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THIS is the girl that r9k is obsessed over?
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Yep, for some reason she is a betas wet dream

She is pretty qt I will admit
"Who's that, Champ? Is that your girlfriend? Why don't you try asking her out to dinner?"

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>left over cake in refrig
>eat it at 4am
>5 minutes later
>incredibly bad nausea
>get diarrhea
>have shit 3 times now in the past hour
>its not going away, still feel like I have to shit

i think this is it robots.
it's been nice knowing you guys
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>tfw u will never give a qt girl diahhera.
>tfw u will never sit outside the door telling her its cool.
>ywn get to her hot liquid eruptions flowing from her anus.
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don't do it, OP. it doesn't have to end like that
This same shit happened to me except it was cookies at 10pm and I had unpleasant tummy feelings during the night and still right now

File: angry-feminist.jpg (11KB, 267x157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, robots I was looking through steam the other day and I came across this feminist profile. At first, I thought it was too good to be true but as I read through her bio and info box it was more real than my first intentions. I have never seen this before, check it out for your self thank me later.

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its a troll you dumb fuck.
She is a real person and it's not a troll trust me I joined her discord
Just read the 'rant ahead' section then try and tell me it's a troll.

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I always see people saying stuff like God, I can take care of my enemies but protect me from my friends and shit like that, guess they were right

so last night, we had a sleep-over party at one of our friends' mountain house, my friends tricked me to getting drunk, we were drinking red bull-vodka, so in my cup they poured 98% vodka and like 2% red bull just for the color of the drink to change, and they would give me it and I didn't notice, so after 2 or 3 cups, I'm out of it... (and I'm convinced they put something in my drink, but they deny it)

so they made fun of me while drunk and took videos, and even actually got me to admit the name of the girl I like, they told me all of the stuff I said, I even said fuck the illuminati and freemasons while drunk, they made me sing lose yourself and sing for the moment, of course I got like 2 lines right and the rest was babbling...

And all types of shit like that, they did not even let me sleep, I wanted to sleep immediately after I started feeling out of it, but either they hit me, or pour ice cubes down my pants, they did that to me all night... I got to sleep when I got back home the next day (which is today) from 8 am till 2 pm

I guess I did not learn anything from my parents, or from Ill Mind of Hopsin 5, but I have now, and I decided that now till my dying day, I will not even sip 1 drop of alcohol, fuck that shit
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wew nigger are sure they werent just as drunk as you
Alcohol didn't force you to do all those things, people did.

Don't blame a substance for shitty peoples actions.

A majority of people are selfish with apathetic approaches to what they do, they dont think about others or the consequences of their actions.

Just stay away from people and your problems will be solved.
>I will not even sip 1 drop of alcohol, fuck that shit
It seems like you're a teenager. You'll say that 1000 more times before you get to the age of 22

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disgusting show.png
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How are we supposed to explain to our children that this is wrong, if it's all over TV?

Are we supposed to accept that roasties are renting their children to TV shows, dressing them like whores and dolls, for a quick buck and a shot at fame?

Can your really say that there is nothing wrong with modern sexuality when this show is culturally acceptable?

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Ummm MoDs?!??? This is a SEXUALIZED image of a CHILD.
Enjoy your permaban
it's a doll brah
it's a screenshot from Toddlers and Tiaras, the whole point is to show that the show sexualises kids, it's fucked up

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antifeminism is the new feminism. don't fall for the MRA/neo-traditional girl. she still desperately wants male attention and she's still using the same tactics.
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What exactly is making her anti-feminist these days?

The only thing I've seen thus far is that she called for people to take a more level-headed, less extreme approach to countering and arguing with MRA/MTGOW/alt-right, otherwise you get nowhere with them.
not talking about laci in particular. just using her as an example
yeah i know what you mean i have been seeing a lot of anti-feminist/alt right chicks popping up on youtube lately but all they do is repeat points other people have said along time ago but with no new original input to get attention and follower for being"unique" there like the political versions of gamer girls

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How do I move to a big city from a small town? Thinking Chicago or something and I just want to live in the cheap ghetto.
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>he wants to move to Chiraq
Holla at my boy Dino for me before you get shot
Why do you post the same exact thread every day for 2 years?
Just sell your house live with your parents for a bit while your buying a new house in the city somewhere, or rent who cares its not hard now stop making these threads

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Porn does no good to the already fragile mind of the robot, and the amount of gay porn, trap porn and sissyfication threads circulating as well does not help either.

Yesterday some faggot posted a .webm of some dude getting his dick cut off in some sick fetish game, that shit should stay on /b/.

Should /r9k/ become a blue board?

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whats a blue board? summerfag here
SFW board.
aw right, fair nuf. time to post some gore then lol

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I'm tired of this place. And by that, I mean the country where I live.
I just want to move to the other side of the world, start a new life.

How are things in Australia, and how hard is it to get in?
Can I meet qt's?
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What country do you live in?

Why do you want to leave? Lack of adventure?
I live in Denmark
It's the most boring country you could ever wish to live in. Everything is so "secure" and there is nothing to do.
Well, I guess for someone who have been protected his whole life, it does sound boring. Living in a shithole myself, Id like to live in Denmark, but that's a matter of perspective. Good luck OP with your "adventures", I hope you find happiness

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Is anyone else here not afraid of death? Like, the thought of eternal nothing doesn't phase you?
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Without the risk of sounding edgy, I am not afraid of death.

