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Have you ever slammed into somebody on the street intentionally?

>Spend whole childhood playing by the rules and being a /good boy/
>Get nothing but abuse of my kind nature in return

Now I get my revenge on normies by shouldering ignorant cunts, people who walk 3 people wide side by side down a street and expect you to walk in the road and stupid tourists who stop to have a discussion and block up the whole sidewalk. So satisfying to barge into some roastie and see her stumble and stand there in shock that a man didn't inconvenience himself for her sake.
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This is some pretty low tier revenge.
Not only is this retarded, but its going to get your ass kicked someday and i hope it does.

They deserve it for one thing and funnily enough it's always the women who refuse to make room for others. Most men either make room for others or are never stood still being an obstruction in the first place because they have spacial awareness.

That's what I've experienced anyway.

It's a start, better than dancing around them and getting treated like I'm subhuman.

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I want to kick this manlets ass
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there's a video of him getting knocked the fuck out on stage. take comfort in that


Beat his bitchass. guarantee he wont do shit

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Baby dicked black boi can't compete with the BWC
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at greentext was great
But not without
>same leg extended
>same arm out
>similar foot angle

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Fembots, why isn't your body this cute? All you have to do is eat more!
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Originally kill yourself
bodies like this are disgusting. i'll keep my 16.5 BMI thanks
I think a lot of girls that come here are like that though, maybe most. All "fembots" fit into three categories
>Sad fatty
>Anorexic crazy
>slutty Stacy-wannabe

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Fembot here, I love black men. How does that make you feel? How does it feel knowing that you'll never get laid because any other white woman feels the same way as I do?
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t. Insecure black boi
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l for one welcome our black overlords.
Cool. I'll just stay at home and fap.

>mfw blacked.com won't load
Yes im a female, yes I browse 4chan, and yes I watch porn
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larp in hell fag
I actually wonder how many women watch Blacked? I've seen increasing WFBM couples in my city
Most of BLACKED.com's subscribers are women, like 70% females 30% white male cucks
Got a bunch of people that got animosity against black guys cuz their dicks are bigger than em. These are the guys thats jealous because they don't carry, they don't possess BBC, they don't possess that GOD GENE. Keep being jealous. Keep wondering why your wife is asking for cuckholds, keep wondering why your girlfriend asks for cuckholds and wishing to be fucked by these African warriors with these huge BBCs that'll pipe them down until the point where they can feel each and every last spectacle of their pussy getting vibrated and thrusted into the Orgasms that spews out! Keep saying nigger, keep saying black. COME ON. You cuckholds. You love it. You love this shit, I'LL BE THAT MONKEY. I'LL BE THAT MONKEY, yep with a BBC. Enjoy it. Have your woman take this dick, she's imagining a huge black cock, why do you think your bitches get huge dildos? Because you guys don't possess the BBC GENE. Thats why you're upset, no BBC GENE = Anger. You're upset with these African cocks, these rhino dicks. Thats why you say nigger all the time. I get it!

[Trap discussion]
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Is this fucking photoshopped?

They transitioned very well
>be strong, confident boy
>transition anyway because I prefer having a feminine body
no regrets
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Serious discussion, i being thinking a lot about this lately
If you had like 3 sons and one of them was weak and effeminate why not
let him be happy? Sixteen you can drive why can't you choose what to do about your sexuality?
If nietzsche Shit the west was doomed to hedonistic views is proved that man has a G-spot
and the smaller the boy's penis the better is to hit that spot, you can have greater orgams than normaly
soo why don't let the boys have this?

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Help me r9k im being forced to go to china
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so dont go pussy, i doubt China is that bad, find some chinese sluts, and pretend you are wealthy back in Kangaroo land
Boring... no racism response means no fun. Bye
Chinese factory girls are the easiest to fuck.

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>feeling bit shit about my situation
>decide to check on my HS friends who I haven't talked to in 7 years
>login on kikebook
>commence stalking
>friend 1: bald, still single, working low level IT
>friend 2: ugliest of our group, found a gal that is even below his league, seems happy though, gave up on life apparently, works minimum wage job, used to be straights A nerd
>friend 3: became /pol/-lite history teacher; has very cute gf despite being the shortest of us all and were are all very short
>tfw you realize you are the only one still in the game
>tfw you realize you were the top dog all along
>tfw this gives you motivation to do the best of things because you have already come this far; exceeding expectations by far

What about your friends?
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>any point in my life

>being a robot
>not having a group of outcasts as your friends

How is this possible? Didn't your school have any other losers you could hang out with?

Our group of friends was literally just a bunch of losers that came together.
outcasts don't have friends, that's kinda what makes them outcasts.

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This is an actual question, not shitposting.
I'm an effeminate looking guy but I'm not gay and don't think about men that way. But I really want to get beaten up a lot, to the point where I curl up into a ball or beg them to stop.
It sounds sexual, but it's sort of just emotional release or something for me. Is that weird? Can masochism exist without sexual connotations?
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So you want a girl to beat you then?
I'd rather a girl beat me for sexual reasons yeah, but want to be beaten by a man because they're stronger and I'm less able to defeat them so easily. But I don't want that in a sexual way, so I feel weird about it.
i feel you, anon.
i don't know if my thing is sexual/gay or not, but i often imagine my crush getting angry at me for some reason and then either instulting me or hitting me to the point i start to cry.
it's like my brain just wants to feel bad (either emotionally or physically)
it's really weird

What the fuck is wrong with Western Women

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This guy will lose his job soon
U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!
that was really sexy

Should I let myself castrate?
I'm 22, 10 years full on porn addiction. Never fucked a girl, shy, all I ever did was kiss a few girls during 'spin the bottle' games when I was 11.

I'm unable to talk to girls outside of average smalltalk. I'm a loner, and masturbation and pornaddiction prevents me from moving on in life. I had multiple mental crisises and because of my dumb mind I don't progress.
If I had myself castrated I wouldn't desire porn and all that stuff anymore and could progress in life.

Should I do it, robots?
I mean what's there to lose, it's not like I'd be able to be a father one day anyway.
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I know this won't influence you and that opnis always a faggot, but i suggest you do it.

That's all, just go for it anon, whatever makes you happy, no need for other's approval.
If you want a tip, try nofap. Don't castrate yourself, it is a part of your body and you need it to be healthy. Then find your own way. Don't listen to others, even me. Nobody can tell you the truth, because the only truth is your own experience. If it is true in your experience then it is true to you. Be honest with yourself.
thank me later.

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Who here king of manlets (5 11) and/or king of dicklets (7 inches)?
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>tfw only 12 inches
5' 10" and 5.5"

suck my dongers, lesserlets. I'm 9/10 of the way to alpha male

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I dare you to find a more fitting song for the NEET revolution


Pro tip: You can't, wagecuck
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Wagecucks simply don't have time to listen to music. Mr. Goldstein is making them work overtime (again)

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>moving in with room mates
>can't just jerk off all I want anymore
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>move in with room mates
>jack off all I want
Ask them for help.
wink wink.
>move in with girlfriend
>jerk off whenever
>walk in on her fingering herself on occasion
>fuck constantly
The times, they are good.

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