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>jungle fever is getting worse

Heh...d-don't worry guys. I...*cough* I'll be back to my old self soon. R-right?
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post cute black grills
If you fuck a couple black girls you'll get over it. They're not that great in bed.
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My doctor said I shouldn't but...well, one or two couldn't hurt, right?

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Which of these butts do you prefer?
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Right, but that's because of whom the butt is attached to. If I am to go only on butt, I would say left.
Left, but I like Faye's
the dog? you sick bastard.

The ..."it only gets worse", meme posters don't help.
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>this is a typical HS in Orange County
ahahah that degenerate fag killed him and you should too OP, please do
>millionaire rock star
>six kids
>beloved by fans all over the world
>miserable enough to kill himself

depression cannot be beat. sex, money, and love can't stop it.

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I know most of you won't give it a fair go, but I believe in Christianity in my heart, and it helps me with my depression and anxiety. I hope some of you can find god and happiness through Christ! Just give it a shot and read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
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Wasn't Jesus a manlet?
>but I believe in Christianity in my heart,
Why though?
If I was to start believing in the metaphysical again (doubt that will happen) i would probably believe the abrahamic god is one of many, and I would worship literally any other god.

I really, really, REALLY want to fucking die.
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Vent to me, famalam, what's running through your mind?
No you don't. If you did you would just do it, not tell people you'll do it. You still have hope.
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First of all thanks for the new reaction.

Second of all what's up with you anon?

>be 16 years old
>take optional first aid class to get out of class work
>shit is easy get certified and everything
>fast forward a year
>walking in shopping center with 2 friends
>nearby girl falls over into some guy and they lay her out on the ground
>might have been cardiac arrest, might not have been
>"hey anon, didn't you do a first aid course?"
>see massive crowd gathering
>"nah the class was full"
>walk the fuck away
>never find out what happened

This was 2 years ago and far from home, i may have actually let her die because I was too afraid to go into the middle of the crowd.

Anyone else have an experience where you may have potentially allowed someone to die?
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Its better than trying to help and possibly failing to help. Imagine if she died in your arms man, she wouldn't have thanked you even if you did save her.
True, that would have been far more traumatic. I still kinda know the procedure but i doubt i knew it well enough at the time to save anyone.
You shouldn't feel bad about this at all. Although legally you may/may not be responsible if you do nothing, chances are much higher you will have your life ruined in the justice system if you try to save someone's life and fail. I say its best to do nothing, especially in the case of an absolute stranger.

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What are some comfy/small youtube channels? I practically only use youtube for music and tutorials now. I really need something i can watch. The only ones i still enjoy is Reviewbrah, critikal and vinesauce. Help a brother out.
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I have a few who are under 1k subs but I'm not going to post them here because it'll go to shit the second people find out about them.
Understandable. Do you atleast know of any slightly bigger channels that still have quality content?
Raysipeladygaga (shrek guy)
Zefrank (inactive)

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so it took 1/2 a bottle of vodka of shots with cranberry juice until i felt numb enough to change my bidlinen (roughly quarterly change) and then take my quarterly shower after getting sweaty changing the bedlinin

this is the life you can look forward to fellow NEETs if you last as long as me, everything feels shit to me, i feel nothing and i wake up tired at the thought of another day where i don't care about anything

not even getting drunk now puts me in the mood to play vidya :(
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no one cares you fuckig loser

tripfag gay boy
35yo neet khv

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What is it like to have a friend from the opposite sex?
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>What is it like to have a friend from the opposite sex?
do tranny friends count
Good until she gets a boyfriend, then she'll realize she doesn't need you anymore.
probably pretty annoying if youre a man

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>Could have brought a luxury gaming rig with dual 1080tis
>Could of brought brought regular 200$ prostitutes for 2 days per week for 2 months
>Could of paid for cosmetic procedures and a new wardrobe then free supply of pussy
>could have paid rent for half a year
>I don't know anon how much do you think you fucked up
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Jesus. Why did you go for the most expensive you could find? For just 200$ you could get a quickie with a decent one.
>hired escort for my high school reunion
>tell her to pretend to be my fiance
>give her flash cards to rehearse the story of how we met
>entire time she's there she couldn't stop giggling and flubbing lines
>started hitting on my friend half way through

never again
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What do you think it's really like to be a girl?
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This is a bait thread if I ever saw one.
That's a Jew, OP.


life on easy mode, with the cheat codes enabled, while bitching how hard you have it,

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how does it feel knowing you may well be being cucked by a piece of rubber?
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petroleum derived products > humanity

it's basically a fact
I actually once looked at the average size of dildos on Amazons top selling list, the top 13 come out at:
But theirs a couple of outlaiers there, so removing them gives:
Which compares favorably with the male average (5.2"x4.5"). Stop worrying about the size of your dick, it's probably the last thing you should be worrying about.
>broke hymen at 25 with silicone toy
>tfw got first irl dick from first bf at 29
we used a condom so i guess he got cucked two times.

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>"H-Hey Anon....you looked kinda lonely....so I w-was thinking if you wanted to.....HAVE LUNCH WITH ME?!"
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Andy please put a shirt on.
Tyrell I thought you were sticking to boiled chicken and brown rice diet??
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ok lets be frens

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Holy shit the FEELS. BTFO roasties of China
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>Even Sister Furong wants Chen Guanxi.
It really is universal isn't it.
It is. You can't run away from the nature of women.
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The whole video is basically
>if you don't meet my extremely high set of standards I will not spread my legs or even consider a life with you
I long for the day women become obsolete, literal human trash all of them. They want to live like princesses but don't want to put in any effort themselves, they have a mind of a child. Fuck women, disgusting beings, if you can even call them that.

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How much money do you have in your savings account, /r9k/?

You DO have a savings account, right?
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Interest rates are lower than inflation rates.
So no.
>You DO have a savings account, right?
no, now the fuck out of my board, normie.
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I've only got about $1,900 right now, and that's incredibly grounding. I worked 55 hours last week, and my paycheck was nowhere near as large as I assumed it'd be.

If I get into a car wreck, or like, need any kind of doctoral visit - I'll need to empty out all of my funds.

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