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Good morning wagecuck, are you ready to go to work?
it's almost 5am buddy, get out already of the bed and take the bus before it leaves you again!

Tic, toc
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tfw 22 hours of work per week from fri-sun and the rest of the week off
I just woke up, my shift starts when people go to sleep.
Shift starts in 4 min. I'm gonna walk in right now :)

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>tfw khvv (kissless handless virgin vegan)
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If you were making a meal for a new friend, what would you make them?
i thought i was the only vegan on this board
youre also a girl, right?

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>see all these "faces of r9k" and FaceApp threads
>90% of the anons look much better than me

How the fuck did you people end up here
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Whatsup! Just a normie here with a friendly reminder

>First we steal yo girl!
>Then we steal yo board!

Understand? Now gtfo of here robot
>unwanted even on r9k
This isn't fair
There are no gay guys in my area and I'm a litteral autist

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There's nothing wrong with being alone, right robots?
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I vaguely recognise this picture, what's it from? Also how about you name your pictures instead of being lazy.

And there isn't anything wrong with being alone, people just think there is because of culture.
To lazy to start OWN tread, but here i go.

I cant stand people behind me. Even If outside and calculate somebody approaching might turn out to walk behind me in next street. ID go another way. Just so i wont have anyone behind me.

Guess i like to keep the upperhand/control.

Anyone else got this problem
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Apparently there's plenty wrong.

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I'll start

>Height: 175cm
>Weight: 73kg
>Length: 17.5cm
>Girth: 13.5cm
>Shoe Size: 10
>Build: Average
>Facial Aesthetics: 8/10
>Oddities/deformities: N/A
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>7/10 (would be better with no acne scars)
>cannot get fat
>Height: 168cm
>Weight: 60kg
>Shoe Size: 10
>Build: Average
>Facial Aesthetics: 6/10
>Oddities/deformities: scoliosis
>Height: 1200cm
>Weight: 4000kg
>Length: 980cm
>Girth: 700cm
>Shoe Size: 3627
>Build: GOD LIKE
>Facial Aesthetics: 999999/10
>Oddities/deformities: N/A

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Is being from a single parent household the ultimate red flag for girls?
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That, or one of the following:

>Likes horses
>Claims that she gets along with men more than women
>"I really hate drama!"
>Likes horses
but vast majority of grills likes horses
Not enough that they have to tell you how much they like horses.

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Can the death from starvation be comfy?
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no anon, it is suffering. it is also likely to fail, because of both people whiteknighting and also your own hunger-induced delerium
Compared to drowning, freezing to death or dying in a fire, sure is.
Buddha was in the process of starving himself to death, but he decided it was stupid and founded Buddhism. I think he also had some crazy hallucinations.

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Would an autist make a good girlfriend?
How would you go about meeting one?
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No they wouldnt, just look on 4chan or something
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The National Autistic Society is calling for changes and improvements in the diagnosis of girls and women with the condition.
When Hans Asperger first defined autistic psychopathy in 1944, he was talking about boys. He thought no women or girls were affected by the condition.
This is his definition: "A lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversations, intense absorption in a special interest, and clumsy movements."
Asperger later revised his thinking, but the tradition has stuck. Autism remains a condition predominantly associated with boys and men.
Statistical studies over the years have proved inconclusive.
A 1993 research paper in Sweden found a boy-to-girl ratio of four-to-one.
Others put the ratio at 16-to-one.
A more recent study, by the National Autistic Society in 2015, suggests it may be three-to-one.
But there is growing evidence that more girls and women have the condition than was originally thought and that it is being significantly under-diagnosed.
We met Millie at home in Norfolk.
She wears a weighted jacket - it helps to calm her mood, she stands to do everything, she finds it hard to socialise, to make eye contact, to form relationships.
"I find it really difficult to make friends, because I find people really, really difficult," she says.
"I find it hard to understand people a lot in the way that they feel or what they mean, and this leads me to feel embarrassed, and I feel like I should get out of everyone's way just for convenience."
Millie, 14, was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome two years ago.
It came as a relief.
"It made my life easier because then I could say, 'This is the way I am.'
"I know that sometimes I can be a bit of a problem, but I'm not intending to do it.
"It's just the way my brain works."
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How many of them were pls respond

I miss my life from 2011. I miss Touhou, I miss Nichijou, I miss fumos, I miss drinking my mom's shitty green tea just because it's tea and that's what Touhous drink. I miss Yume Nikki. I miss cuddling up in my bed and turning the lights off and watching stupid lets plays of dumb indie horror games on my phone and imagining my waifu holding me and snuggling me. I miss minecraft. I miss not having as many responsibilities. I miss the old house. I miss when my parents were still together. The only thing I don't miss is school. I want to go home.
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This is a comfy thread desu... but I have to sleep now. I hope it is alive in the morning.
Thanks anon. I'm glad you think my memories are comfy. Goodnight.
What's the name of the artist?
Madotsuki looks so good in this style

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I just had a really weird dream, where all humans were replaced by androids indistinguishable from humans one by one, untill the only non-robots left were the higher ups of the company that started everything.
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This literally could be a 10/10 movie/novel OP just add some deepness.

You better write that shit and get famous, maybe delete this thread NOW.
More like a young adult novel like hunger games or some trash like that
but im horrible at writing, and havent got the time/money to produce a movie

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who /laughingstockoftheclass/ here?

I tried to be friendly and nice to everyone (not beta tier), but nobody liked me
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underage school kid likes normie the frog, news at 11
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>normie the frog
Fuck off my board, cunt. I hope you go blind.
KEK I was like that back in the day.

Used to be funny but then I just became a meme dying out and later converted to that horny kid that wants to fuck all the girls in the pussy and impregnate all of them and don't take responsability.

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>gf found the secret femdom folder
>woke up today with a chastity cage on my dick
>she told me I'm not in charge of this relationship anymore
its over, isn't it
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This affliction is on you. This entirely your fault and i have no pitty for you.
you wanted this, didn't you sissy?
Holy shit that's a rare wojak!

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Why do I get the feeling that every poster who uses the word 'normie' only started browsing /r9k/ after it was brought back from deletion?
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>Not after the popularization of Pepe and the school shootings
Most people on arcanine are new.
It seems as though posters who got here in 2014 or later have displaced everyone else. I wonder what percentage of arcanine can truthfully say they habitually browsed this board pre-deletion.

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>tfw 2010s music will be remembered for self-contradicting singers making shitty political songs, generic 4/4 kick patterns accompanied by some catchy melody, and "rappers" mumbling songs to those never changing 808 drums
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You're listening to the wrong kind of music. You should listen to Classical Music. It's very meaningful and full of depth.
No, you got me wrong. It's not the music i listen to but i know that's the music masses listen to.
That is because music that is written to appeal to EVERYONE is going to be very simplistic, superficial, non-complex, and very straightforward. The more complex it is, the smaller the audience of people who will want to listen to it.

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>tfw you will never win the lottery enabling you to live the NEET life for the rest of your life without any worries
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aye, it's quite sad

>tfw will never ba a rich NEET
>implying lottery, as well as art sales, aren't large scale money laundering schemes
Lol gtfo fgt
I wonder what would be the minimum you'd need to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle for 40+ years. Maybe 5 million?

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