The only reason I'm alive is because nobody has managed to kill me yet. Im not gonna kill myself lol, thats like getting cucked. I'd take being alive over being dead though because being alive is more fun.
It scares me, but more practically, it manifests in being a massive hypochondriac.
Tell that to a depressed person

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Post jobs that you think would be good for us robots. I want to see you all succeed

>Computer programmer or IT
>Astronomer or Physicist
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I post it in every thread like this:

night shift floor cleaning at a 24 hour place or a hardware store. Ask the manager who does their cleaning and how to get in touch with them. If they do it themselves, ask for an interview right there if they're looking(they are usually looking in the summer because most folks can't handle the night shift hours for more than a year or two and quit fairly regularly.) The pay ain't bad, and in my experience, while it's tedious as fuck, you don't have to deal with people hardly at all(unless it's a wal-mart or something, god save you.)

if you do get this job, get a pair of Shoes for Crews, they're anti slip(i ran full sprint across an icy pond to test how anti-slip they are and I didn't drown) and the most comfortable footwear i've ever had.

Anyway, good luck fellow bots.
I see what you're trying to do and I applaud it, but...I don't think many people here can be helped.
Find whatever you're passionate about and start a business.
If you're passionate about filming toddlers fill their diapers then do it, just be prepared for the shit that comes with it, and that comes with a LOT. Otherwise you'll just fantasize about suicide until you have the balls to go through with it; if you have the balls to go through with it.

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What mental disorder do you suffer from?
Were you diagnosed?
What medication do you take against it?
Any side effects from the medication?
Have you ever been to a mental ward?
Do you receive disability/NEET bux because of your disorder?
Do you feel like there are also positive sides to your special mental disposition?
How's it living with this disorder in daily life?
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>What mental disorder do you suffer from?
>Were you diagnosed?
yes, 8 years ago
>What medication do you take against it?
35 mg abilify daily
>Any side effects from the medication?
made me fat, still in process of loosing weight I gained from it, also make me less social and make me enjoy things less in general
>Have you ever been to a mental ward?
yes, twice, during each psychosis I suffered
>Do you receive disability/NEET bux because of your disorder?
yes, but I also work, but only part time, rest is subsidized with disability bucks
>Do you feel like there are also positive sides to your special mental disposition?
it has it's perks, psychosis is a wild mystic adventure for me, a dangerous very much exhausting one but still, (see pic related). gave me much to think about and changed me much as a person not only for the worse.
>How's it living with this disorder in daily life?
mostly boring as I can't enjoy things as much as I used to, then on the other hand I have very vivid sometimes lucid dreams every night, and I never really feel alone in my head, so I guess that's a plus. feels like an entertainment system is hooked up in my brain.
I also got much better over the years and now I can work again, although only part time, plus I use to go out with friends again and somewhat started to enjoy life again, but not as much as I used to.
Mental disorders are nothing but shams that the jew medical industry uses to milk your money. If you take medication for a "mental illness" you are a dumbfuck ruining your liver and your own self esteem.
File: sad housewife.gif (93KB, 489x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad housewife.gif
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>What mental disorder do you suffer from?
Borderline PD, aka a version of Complex PTSD (from child abuse), plus regular PTSD from abuse as an adult.
>Were you diagnosed?
Yes, many times.
>What medication do you take against it?
Not much, anymore. I used to take like five different meds but I tapered off them. I handle my shit with cutting, meditation, EMDR, and therapy now.
>Any side effects from the medication?
>Have you ever been to a mental ward?
Six times. And more times than that in day programs.
>Do you receive disability/NEET bux because of your disorder?
No, I receive them for lupus.
>Do you feel like there are also positive sides to your special mental disposition?
Sure. I'm naturally suspicious of everyone, and while that's usually bad it means I'm rarely taken unawares (usually just taken awares). I would never have gotten as into meditation and mental control (of myself) as I am if I didn't have such a shitty starting place.
>How's it living with this disorder in daily life?
A lot of feeling dead and empty, looking like a normal person with anxiety. The exciting times are when I have complete hysterical meltdowns, start thinking I'm 7 hearing my parents fight or three years younger and getting battered. Waking my partner up screaming because of nightmares. Making preparations for suicide out of habit and giving up in disgust. Turning into a dissociated rag doll during sex. It's a LOT better than it used to be though

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How did you get over your trap phase?

One day it just sort of hit me that hey, these are dudes with man ass.
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I found out that I'm the kind of gay that likes to dominate submissive faggots. It's not a phase mom.

There will always be a place in my heart for cute boygirls doing cute boygirl things. Keep your heart open anon, you never know what might wander in there and set up shop for love.
Just imagine what they're going to look like in 20 years. Absolutely disgusting in every way.

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We play comfy 00's music - late 90's accpetable

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does 2009 count?


>tfw you like hip hop that isn't about bitches, drugs and guns
I remember this playing while I was in my car seat looking out the window into a road near an airport, before I could tell that those double lamp posts weren't actually aliens or huge mechs.
California. I still remember.

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why aren't vitamin b12 supplements more common? these improved my quality of life 1000%.
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that stuff is good

but the most powerful for me has been L tyrosine

literally vanished my ADD, depression and anxiety
I've tried all kinds of supplements and foods to fix my fatigue but I'm fucked.

More sleep would help but I just can't do it. I know people who get less sleep than me and eat shit but they're fine. I've been like this for a few years now but I guess my life is just shit and there's isn't which is why in low energy all the time.

I exercise but that doesn't do much either.
Did it really? I have crippling adhd

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