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why is boogie2988 still fat after his surgery? how does this shit work?

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He got gastric bypass not liposuction.
can i get a quick rundown on boogie? i never followed him but people keep talking about him
>black DSP

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What do you think you would be like if you were born in the 1800's in your country, r9k? Dead?
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When I was born I stopped breathing and had to be put on an oxygen mask, which didn't exist in the 1800's. So yes, I'd be dead.
I had a similar start to life. A few weeks after I was born I was able to nurse or eat food. I don't even know what my parents and the doctors did to fix it but yeah. I was a tiny little guy. I would have died. genetic defects like us didn't last long back then
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i'd most likely be a wagecuck churning butter in texas or in mexico working on my grandmas farm drawing feels in the nearby cave like >tfw dumb mutt and some other passerby would chalk "shoot yourself, you abomination"

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>be me
>19 male in burger land
>average height, 15-20 lbs overweight ,intelligent, (according to most people) kind, dedicated
>not an autistic neck-beard who's never kissed a girl
I have weird experiences with women. I talk to them, and its fairly easy. but when I ask them out they don't say yes, but they don't laugh at me and say no either. I kind of feel like I'm stuck in purgatory. I'm not good enough for them to say yes but I'm not bad enough for them to say no.....so they give me the runaround. text me 3 days later "maybe" and then show or don't show randomly. or they say yes and they don't show. same with IRL conversations. a girl will ignore me for a week, even when we walk by each other. and then a week later she will deliberately seek me out and act like we are tight. what is this behavior? I'm so fricking confused.
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you're a beta faggot is why
That's just the way women work. At your age they never know what they want to do with their lives and thus are confusing.
Aim for older anti-social girls for the best results.
Maybe it has to do with your confidence? How long are you friends with these girls before you ask them out? I think you should value companiionship with them rather than a relationship first, itll at least make the transition from friend to cocksleeve easier.

That and maybe work on your self image? You said you're a bit overweight, maybe girls might be more interested in you if you had a more muscular body.

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>be a NEET
>fuck it
>time to turn my life around
>get an entry level job
>break a leg after a month
>want to shitpost about this on /r9k/
>make a thread on /tv/ instead
>make sure that this one will be on /r9k/
I don't want to die. I just want to cease to exist.
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any time you are feeling blue remember this guy's whole world is blue and how easy you have it

post x-rays
90's were such a shit decade
cold war should have gone hot in the 80's

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i discovered slowcore today
it stopped my anxiety
im ready to fucking die now
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Provide me with an example of slowcore, I don't know what it is
i like it already 2bh

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how to get a deaf gf? thats all i need
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>find 10/10 girl
>"hey stacey wanna hear this cool song"
>play earrape at 100% volume

The trick here is to repeat this process over time without raising her suspiscion.
Um m8 there was one on here last night looking for a bf. Used the same OP pic, too. Hmm. Really makes you think.
Might wanna start learning sign language.

God this board is retarded.

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Why do most normies have terrible taste in music? why is despacito the most viewed video on youtube? why the fuck do they actually think justin beiber makes good music now? why the fuck do they think popularity=good? why do they always ask my what music i listen to, then answer and they they have no idea what it is so they ignore my answer? how hard can it be to go out of your way to listen to something outside of the top 40 for once in their life? are they so contempt with being average they don't even think it's worth it? this applies to almost everything, vidya, anime, films, etc..
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So what do you listen to?
punk rock, metal
just robot stuff
I don't think most normies think popularity equals quality. I feel like popular songs (and other media) often form the soundtrack (or basis) of shared experiences. No one likes Despacito because they think it's great art, they like it because they can sing and dance to it with friends

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Fembot here. I'm getting increasingly more worried about my anal addiction. I've been rubbing my anus since I was 8 and as far as I can recall it's always felt so good for some reason. I don't know why.

I'm 21 now and while I don't feel much pleasure from stimulating my clit, I finger my ass daily and it makes me pee myself in pleasure. I'm afraid that if I ever get a shy robot bf he will think I'm awkward and think I'm a weirdo... ;_;
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please stop pretending to be a girl, it's not healthy.
>liking anal is weird
Stop being so sheltered. Unless you get off on eating shit and piss and vomit and want to be starved to death on a cumdiet you can be my gf
You're fine as long as you don't date a prude.

I've been addicted to anal for so long that I basically can't even cum unless I'm balls deep in ass. Something about the dominance just makes the old reptilian brain go nuts for me.

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Chad does not exist. https://youtu.be/YTyQgwVvYyc
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lol this guy? nothing he's ever said has been without bias and lies. he also strawmans anything he is attacking quite ridiculously. you must have an iq below 80 to believe anything coming from his mouth lmao
In this case, he is right. Alpha-beta shit is a meme.
Isn't Trump arguably the most alpha male?

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>be me
>supposed to be prodigy that takes beanr family from poor to rich
>involved with beanr gang violence
>go to jail
>begin to do horrible in school once out
>become addicted to internet
>no time for friends
>be me now
>sitting in a community college thinking where I would have been without neighborhood beaners
>have come to conclusion that spics are the worst race

The worst part of them is they all act the same. I am to the point where I just tell everyone I am white
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hate my race too. girls are bbc sluts and guys are fags.

i'm white
>does crime
>goes to jail
>fucked up his life
>blames his ethnicity
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doesnt take away from the fact that spics are filth that only have a thirst for violence

Tripfags and tripfag enablers out, /britfeel/ for anons edition
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Reminder lads

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Hello lads. Hows is your week so far?

Anything big coming up for anyone?

- Kev x
NO ebinposting
NO tildeposting
NO lenposting
PLEASE do not TRIP on the THREAD

>watching porn
>unmute just to listen to the guy moaning when getting close to orgasm
Not even gay btw, I'm just self-inserting as me feeling that pleasure
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Nah, that's pretty fucking gay
I-it isn't, stop!
That's cool I guess. Good for you.

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Get it off your chest.
I'll read it and answer it as long as it's a serious post.
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I thought she got acid faced and got excited for a second. Turns out she's just another smoking attention whore.
my dad diddled my balls as a kid and now i wanna diddle my brains with a bullet
I start my carpenters apprenticeship in less than two weeks and i am already feeling anxious.

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How many seconds would you have to line up a lethal shot to your head at a shooting range before you're tackled by another person there?
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hmm 20 minutes id say.
Just buy a gun, you fucking faggot.
I would really appreciate it if you didn't tell me what to do.

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I am perfectly calm.
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Than why is your picture screaming, you're not calm
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That's not a picture of me.
I know it's not, it's still screaming, you can't be calm

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