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>in a couple decades, even the shittiest computers will be able to run games with photorealistic graphics at any framerate
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>you will be dead within the next two decades and never get to experience true VR
why u gonna dead, anon?
Hopefully you'll be reborn in your anime world, anon-chan

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if you could ask >him or >her one question that'd they would completely forget, what would you ask?
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Did Bush do 9/11?
How come we don't even talk no more?
Not "did you really like me", I know she was interested. I was too, but never said anything and it soured an she lost interest. That was about 3 years ago now. Took me way too long (1.5-2 years) to get over it, but I've moved on. Recently saw she got a boyfriend. It sorta helps, it fully crushes that small, futile hope that she'd still be interested whenever it appears. Doesn't hurt any more.

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How do I get a stronk 6.3-6.5 ft bf to dominate over him and turn him into my own personal toilet?

t. 5'9
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Pretty fucking degenerate desu
But Crystal Castles is fucking lit and i posted in ur gay ass thread to say you have good taste.
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How do I get a big 6'6 ft bf to dominate me and make me feel like a woman?

t. 5'11
Fuck off back to /lgbt/. You spam this every day.

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There are so many degenerate betas on this thread that it kind of starts getting annoying. This board is for original content.
>But my shitty life is orginal content
Yes, technically it is but, it's been over done. No one cares about how much of a virgin you are. Pic related
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But whenever I post about my garbage life I get tons of (you)s. Do you have any other suggestions?
Good Idea, OP. What original and fresh content do you have for us?
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Absolutely none, because I spend the majority of my day doing productive things, unlike the uneducated baboons who frequent this board. I'm simply suggesting that you make internal changes to this shithole so that you don't look like a bunch of faggot degenerates.

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I'm 19 and I truly, truly believe that I will be completely alone for the rest of my life. Please, someone say it isn't so.
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You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and (no gf) whenever you want to (have gf). You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the attraction game goes

you can either wallow in self pity, eventually rotting and becoming nothing or you could hid the gym, run, lift weights, and get gf.

Chad or Die anon, the choice is yours

Post pic with timestamp of urself
I'm curious
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I don't want a gf. I don't even want anything. I just think I was born incorrectly. I was sheltered by my beta asian dad for an entire 14 years and I'm just now understanding how cruel people can be, but that's alright because Heaven is waiting for me, somewhere.

no timestamp but here's a pic when I was happy

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>went to a funeral yesterday
>mass and procession is today
>mother saying how it's going to be five hours long with dinner and everything
>fucking upset
>wanted to finish an anime and do other manchild stuff
>don't even really care about the dead person
>get dressed anyway since I'm a defeatist and don't want to put up a fight
>ask her if what I'm wearing looks appropriate
>she's surprised I'm going
>she wasn't expecting me to come
>now I'm obliged to go

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No wonder you're a fucking manchild.
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Have you considered killing yourself there and making it a double funeral?Steal the guy's thunder.
Just go to the main portion, the eulogy. Don't go to any of the other crap.

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Do you ever wonder if you jerk off to the same pornstars as your dad does?
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If I found that out I'd probably borrow my friend's shotgun and end it all

t. Trannyaddict
My father is 65 and computer illiterate. He never uses computers. I don't think he even knows porn exists.

He worked as a plumber for 40 years, so it isn't like he has ever been around computers.
My dad died before most of the porn stars I fap to were born

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I'm going ghost!
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xD upvoted! hehe
You gotta pay for that laugh. Give me some 4chan gold.
>I'm going ghost!
Lole nice! Xd

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Do you guys like Joeys World Tour?
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*violently coughs up food while wearing a Mickey mouse hat*

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>first semester of college
>total loser
>spent days gaming, vaping, browsing r9k, etc.
>miserable, assumed I would be a virgin forever
>second semester rolls around
>meet qt Asian girl through a mutual friend
>hit it off, start dating
>we both lose our virginity to each other after dating for a while
>still together years later, planning to get married

This shit isn't that hard guys, you just have to put in some effort.
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>Mutual friend
>Total loser
Nice try normie
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1477465652113 (1).jpg
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OP here : This is a pic of me and my qt girlfriend

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>tfw haven't had a face-to-face conversation with someone since mid-April
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You including grocery store cashiers?
Do you really have conversations with grocery store cashiers?
>Talking to cashiers
>not just grunting


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it's so fun to win.

we're expected to.
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People on this board still watch Initial D in 2017.
And you ask me why I love it here?

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Does /r9k/ think Bill Cosby actually raped those women?
Also based Bill.
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>comedian tries to be funny
that's it I'm calling CNN
Damn, bills killing it lately
Remember when Bill Cosby was the lovable dad/grampa that you grew up with and didn't have any of these aligations of rape and sexual assault surrounding him?

Those were good days.

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>"He's 27 years old and still living with his parents, lol"
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Don't worry Anon, those wagecucks will never understand how comfy the neet life is. Normen are always trying act like their shit job makes them better. Don't fall for it.
it's pretty normal in italy or spain
stop spending so much money on rent like good goyim
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>tfw 35 and still living with parents

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>final week of class
>last day is tomorrow
>have last paper due on last day
>minimum of 100 words to pass class
>haven't started it yet
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Your shitpost was 26 words. Shitpost 3 more times and your paper is done.

oregano communism
>tfw 5 word sentence due in 10 years

Wat do
I have a 1 question open book test that's due in the Spring 2018 semester.

Should I drop out now?

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