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How can you guys be happy while being a NEET? I took this semester off to help out my family and to find a job. I still haven't found a job but doing nothing at home is making me crazy. I have REALLY bad anxiety by doing nothing. I am not even robot and I hang with friend often. REEEEEEE
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Take up smoking weed (and Nioh). I beat the fucking shit out of some other autistic retard at nioh clan battles this week high as fuck and im about to do it again.
They're not just a meme.
Get a job at a warehouse. I work full time at one and I get decent pay (13/hour for basically putting boxes on pallets) and health/paid holiday benefits. I only work 4 days, 10 hours each, and get 3 off each week to play vidya and shitpost all day, though I usually end up working overtime to get extra money.

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Guys, did Louis help himself in the end? Did he open the door and spread his wings like a butterfly coming to life?

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No he's just forbidden access to a computer.
well that's reassuring since I would feel terrible if someone was able to succeed in breaking through the misery.
his parents were stupid bastards who should've helped him by supporting his lifestyle instead of breaking down his door

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What's the endgame for NEETs?

Do you get cut off at a certain age and thrown to the wolves? Any older NEETs here who can shed some light on this?
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Depends on where you live and the support from family and friends. NEETS are becoming more common and it's no longer odd for people to live with their parents into their mid 20s. Some will be kicked out at 18, being a NEET feels awful but it doesn't really hit you until 22 or 23. That's when you know it's over, you had every opportunity to develop into a decent human being and you blew it.
depends the parents. some don't care how long their kid lives with them and some throw their kids to the wolves. I was living alone in arkansas for quite a while only to have my parents beg me to move in with them in Iowa. I did and got thrown out a month later. turns out they want me to just be in reach just not living with them. I'm moving back to arkansas shortly because fuck the midwest.
Depends on where your income comes from.

If it's gov't programs, that's it's own kettle of fish to deal with, but there's zero age restrictions there.

If it's investment income, again zero age restriction on that, except probably a min age of 18.

If it's existing on the largess of family, it highly depends on who the family member is providing support. Direct family would be more forgiving than extended.

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Do any of you have retards in the family? It'd be nice to have in a way but in another you'd have to be the one who wipes his backside when he poops if no one else is around
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I think wiping anyone's bare naked unclothed backside us what your post is really all about OP
>I'm pretty sure u wish u had a tard in the family
y do people start threads n then abandon them, for fucks sake
Why is his penis and sack so big?

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>be me, just turned 19, have a ged but no job or car or money and i live in my grandparents den. only have a road bicycle.
>am a 6/10 at the moment, but when i have my hair done and i have no acne im about a 6.5-7/10 depending on how im clothed as well.
>decent at talking to people - have been told by my older brothers gfs im cute, and i have been checked out before in public
>am still a desperate virgin
How can , an average looking jobless, carless, moneyless NEET who lives in his grandparents den, find a woman who I can fuck?

I literally have no standards. I will fuck anyone. Doesnt matter if theyre fat or gross. I just want to fuck someone, just once.

And if I find a woman who is willing to fuck me, how do I get her somewhere to fuck? I have literally 0 privacy in my house. I live in a neighborhood disconnected from the main town, and I have to bike across a busy ass interstate to get downtown. Too damn dangerous, plus theres no money to rent a motel room.

I dont want to wait until fucking August to go to Community College. Even then, I still have the fucking problem of not having anywhere to take the woman to, since my mom will be dropping me off and picking me up, and I still will live in my grandparents den.

Is there ANY fucking hope? Has there EVER been a woman who is willing to drive and pick up a guy and fuck him like there would be a guy to pick up a girl to fuck?
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You're fucking 19 none of this shit matters.
No, it does. I am fucking in the prime of my youth, and I want to fuck someone no before I either turn ugly as fuck or I get really busy with my studies. I have like 3 1/2 months to find a lady to fuck in my situation.
Could I somehow find some unattractive 4/10 to fuck? Could I convince her to pick me up? I would prefer to have the nastiest fucking sex I can too, just so I can experience it before studying my ass off for four years straight. I dont want to make the mistake of chasing women in college. I want to make money, THEN get the bitches later, but I am being driven insane by my urges. Masturbation isnt cutting it now. I want the real thing. I dont care if its vanilla even.

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Who is he and what is his story??
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im not sure who this is, or what his story is. But i sure do wanna kiss his lips
his name is Fernando "El Emo" Gutierrez and his story is one of razors, eyeliner, moonlight, and sadness uwu
Das me boi

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Anyone else have unrealistic standards? I'm a solid 1/10 at best, not a virgin but the only girls I been with have just been meh imo. I'm never into any of the girls who are into me. I've passed on guaranteed pussy from like 5-7 girls throughout my life, which maybe isn't a lot but still. Sometimes I really dogged them too which is extremely fucked considering I'm not really a catch myself. Idk, I always feel like a loser for not getting laid but I never approach a girl and once one approaches me I always lead them on but flake out once they actually want to do something.

