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>go on Youtube
>see Linkin Park has a trending video
>liked them back in middleschool so click video to see how much their music has evolved over the past 15 years
>click video

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That really munts my cunt, OP. What the hell is that? Most boring music I've ever heard.
It's not exactly bad music. I just wouldn't recognize it as Linkin Park if it played on the radio. I don't even recognize the vocals.

Agreed. That's just...way different from the type of music that made Linkin Park famous and recognizable.

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>about to lose virginity
>guy pops the cyst on my left majora
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Well it wasn't meant to be then
holy fuck please greentext further
what happened next?
and why the fuck didnt you pop it before hand?
>and why the fuck didnt you pop it before hand?
this, seriously nigger

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>buy a bunch of fruits and veggies at beginning of month hoping I'll start dieting
>clean out fridge of rotten veggies and fruits at end of month
>repeat every month
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> be early March
> hop on the scale for that monthly check
> oh no! I'm 145 pounds now!
> start eating healthier and exercising
> yesterday, hop on scale
> 135 now

I love being skinny :).
>eating a bunch of frozen pizzas and maybe like 10 oreos a day all week
>scared to check weight
>down from 163 to 158
learn to cook with them and make nice flavorful meals

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My dad asked me if I'm gay today because he has never seen me with a girl and I never brought a girl home. I'm 23 and I'm tired of this fucking virgin life.
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sounds like a you problem, my dude

just be more like me and get pussy bro
Same here. I'm starting to contemplate forcing a girl to take my virginity
>Dad asks me why I'm never interested in girls and if I'm gay
>"I'm a loser no girl would want"

Any of you boys doing the Blue Whale Challenge?
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that only works on stupid teenage slav girls in nowheresville Russia
>Any of you boys doing the Blue Whale Challenge?
What's that
suicide game for edgy teens

What are the potential complications associated with suicide by hanging? I've got an extension cord set up, and I plan to put a towel around my neck to avoid bleeding. Is there anything else I should consider for a relatively quick death?
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i would personally choose an actual rope you can just buy one at lowes
spinal injuries
if you don't die, you've got a long, bendy road ahead of you, buddy
An extension cord will most likely break.

If you want it to be painless, you MUST leap off something to snap your neck. Standing on a chair and kicking the chair and leaving yourself hanging like that will be extremely painful. You will be struggling for about a minute before you pass out. I tried it for one second and it was agony.

>not having your foreskin restored

how do you cope with the embarrassment?
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I don't Orgkjdjdk
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No one is going to see it so why even worry?
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I'm working on mang

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is it true that I'll get a bf if I wear this shirt?
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I'm your bf now, it works.
No you mentally ill transtrender.
The only people who know what that shirt means are a bunch of fat neckbeard weebs, is that who you want as a bf?

men are so pathetic

this is not how women should be treated
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Fun fact that you should spread around.
Women fart 75% more than men.
what are girls doing for guys other than being a dick pocket?
>doesn't close the second quotation marks

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can someone tell me what is happening in a residential neighborhood during broad daylight that would warrant a helicopter to hover so low

like seriously what the fuck did i just watch?https://youtu.be/r-Dm-qejBQU?t=96

pic unrelated...for those of you who are new around here it's moot.
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Of course it's a woman not able to mind her own damn business. Fuck women
no seriously no one has a clue?
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It's called

G @ N G S T @ L K 1 N G



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>reading sisters diary
>she keeps talking about some guy called W.K
>she writes how much she wants to be with him etc
>don't think much of it for the next week
>just realized it could stand for Will Parker (my name)
>not sure if I should act on this

W.P seems like pretty common initial. My sister is not a freak like me. There's no way it could be me, right?
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Probably not but maybe try and make out with her a little tomorrow and see if shes into it?
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try flirting with her you will get your answer by her reaction.
>tfw no sister that writes about you in her diary
Nigga just got done watching breaking bad where Hank finds the chemists diary and wanted to LARP on r9k hahaha

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In this thread describe your ideal gf
also if you meet someone else's description please respond

anime for attention
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probably someone the same race as I am

but fuck that is THICC
Well my ideal gf:
>curious and enjoy the idea of exploring the unknown
>open minded and questioning
>understand and enjoy the escapism of Anime/Manga and video games
>aware of the potential of computers and the internet and thus very interested in them
>be unsatisfied by living an average Joe uninteresting life
>hacker mentality
>wants to have fun
>wild imagination
>good sense of humor
>somewhat impulsive
>can lead a conversation
>happy to rule the internet with me

Since that person doesn't exist:
>tsundere loli

>failed normie robots have nothing to post since their answer is just sex
incidentally, op, my ideal gf is megumin

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Day 6

Mom tells me I'm bleeding like a woman on her period, from my wound.

Thanks mom.
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For the ignorant, that dark shit is a blood clot.
What the fuck did you do to yourself anon?
Are you the fat guy with a fucking ass wound that won't stop bleeding?

Would this phone be a good birthday present for sister?

It comes with a Sailor Moon themed selfie stick.
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Is she a big fan of sailor moon? If she isn't it wouldn't be a good gift. What does she like? If you don't know what she likes just give her some money.
thought that was a sailor moon themed dildo

get her a BB gun or something
Send that to me anon... I would use it on my ass

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Anon's Additional Installment of Comfy General.
>////x/Comfy Thead Theme//x///

Post Comfy Media/Pictures/Links
Tell me what you're doing/drinking/eating/reading

COMFY GENERAL WHO THE FUCK IS UP GET COZY GET COMFY FUCKERS. Minimal politicking, racebaiting, and boipussi please. We try to encourage everybody to have good feels even if they're feeling bad.

Get settled get cozy and /COMFY/

comfy is a forlorn feeling of wanting to exist in the moments of absolute bliss you find from experience or in pictures you like. comfy is subjective but there's a few trends you can whittle it down to.
>urban japan
>warm colors
>tight spaces
>rural japan
>eastern Europe sometimes, (mostly russia and the like)
>pink skylines
>VHS filters over just about anything.
you have the right idea. composition is very important when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture (obviously)
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Contributing a little to a good thread. Just woke up, want some morning tea but not sure I have the energy for the 20 step walk over to the bathroom to get water.
I don't have anything to contribute but I'm always on comfy mode just me and my birds watching the morning sun run across my room as I listen to piano music, I deeply recommend soft piano music for people who stress the night before and have time just to stare at there ceiling
File: 1491521214405.jpg (2MB, 1476x1039px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>morning sun

Where in the world are you? It's overcast here this morning.

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