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What was your grandad like R9k
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Both of my grandfathers died before I was born.
He was literally a faggot
One died when my mom was 15 so I never met him, he was a big drug dealer who weighed like 400 pounds and often was a studio guitarist for some bands. I remember my mom saying he would play with ZZ Top or something.
He would often call crimestoppers and report dealers he knew if he needed quick cash, so he died in jail after being beaten to death by other drug dealers. I believe he was actually fucking with the cartel by doing that.

The other one was a big piece of shit who also weighed like 400 pounds and was a detective. He was a deep south motherfucker who was a fucking psycho to anyone other than his own family. I dont know if he's dead or not, I dont talk to that side of the family anymore.

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Your mother will die, asleep in her bed
If you do not post a reply to this thread.
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Mummy Mummy, He spat on my tummy and said thats something about cummies
Thank you anon, my thread is alive
You've saved me from the dreaded archive
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grunty poo.jpg
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See the image I have posted
poo in loos well and truly roasted

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If I kill myself my mum will be heartbroken, it's not her fault but this life goes on and on, and I don't want it...

What do I do?
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Learn that you are entirely unselfish for wanting to do what's best for you in the long run
I just don't want to hurt my mum, she has put her back out for me. I'm a terrible son
If it hurts your mum more to lose you, than it hurts you to wake up every morning, you don't have enough reasons to kill yourself yet.

If it's the other way around, just do it because otherwise you're putting your mum in a position she doesn't want to be, hurting you more than she thinks possible.

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>Best man at Dad's wedding this weekend
>Have to do a speech in front of 70+ people

How fucked am I?
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Chances are everyone already knows you're a sperg.
Just don't make a scene and you'll be fine
>Best man at Dad's wedding this weekend
how is that even a thing

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would you let her be your gf?
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I love light skinned black girls so yes.
no she's half jewish
I'd probably let her bear my children

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Have men always wanted to lick women's buttholes or is it a recent trend?
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good question, but I would lick that hole
men are just weird in general

they make up the majority of scat fetishists after all
I think men want to lick every square inch of skin on women they're attracted to, so analingus isn't that big of a stretch.

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This thread belongs in /lgbt/

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I'll never find anyone again. I fucked it all up, will continue to do so. No one will ever love me because I don't even love myself.
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Yes, and it's all your fault. Think about it, how can anyone ever love you if you have no traits that would benefit them in any way? Be it emotional or any other. Even your parents deep inside know that you are failure and wish they had different son.
And the worst part is that it's only the beginning, it will get way worse before everything will disappear in nothingness.
I know it's my fault, but I can't change. Everything stays the same while I punish myself for being a worthless piece of shit that society has rejected. No one ever wanted me, so I destroy myself like the world wanted me to be.
then die, anon. die knowing you let the world decide for you.

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Why do women move on so easily?
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i love you op, please dont be sad
Because they're perfectly aware that their dating pool is virtually limitless and that even if they may struggle to find a more serious partner they can always find quick access to easy sex and company by virtue of their gender.

Not to mention whenever a relationship ends a woman has legions more people willing to help her through any emotional issues that happen as a result. A guy tends to have his best mate who generally just takes him out to get drunk and tells him to get over her.
everyone has quick access to easy sex and company. are you still living in the 1920s?

i fucking hate you non-race mixing whites that betray your race at the drop of a hat for goddess-tier latinas and then claim "i-its because she's white enough..." when she's clearly brown as fuck.
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Not gonna lie, I only have a real problem with race mixing when blacks are involved
>Hasn't been red-pilled on castizo futurism
pretty sure thats, thread

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So being NEET is wrong?
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All landlords need to be shot
but hes out the house working 12 hours a day 5 days a week while they're sucking the economy dry
yes it is, get the fuck out of your house once in a while, geez

1/10 cuz i responded

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Is there anything i should do before i kill myself?
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U got som nice doubles tehre XD
have sex

Kill me daddy

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Why can't I find an qt3.14 Cara Delevinge lookalike gf who'll convince me to end it?

What are some tips for meeting my Michelle Carter?
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Why do people think she is attractive at all? Ugly as fuck.

She has supermodel good looks. Cara will be sure to start in the biopic.

I guess just because she just doesn't look like some bland Jennifer Lawrence type, and has actual striking features and beauty, that makes her ugly?
nah she's hot as fuck to cool guys like me with an alternative hipster non conforming mindset.

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>go to social meeting, drinks are free
>try and talk to people, invariably end up either full 1488 bashing political corectness or sperging out about maths
>stand up and go pee
>the place doesn't have a toilet
>I end up walking 10 minutes to a KFC to take a piss
>realize I can't go back after so long
>call mom, tell her the situation I'm in and ask her what to do
>she says I have to go back and I can't just ditch them
>go back and tell them I met some friends and came back just to say goodbye
>nobody gives a shit
>i'm now alone at night having just ditched a tolerable social meeting because of embarrasment over being away for a long time
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so you crawled back here after you left us for your life as a normie?

Don't even bother trying to call yourself a "cyborg", you failed normie.
Get out.
Maybe you should lose some weight and stop relying on your mom, fatty.
fuck you stupid failed normie. Go have fun with your shit normie friends fag.

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Can you identify the engineers, rocket scientists and math teachers?
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those would be the indians, and are even worse because they take very sought after jobs.
Most people here have even less value than these people

If we are talking about sexual power, yes.

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