I know what league I'm in but I rather just jerk off than fuck any girl who's on my level. Anyone else like this?
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fuck, someone actually said it

same here OP
It's retarded man, I'm just now going back through years of messages and realizing how many girls were obviously into me and I just self sabotaged. The ugly ones I intentionally sabotaged, but some of them were actually good looking and I guess I was just too nervous or too doubtful of myself so I ignored all the obvious signs. Guess it boils down to being too egotistical. I'm too prideful to put myself and get rejected by attractive girls and too prideful to be seen with unattractive ones. I feel like once you start being with girls of a certain level that's when it becomes your official league. As long as I never go through with it I'm still technically just not on the map at all.
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Meme (119).jpg
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im like 7/10 but yeah same. Like just dont find girls all that attractive anymore. i Used too, but now it's just weird. I'm like cripplingly lonely, like to the point i can just lay down and ill twitch just imagining someone touching my back because i hadnt touched another human being in some time now. but women are just unsatisfying. And im not gay so that's out.

Fuck me i guess.

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>Spend 3 months being homeless looking for a stable job with decent pay
>Finally land bottom-tier helpdesk position paying $12wagekek btfo an hour
>get fired after three days because "I was on my phone"

Any reason why I shouldn't kill myself guys? typing this inside a barnes and noble surrounded by other homeless people with the hunger pains slowly gnawing at my sanity.
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buy a sandwich you goose

>no money for a place to stay
>no money for food

I had EBT but I used all my money for the month bc, food is expensive without a refrigerator.
tfw you get bitched at for using the phone while everyone else is using them

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Once you go Asian, that's all you'll be cravin'!

Once you yellow, hello!
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This is a top tier kek.
So the guy is one of those dudes who has to get partially naked to take a piss. When all of a sudden some weird woman busts in and cuts the flow of urine off leaving him with a grimacing face of pain.
Tito Dick dickman baby
He hates jack and loves the ladies

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All hail Elliot Rodger. The supreme gentlemen.
The true alpha male.

Welcome to r9k, anonkun.Have you read the bible?
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I read all of that shit and if anything it made me hate that dude more.
he's a very good, methodical writer, with a flair for style, as a human, tho, he's extraordinarily arrogant, self centered, just a spoiled, petulant sixteen year old who never grew up and
>I can totally relate to that
Hats off to you. I got about 30 pages in and threw in the towel. I love reading crazy people writing but his manifesto is like 10% interesting content and 90% egomaniac drivel.

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>modern science spends more time finding way to make mentally ill men appear more feminine than finding a cure for male baldness

it's like god WANT us to kill ourselves
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It's funny you bring that up because taking female hormones COMPLETELY prevents male pattern baldness. You actually get the genes for that from your mother, but she doesn't get male pattern baldness because she doesn't have enough testosterone in her system to trigger it.


I'm a tranny. My hairline has never receding and I have thick curly hair that goes all the way down my back. My uncle, two male cousins and grandfather are all bald and I have the gene for it, but I started taking estrogen early enough to not get male pattern baldness.

Get fucked
yeah but being a creep freak is worse than being bald
>two separate fields are competing now
have you considered not being a retard?

ITT: Post the 7th image from your camera roll/favourite folder/ whatever the fuck
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nice bread deus
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>tfw no seal bf

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>6 page paper due in 12 hours and can't stop shitposting on 4chan
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I had my imouto write me the essay last time.
The only thing she demanded was a hug. I'd say a good trade.
get started you fucking jew

What's the topic?

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>start binge watching tv shows again
>time to watch scrubs for the tenth time
>having fun watching season one
>"ha. zach braff is a beta loser like me."
>there's an episode where the janitor finds his diary
>makes fun of zach braff for having his first kiss "at the embarrassing age of sixteen."
>tfw 22
>never even had a girl look at me
>6 years past embarrassing
>once relatable zach braff is now just another chad
>stop watching scrubs
>hug my pillow and pretend it's a girl
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This was me at 22 (right as scrubs was ending)
I don't watch propaganda like that anymore
God dammit op ur making me sad
>pretend it's a girl

i can do one better

i printed out pillows with the faces of my crushes on them.

i have 30 of them.

>oy, anon, I heard ya wanted a go at a virgin cunt. Well I got a virgin cunt so why don't ya whip out ya cock and bang me silly?
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You're just distracting me so your son can siphon petrol from my car.
Oh shit, wait here. Lemme just grab some cyanide pills I left at home.
Isn't getting a bit of abbo puss worth a bit of petrol

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