me from 2013.jpg (136KB, 736x1043px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pic of me from 2013.jpg
136KB, 736x1043px
Okay, sweetheart. Here's a picture of me from the time I went on a vacation to the UK that I like.
File: 20170528_023517.jpg (135KB, 717x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Happy to oblige. Origano
>tfw you have massive tits but are too shy to post them

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